Saturday, March 13, 2010

10-1 On Spaulding

Good morning, everyone, it's midnight. Today, I'm monitoring Citywide 2 until 4:56am for personal reasons, then I'm heading to bed until 10am, then will get up and monitor 14 for the whole day. Anyway, it's going to be about 50 degrees with rain. So, here's crime in our neighborhood(s) for today.

12:11am - 10-1. 1820 N Spaulding. 14th District, Zone 3.

12:14am - A slow down is being given on the 10-1.

12:16am - I'm not sure what happened over there. One officer mentioned something about a large crowd, though. Everything seems to be ok, though.

1:50am - Theft in progress. Whipple and Armitage. Female Hispanic with a grey hoodie is trying to steal a white GMC Jimmy.

1:51am - A slow down is being given on the 1:50am job.

1:56am - A slow down is being given for a "battery in progress" at 2300 W Fullerton.

2:03 to 3:50am - I wasn't paying attention.

4:56am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back later this morning. Good night, everyone.

10:00am - I'm back, with 14. Good morning, everyone.

10:09am - Disturbance. 1721 N Washtenaw. Homeless male sleeping in the vacant garage.

10:34am - Theft in progress. Sacramento and Lyndale. Male White with a black parka jacket is attempting to break into a vehicle.

10:39am - Assist the semi. North and Elston. Truck needs help turning.

10:47am - Beat car 1411 has a handwaver at 3029 W Armitage. He's ok.

11:01am - Beat 1441 has a station assignment at Campbell and Fullerton.

11:22am - Disturbance. 2622 N Spaulding. Caller wants to speak with police regarding a ruckus that occurred aboard a Blue Line CTA train.

11:23am - Municipal ordinance violation. 3120 N Spaulding. Guys working on cars.

11:25am - DUI driver. Armitage and Ashland. Heading west on Armitage is a red van who's got a drunk driver. The van has a plate of X871961.

11:33am - Disturbance/bus alarm. Originally came in as Damen and Fullerton, and now it's at Damen and Armitage. The first call came in as a problem with the CTA bus driver aboard bus #1782 who took the caller's pass away because it was faded. The caller is allegedly disabled. Now, the alarm's going off aboard that bus.

11:35am - An officer is saying that the bus is now at North and Damen, stuck in traffic.

11:36am - Disturbance. 2329 N California. Male Hispanic, black hat and coat, is causing problems in front.

11:40am - The officer went all the way to Division, and found no bus. 19P.

11:43am - Robbery in progress. 3506 W North. Three males with guns robbing the store.

11:45am - A slow down is being given on the 11:43am job.

11:52am - CTA bus #1782 is in the 13th District now, at Grand and Damen.

11:56am - A 14th District unit is doing a park check somewhere and is doing a graffiti mission in the 10 sector. The park event number is 07284 and the graffiti mission event number is 07285.

11:57am - The story keeps changing with this CTA bus situation. The alleged vitcim is at Damen and Armitage now.

12:04pm - Domestic disturbance. 2945 N Kedzie. Child's mom never brought the child home. A report is needed.

12:05pm - Disturbance. Western and North. Panhandler in the street. Caller is afraid that he's going to get hit by a car. Also, the bus disturbance thing along Damen is being coded 19Boy. The bus is nowhere to be found.

12:08pm - Beat 1330 is getting flagged down at Damen and Lake with the whole bus thing.

12:13pm - A slow down is being given at the 12:08pm handwaver.

12:14pm - Disturbance. 3017 N Elston. Money's been being taken from the store. Isn't that a theft?

12:16pm - Disturbance. 2800 N Milwaukee. Male Black, 50s, is aggressively panhandling. Running in the middle of traffic.

12:19pm - They're calling for a supervisor from the 12:04pm job.

12:22pm - Beat car 1421 has a ComEd employee flagging him down at 2056 N Kedzie regarding a city wire being down. The employee insists it's not a ComEd wire. It's allegedly to a street light.

12:25pm - 1330 is coding out the CTA bus fiasco as 5Frank. Peace has been restored for now.

12:27pm - Reckless driver. Logan and Elston. Grey minivan with a plate of A2901864 nearly hit the caller. It's speeding towards Western on Logan. Seconds later, this job is coded. Nothing seen.

