Friday, April 1, 2011

Patrolling On Milwaukee From Central Park to Kedzie

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:30am. I'm monitoring 14 today for those of you who live in 14. So, today marks the first day of April. That means several things. Warmer weather definitely heading our way, spring in full force, and my spring break being on the way. Spring break starts for me in two weeks from tomorrow :). I'll be off from school for a week. Which is great, because I've got a LOT of stuff to catch up on. So, with that, here's crime for today.

9:31am - Beat 1484 will be along Milwaukee today from Central Park to Kedzie, doing his usual patrolling of this corridor.

10:27am - A unit had an unavoidable street stop at 3112 W Cortland, and he's going in with one.

10:35am - Disturbance. 2700 W North. Four men drinking and loitering.

10:37am - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3335 W Diversey. Man in the lounge screaming. EMS is rolling.

10:38am - Parker. 2700 block of W St. George's. Permits.

10:49am - A unit is doing something at Kedzie and Barry.

10:52am - A unit is doing a premise check at the California Blue Line station.

11:22am - Burglar alarm. 2946 N Western.

11:51am - Suspicious vehicle. 3123 W Homer.

11:52am - Beat car 1431 is doing a premise check at 2500 N Elston.

12:01pm - Beat 1462David is ordering up a tow from the 11:51am job. It's a hazard. It has the front right tire missing.

12:03pm - 1) Burglar alarm. 2862 W Belden. 2) The tow from 3123 Homer is being disregard. The owner is on scene.

12:20pm - Burglar alarm. 3247 W Armitage. At St. Augustine College.

12:33pm - Beat car 1413 is doing a premise check at 2107 N Sawyer.

12:51pm - They're calling back on the 10:35am job.

12:58pm - Beat 1432Henry needs an event number for a Community Concern on the 1800 block of N Maplewood.

1:01pm - Narcotics. 1600 block of N Artesian. Male Black, or dark complected dark Hispanic, in the west alley, wearing a power blue hat, smoking crack.

1:03pm - Beat 1461Charlie needs a unit with a working PDT on the 10:35am/12:49pm job. 1434 will head that way.

1:09pm - Disturbance. Diversey/Elston/Western. Male Hispanic, mid 30s, navy blue collared-shirt, blue jeans, 5'8, 160 lbs, dark hair, medium complexion is aggressively panhandling.

1:13pm - Suspicious vehicle. 3091 N Elbridge. Green minivan is suspicious because all of the windows are rolled down.

1:22pm - Parker. 2001 W Armitage. Trucks blocking the alley.

1:30pm - Burglary. 2315 N Leavitt. Apartment was just burglarized.

1:41pm - Traffic accident. Milwaukee/Diversey/Kimball.

1:47pm - Missing person. 1701 N Milwaukee. At the Bucktown-Wicker Park Library. 9 yr old went missing.

1:53pm - A disregard is being given on the 1:47pm job. The kid was found in the library.

2:18pm - Traffic accident. Ashland and Cortland.

2:29pm - A unit is doing a check at the Humboldt Park Library, 1605 N Troy.

2:58pm - Disturbance. 3333 W Belmont. Male refusing to leave the Subway.

3:24pm - Narcotics. Bloomingdale and St. Louis. Two male Hispanic teens, 17 yrs old, with black hoodies, are walking towards Cortland on St. Louis, selling drugs.

3:45pm -
1484 is doing a park check at Firemen. Event number is 11043.

3:50pm - Suspicious person. 2723 N Fairfield. At Brentano school. Male Hispanic, slicked black hair, black hoodie, is walking around the school, and now he's in the teacher's parking lot at Schubert on Fairfield.

3:51pm - 1484 is now doing a park check at Unity. Event number is 11444.

4:04pm - Disturbance. 2767 N Milwaukee. Male aggressively panhandling in front.

4:05pm - 1) Disturbance. Western and Fullerton. 2) Parker. 2911 N Western. Premits. 3) Parker. 2329 W McLean. Two cars blocking the alley.

4:06pm - Disturbance. 1630 N Wood. Neighbor is banging on the floor.

4:07pm - 1484 is in front of the 4:04pm call and doesn't see anything.

4:18pm - Beat car 1412 has a traffic stop at Wrightwood and Central Park.

4:30pm - 1484 is doing a premise check at the Logan Square Blue Line station. Event number is 11740.

