Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Traffic Stop On Pulaski

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. Today, I'm monitoring until my dinner. Anyway, it's going to be mild outside. It'll be around 60 degrees. We'll see what happens with that. But tomorrow is when we should really worry about the crime rate. It'll be in the upper 70s (really warm for this time of year). So, here's crime for this morning and afternoon.

12:10am - Beat car 2523Robert is on a traffic stop at 3031 N Pulaski. With that, I'm gone for the night. See you all in the morning :).

9:37am - I'm back. Good morning :).

10:07am - Recover stolen vehicle. 3715 W Fullerton.

10:21am - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Schubert.

11:53am - Criminal damage. 2450 N Lawndale.

12:40pm - Gang disturbance. 36XX W Shakespeare. They're loitering in front of the building. I'm betting it's either some Cobras or some IGs (both gangs are mapped for that area). I have the exact address but I won't give it out.

12:55pm - Disturbance. 3953 W Diversey. At Golden Nugget. Male panhandling IN the restaurant.

12:56pm - Suspicious vehicle. 2939 N Lawndale. Stripped blue vehicle is possibly stolen.

12:57pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 3847 W Fullerton. Tenant causing problems.

1:02pm - Disturbance. 2020 N Hamlin. Very heated argument going on. It's getting "dangerous".

1:13pm - Now the 1:02pm job comes in as a male and female fighting. 2546 says they're not fighting. He's right in front of them and they are telling him assuming stories.

1:16pm - Burglary in progress. 2651 N Springfield. Two male Blacks just got out of a vehicle and are trying to pry open a window.

1:23pm - Total disregard given on the 1:16pm job. It's not bona fide. It'll be coded.

1:24pm - The 1:02pm job is coded for now. 2546 says if there's another call here, he's going back and locking up the male.

1:27pm - Assault. 3607 W Fullerton. At Tony's. Complainant was threatened by a male Black, 30s, who got into a maroon vehicle with a plate of K1119693 and fled towards Belden on Central Park.

1:31pm - They're calling back on the 12:40pm job. Now it's a battery offender that's wanted. She's heading towards Lawndale. She's a female White, 18-20 yrs old, blonde hair, 5'3 and 150 lbs.

1:48pm - Disturbance. Cortland and Springfield. Three males loitering on the corner. They're messing with street signs and being loud.

1:50pm - 10-1 at 1525 N Laramie. 2507Adam is yelling for help on the radio and apparently a citizen called 911.

1:51pm - It's a foot chase. Male Black with a white t-shirt running down North Ave., towards Leamington.

1:52pm - Officers are setting up a perimeter in the area, to make sure the guy doesn't get out of their reach.

1:53pm - The guy was involved in a fight. He's wanted for battery, perhaps to 2507A (because I wouldn't imagine a 10-1 being called for if it's only a fight)?

1:54pm - The guy's in custody, but there's still a fight on the scene. Back to covering only our area.

2:41pm - Criminal damage in progress. Springfield and Armitage. Two males in tanktops (it's not that warm out, guys) tagging a house between Harding and Springfield on Armitage.

2:50 to 3:35pm - I wasn't paying too much attention.

3:47pm - Some job at 2130 N Karlov.

4:32pm - Assist the citizen. 4404 W Fullerton. At International Foods. Female in her 80s says she's lost.

4:37pm - Vice complaint. On 2535's Beat.

4:40pm - That's werid. An umarked unit just flew west on Diversey from Ridgeway with lights and sirens. There hasn't been a job in this is immeadiate area for hours.

4:44pm - There's some gang activity in my immeadiate area right now. I observed five of them heading north towards George. They were looking at a woman like they wanted to harm her. They were also noisy and they definately looked they were ready for trouble. So, people living in the area of George and Ridgeway, use caution when out tonight. I think these punks are looking for trouble.

5:18pm - Beat 2561Eddie has an emergency. Springfield and Palmer. Possible male teen with a gun ran into a house on the corner. The teen's described as 5'7, grey shirt and grey cap.

5:25pm - I really think there is going to be some trouble tonight in this area. I just saw two of the five gangbangers I saw earlier again, on bikes.

5:44pm - Beat car 2522 had a job on Avers somewhere, but it's coded.

5:45pm - 1) Disturbance. 3069 N Milwaukee. Female causing problems in the store. 2) Traffic accident. 2519 N Pulaski.

5:52pm - Parker. 3911 W Belmont.

5:54pm - WTH? Dispatch just dispatched 2522 to the disturbance on Milwaukee, but 2523 was already assigned it. Dispatch reads out the narrative, that "seven men are in the store, not buying anything, loitering". But that job is for 2259 N Lorel, on 2515's Beat. Weird. Dispatch must either be sleepy or on something. I think it's the latter. 2523 recongizes this error and tries to tell the dispatcher, but she didn't listen.

6:08pm - 3069 Milwaukee is coded 19P. 2523 is heading to the 5:52pm job. Dispatch said she's not sure why her partner gave that job out to 2522 as well.

6:45pm - Gang disturbance. 24XX N Ridgeway. They're flashing signs.

7:04pm - I have to go eat. With that, I'm gone. But just for tonight. Good night, everyone, and please be safe :).


Anonymous said...

I've noticed excessive patrolling of bass-heavy slow rolling cars as of late. You might be right, something may be going down in the next couple of days.

Also there's fresh tags on a garage between central park and drake.
Heavy activity within the past couple weeks.

2 sundays ago, I was going to Kerowskis and pulled over to the side. There was a Jeep Cherokee and Aerostar chasing eachother down milwaukee going SE. They almost hit me in my parked car.

Why can't these fucks just go away?
It's bad enough that I have to carry my K-Bar with me every time I leave the house.

Anne said...

Hi Timmy,

I just sent you an email on your hotmail email address. I'd love to speak with you about your blog. I left my full contact information in the email. I think your blog is fantastic.

best regards,

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hi Anne,
I saw your email and will reply to it sometime tonight.

Anonymous, I've been noticing the same thing, too. I really have a feeling in my stomach something's going to happen, and it's going to be bad. I've been noticing fresh tags of gang graffiti as well. There's tons of it. As for the Milwaukee incident, wow. Sure sounds like something related to gangs. I'm glad you weren't harmed in the incident. I'm like you, I wish they'd just go away too, but they won't. The best thing we can do is keeping call the cops about all of this. Be safe, and thanks for your comment.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I don't want to hear anybody telling me nothing's going in the 'hood. About 20 minutes ago, at 11:40pm, CPD recieved a call of a pretty large group fighting at Diversey and Avers. 20 to 30 were fighting out there. I'm not sure what the outcome was.

I can only imagine what it'll be like tommorrow.