12:45pm - Domestic battery. 2907 W George. Hysterical caller says they're getting beaten up.

12:50pm - Battery report. 1828 N Kedzie.

12:52pm - A 14th District unit had a handwaver regarding a man with a gun at Shakespeare and Mozart.

12:57pm - A dog came loose from a fence at 2121 W Cortland. It ran west.

1:06pm - Theft in progress. 1824 N Richmond. Male Black, black jacket, white hat stealing property from the rear. He's using a dark green car to get away.

1:10pm - Assist fire. 2554 W Logan. Two kids are locked in an apartment.

1:13pm - Check the well being. 2800 W Fullerton. Male White, 50s, brown leathered jacket, blue jeans appears to be intoxicated. He's waving his arms and walking into traffic. Heading east.

1:17pm - Reckless driver. 1900 W Fullerton. Some car with a female driver in it nearly ran over the caller. The car went west on Fullerton then south on Damen. The car has a plate of 411L582.

1:19pm - Information for the police. 3020 W George. A green lazer is being pointed from the basement.

1:20pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 1760 W North. Female White, grey hair, green jacket in her 40s came into the cafe, caused a ruckus, then walked out.

1:22pm - Beat car 1431 asks for a DOC mission event number. It's 08752.

1:23pm - 1) EMS run. 2639 W Fullerton. 60 yr old intoxicated male White is down on the ground. 2) Parker. On 1414's Beat. 3) The 1:13 and 1:17pm jobs are coded.

1:31pm - Parker. 2419 W Lyndale. Blue minivan blocking the alley.

1:39pm - Beat car 1421 asks for a gang and narcotics mission on the Beat. It'll be quick.

1:44pm - Traffic accident. 1730 N Kedzie.

1:55pm - Beat car 1412 asks for a Community Concern with some vacant buildings in the vicinity of St. Louis and Barry.

2:00pm - Beat car 1432 asks for a resident burglary to garage mission on the Beat. Event number is 09277.

2:07pm - A 14th District unit has a traffic stop at Spaulding and Altgeld.

2:12pm - Traffic accident. 3035 W Belmont. Zone 1 sent it over because it wasn't on 17's side, but rather 14's side. With injuries. CFD is still allegedly on scene.

2:22pm - Burglar report. 3028 W Belden.

2:23pm - Parker. 2400 N Campbell. Premits.

2:35pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 2:22pm job. It's HS205890 with the event number of 10017.

2:45 to 2:59pm - I fell asleep. Sorry :(.

3:06pm - Battery in progress. 3571 W Armitage. Two males fighting in the laundromat.

3:10pm - Disturbance. 3022 W Wabansia. Six to seven guys in the doorway of the market, harassing people. Business owner wants them dispersed.

3:11pm - Beat car 1434 asks for a burglary mission on the Beat. Event number is 10538.

3:18pm - Burglar alarm. 2311 N Rockwell.

3:24pm - Wanted for battery from the 3:06pm job is a male Hispanic, 45-50 yrs old, 5'8 to 5'9 who got into a red vehicle and fled west into 25 on Armitage.

3:27pm - Beat car 1431 has a street stop at 2001 N Milwaukee.

3:29pm - The 3:06pm job is coded 19P.

3:30pm - Burglar alarm. 2701 W Armitage.

3:40pm - Beat 1432Henry is doing a premise check at 3551 W Cortland. Event number is 11037.

3:43pm - Just for info from 25, but they're getting a report of six people fighting at Milwaukee and Central Park.

3:45pm - Assault in progress. Milwaukee and Gresham. There was a car accident with some men arguing then a group of males came up to the caller and threatened them. It may have something to do with the six people fighting up the street at Central Park.

3:46pm - The 3:45pm offending vehicle fled into 25.

3:52pm - Beat 1471 has a traffic stop at Sacramento and Logan.

3:53pm - Burglar alarm. 2136 W North.

3:58pm - The 3:45pm offending vehicle has been found abandoned at 3620 W Wolfram per 25.

4:08pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. Albany and North. Male Black yelling at traffic and running into the street.

4:12pm - Suspicious person. 2575 W Lyndale. Male delivering yellow pages and is asking for someone to sign for them.

