Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lay Request On Milwaukee And Arrest @ Schubert And Springfield

Good evening, everyone, it's 9:11pm. These last two days have been so stressful for me because I had to take the ACT test. But it's out of the way, and I'm so glad about that. I really am. I took a nearly two hour nap this afternoon, but I'm still tired, so my mom is allowing me to stay home from school tomorrow. I could use the day to rest somewhat and to enjoy myself. So, tonight, I'm going to, or at least try to, monitor until the first call after midnight, then I will be here for some of the day. I don't know yet. On that note, here's crime for this evening.

9:23pm - 1) Criminal trespass. 3110 N Milwaukee. Female Polish, homeless, is on scene and refuses to leave. She wants to lay there. She doesn't live there. 2) Beat car 2524 is going in with one from a traffic stop at Schubert and Springfield.

9:38pm - Suspicious vehicle. 28X3 N Ridgeway. A car with a plate of 56350 with two people in it looks suspicious.

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bobbo said...

Its just Barbara again, she's the female downer on Milwaukee. And did you see the return of Grandpa Munster with his walker too?