Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KPHS Students Fight @ Altgeld and Lowell

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:09pm. It's really nice outside today. I absolutely love this kind of weather. Pretty sunny, perfect temperatures. It just can't get any better. But, that will most likely bring some crime problems a little later or this evening. You know how it is when it's like this, depending on how long you've lived here. So, here's crime for this later afternoon and early evening.

3:20pm - Battery in progress. Altgeld and Lowell. Group of Kelvyn Park High School kids fighting.

3:23pm - A disregard is being given on the 3:20pm job. It's just a regular dismissal.

3:52pm - Gang disturbance. 2242 N Keystone.

3:54pm - Parker. 2544 N Hamlin.

4:03pm - Beat car 2535 has a street stop at 4020 W Armitage.

4:37pm - Gang disturbance. 3100 block of N Monticello. Seven to eight of them flashing signs.

4:54pm - Gang disturbance. 2300 block of N Springfield. Group of 10 patrolling the block, flashing signs and drinking.

4:58 to 5:27pm - I fell asleep. Sorry :(.

5:55pm - They're calling back on the 4:37pm job. They're doing drugs this time as well.

5:57pm - Shots Fired. Diversey and Harding. Three to four heard.

6:00pm - Shots Fired. 2700 block of N Lawndale. In the middle of the alley.

6:04pm - 1) Domestic battery. 2822 N Hamlin. Dad gave the caller two black eyes. 2) Traffic accident. Wrightwood and Kostner. One driver tried to flee the scene.

6:10pm - Wanted from the 6pm job is a male Hispanic, 20-25 yrs old, baseball cap, black hoodie, jeans and running shoes with no socks who jumped out from the bushes and fired several shots at a black Nissan that fled in the south alley of Diversey towards Ridgeway.

6:25pm - Beat 2546 codes Wrightwood and Kostner 18Boy because there was no answer on the asked for call back.

6:26pm - Beat 2548 asks Dispatch if there's any history besides today's call at 2822 Hamlin. There was a call there on the 2nd of this month. They want 2550 to come over.

6:29pm - Open door. 2336 N Kedvale.

6:36pm - The 6:29pm job is a 19P. 2525 and 2546 checked it out.

6:58pm - Gang disturbance. 2600 block of N Kostner. Group yelling signs by the park.

7:05pm - Burglar alarm. 4312 W Drummond.

7:45pm - Disturbance. Harding and Altgeld.

8:25pm - I'm heading to bed. Good night, people :).


HOPE said...

its starting to get nice outside and the goons are already acting up murder capital here we come again

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I agree, Hope. There was lots of shooting yesterday.