4:17pm - Disturbance. 3131 N Central Park. Problem with the people the neighbor's visitors.

4:22pm - Panic alarm. 1735 N Honore.

4:23pm - Beat car 1433 has a traffic stop at Moffat and Western.

4:41pm - Narcotics. 2357 W Moffat. Male Hispanic with a dark hoodie selling.

4:51pm - Beat car 1412 is doing a park check at Unity and Firemen.

4:58pm - Beat car 1412 has a traffic stop at Kimball and Schubert.

5:06pm - Check the well being. 3537 W Dickens. The people that sexually assaulted the 16 yr old daughter are back. This is the same woman from 1313's caper earlier at St Mary's. She caused a disturbance in the hospital. She had a report done on Monday but she's been calling since then. She's not really in her right mind.

5:09pm - The 5:06pm lady is calling back to report that five or six people just jumped on her in in the hallway. She's refusing EMS.

5:12pm - Information for the police. Fullerton and Central Park. A male Hispanic in a 2-door black car followed the caller from Addison and St. Louis, then pulled her over, pulled a gun out and cussed her out. He fled towards Kimball. Caller does not want to speak with police or have a report done.

5:17pm - The 5:06pm job is coded. No battery. But, those people were there. Since the police can no longer knock down doors and stuff, though, they're just coding the job. They told the lady to call back if she sees the offenders outside.

5:37pm - And she's calling back, from the 5:06pm job. The guys are in front.

5:55pm - Parker. Altgeld and Kedzie. Green Pontiac Sunfire blocking the Kedzie-Sawyer alley.

5:59pm - Burglar alarm. 3550 W Lyndale.

6:00pm - Parker. 1637 N St. Louis. Grey Jeep Cherokee blocking the driveway.

6:08pm - There's an open door at the 5:59pm job. Probably a bona fide burglary.

6:13pm - Beat 4470David says that they ordered up K9 from 2901 N Milwaukee, and they were wondering what the ETA was. Dispatch says she doesn't have that unit on anything, but she's searching for their event number and stuff. A small discussion ensues. In the end, 4470D ends up switching back over to Citywide 1.

6:16pm - Assault in progress. 3535 W Dickens. Caller states that the neighbor is telling her daughter to bust out the caller's car windows. Guess who the neighbor is?

6:17pm - Person down. Armitage and Humboldt. Female slumped over the wheeler in her car. Also, that lady from 3537 Dickens is calling now to report that the neighbors are out there, threatening to jump on her.

6:18pm - Parker. 2714 N Kimball. Grey Jeta blocking the driveway.

6:21pm - Beat car 1411 has a traffic stop at Wabansia and Whipple.

6:34pm - Vice complaint. On 1421's Beat.

6:41pm - Shots Fired. 3500 block of W Lyndale. About a dozen heard.

6:42pm - A unit comes up saying that it's fireworks on the 6:41pm call. It's coded 19P.

6:47pm - Parkers. On 1411 and 1414's Beats.

6:50pm - Battery in progress. Cortland and Leavitt. Couple of calls coming in. Bunch of teens fighting in the street.

6:53pm - Disturbance. 2157 N Richmond. Ten teens hanging out in the alley. Dispatch says they may be gangbangers in a very scarcastic tone.

7:03pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:30pm - I'm back.

7:35pm - Suspicious person. 2070 N Oakely. Male Black, 50-60, facial hair, dark clothing with a city of Chicago clipboard is knocking on doors, claiming to work for the city. He's heading towards Charleston on Oakely.

7:40pm - Beat 4470George is on a narcotics investigation at 2814 N Drake. He's asking for 1410 to come over.

8:04pm - Traffic accident. Palmer and Spaulding.

8:08pm - An RD number has been pulled from 2358 W Armitage. It's HS206394 with the event number of 15046.

8:09pm - Beat car 1431 is on a sound impound mission after their lunch, per 1430.

8:27pm - Shots Fired. 2900 block of N Gresham. Several heard.

8:29pm - Beat car 1413 asks for an event number for 3575 W Fullerton. It's 16022.

8:32pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:27pm job.

8:43pm - Traffic accident. North and Maplewood. Two cars, no injuries.