4:33pm - Reckless driver. Damen/North/Milwaukee. Black car speeding northwestbound on Milwaukee, nearly struck a few cars.

4:40pm - Theft in progress. 1354 W Wabansia.

5:11pm - Battery in progress. 3010 N Elbridge. Three males fighting in front.

5:28pm - Narcotics. On 1421's Beat.

5:38pm - Parker. 2822 N Sawyer.

6:12 to 6:14pm - There was a call or two in the coverage area.

6:17pm - Parker. 2867 N Milwaukee.

6:18pm - Burglar alarm. 1757 N Paulina.

6:29pm - Disturbance. 1734 W North. Male causing problems.

6:42pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:00pm - I'm back.

7:25 to 8:50pm - Fell asleep. I'm sorry. I'll monitor this time period on Monday.

9:24pm - Criminal damage in progress. Cortland and Campbell. Five male Hispanic teens, aged 9 to 15, in black hoodies and black sweats, are tearing down the stop sign on the corner. One kid has one a red cap and glasses.

9:26pm - 1) Beat 1480 is on scene of the 9:24pm job, says the kids are gone. Call is coded 2Eddie. 2) Landlord/tenant dispute. 1627 N Talman.

9:35pm - Peeping tom. 1710 N Paulina. Male tried to get in through the front, couldn't and is now looking into the caller's window.

9:36pm - A disregard is being given on the 9:35pm job per Dispatch. The caller just called back to say it was one of their friends.

9:39pm - Parker. 2526 N California. Blue Chevy Trailblazer in the loading zone.

9:48pm - Beat 1481Charlie needs a wagon at the Congress Theater on Milwaukee. 1471 is coming.

9:56pm - Disturbance. 2608 W Diversey. Loud party in Apartment 202 and party-goers are knocking on other tenants' doors.

10:19pm - Theft. 2120 N Sawyer. From a cab.

10:23pm - 1) Disturbance. 2001 N California. Intoxicated male causing problems. 2) Parker. 2163 N Milwaukee. Light blue vehicle in the handicap spot.

10:39pm - 1) Battery in progress. 2435 N Campbell. Two males fighting on the one. 2) Check the well being. Wellington and Kedzie. Male with a light colored hoodie was arguing with a female, then he dragged her into an alley.

10:42pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3415 W Diversey. Male going off in the Superwash Coin Laundry.

10:51pm - Wanted from the 25th District from a potential speed chase at Belden and Central Park are three Maniac Latin Disciples who are in a black car that was last seen heading towards Medill on Central Park. One MLD has a last name of Martinez. Someone's got on a black hoodie. They're wanted for unlawful possession of a weapn.

10:53pm - Parker. 2163 N Talman.

11:09pm - Disturbance. 3409 W Armitage. Party with underage drinking.

11:15pm - DUI driver. 2100 N Sawyer. Gold Concord just crashed into another car and the driver is drunk.

11:30pm - Person w/ a gun. 3409 W Armitage. The DJ, a male Black with black clothing, has a 9 mileometer gun and is threatening people at the party with it.

11:33pm - Burglar alarm. 2800 W Armitage.

11:54pm - Beat 1452 had someone just run off from them into the party at 3409 on Armitage.

11:59pm - A few units are on the scene at 3409 Armitage to try and break up the party.

12:00am - I'm going to go. I'll be back with 25 tomorrow evening after dinner. Have a goodnight, everyone, and I'll see you all tomorrow.


americanlt said...

Well the incident with the 2 cops raping the young women made CNN. It's another national disgrace. Chicago PD needs to learn what NewYork City did. In the '70s & '80s crime was out of control. The '90s and today the city is cleaned up. Then again I'm just a liberal yuppie condo owner so what do I know.

Don Muraco said...

I think you are jealous americanlt that the girl wasn't you. ; )

And explain how New York cleaned up their Dept.? If you check the news in New York, several cops are currently standing trial for rape. Kind of ruins your theory.

Yes, you are a liberal yuppie that lacks common sense and how the world really works.

Anonymous said...

There was a hit and run in the Logan Square/ Humboldt Park corner of North and Kimball. Could the MLDs that were being chase related to this inccident?

bobbo said...

New York is cleaned up? What hve you been smoking, americanlt? Go for a walk in Central Park or ride on their L-trains? Muggings are an artform there.