8:51pm - Theft in progress. Ashland and Armitage. Male White with a green hat is stealing a wallet from a woman's purse. They are by the METRA tracks, near a tree. Not sure what's happening.

8:56pm - A slow down is being given on the 8:51pm job. Beat car 1432 asks for a call back.

8:59pm - Dispatch spoke with the 8:51pm caller. They said that the male and the female, who is "obviously" drunk, were west of the tracks in the line of trees where the incident occurred. The man got the purse, dumped stuff out of it, did something else with it, relieved himself behind a tree, then left the area. 1432 says they don't see anything like that, but will tour the area a little more. However, ultimately, this will be a code.

9:05pm - Traffic accident. Milwaukee and Fullerton.

9:10pm - Another car needed at the 9:05pm job for traffic control. 1444 is going.

9:24pm - Burglar report. 3023 N Spaulding.

9:38pm - Traffic accident. North and Campbell. Bicyclist was hit by a grey Jeep Cherokee that fled north on Campbell towards Wabansia.

9:42pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 9:05pm job. It's HS206506 with the event number of 16515.

9:46pm - An event number is pulled for 1700 N Troy. It's 17349.

9:49pm - Wanted from the 9:38pm job is a grey, white or sliver Jeep Cherokee or Liberty with a male Hispanic driving. He's described as medium complected with curly, pushed back hair in his late 20s or 30s. The car's plate is K453816. The vitcim is being taken to St. Mary's.

9:52pm - Beat 1471 asks for an anti-gang violence on the 20 sector. Event number is 17453.

10:03pm - Person w/ a knife. 3420 W North. Male threatening an employee with a knife.

10:05pm - Disturbance. 2619 N Talman. Problem with a cab driver.

10:06pm - A slow down is being given on the 10:03pm job.

10:08pm - Battery in progress. 3327 W Armitage. Male throwing bottles and trying to fight the customers.

10:14pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 9:38pm job. It's HS206550 with the event number of 17726.

10:16pm - Battery in progress. North and Milwaukee. While the caller, a cab driver, was on the phone, his passenger hit him.

10:17pm - Disturbance. 2930 N Wisner. Complainant came home to find the landlord changing the locks.

10:19pm - Beat car 1431 asks for a graffiti mission event number on the Beat. It's 17925.

10:22pm - Battery in progress. 3537 W Diversey. Male and a female were "killing" the daughter.

10:25pm - A slow down is being given on the 10:22pm job.

10:27pm - Parker. 1830 N California. Yellow Hummer blocking the alley.

10:28pm - Disturbance. 2220 W Shakespeare. Unknown male knocking on the door.

10:34pm - Robbery. Shakespeare and Leavitt. Male Hispanic, wearing a mask, black hoodie and jeans robbed three males. He displayed a gun. He fled south on Leavitt.

10:36pm - Disturbance. 1914 N Wood. Party on the 2nd floor.

11:02pm - A 14th District unit is doing a curfew mission in the 10 sector. Event number is 17990.

11:03pm - Disturbance. 2820 N Mozart. Three guys drinking and peeing in public.

11:21pm - Beat 1463Charlie needs a working PDT at 1917 N Central Park.

11:25pm - Beat car 1413Robert has a traffic stop at Armitage and Milwaukee.

11:47pm - Loud music disturbance. 3141 W Lyndale. Party.

11:52pm - Suspicious person. 2848 W McLean. Male White, older, tannish-greyish coat is telling people strange things. Heading towards Francisco.

11:56pm - Battery in progress. 1958 W North. Male fighting security in the bar.

11:57pm - A 14th District unit had a stop at Kimball and Dawson.

11:58pm - Loud music disturbance. 2233 N Spaulding. Loud band.

12:00am - I'm done blogging 14 for the month of March. I'm monitoring Citywide 3 tomorrow for personal reasons. 25 will be back on Monday. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if you've answered this before but I've just discovered your blog. What does a "slow down" mean? It seems like some of these crimes deserve a very fast response. Can you help clarify? Thanks for your work keeping the community informed.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, a "slow down" means an officer has arrived on scene and is telling all other responding officers not to get hurt responding. Meaning, they don't have to speed or use lights/sirens.

Anonymous said...

Got it. Thanks, ALSCB!