Saturday, March 6, 2010

People Fighting In Front Of Congress Theater

Good morning, everyone, it's 1:03am. I've been listening to Citywide 1 since midnight, and I'm monitoring it until 5am. For personal reasons. It'll be in this color. Anyway, I'm monitoring 25 all day. We'll see what happens, since it'll be rather warm today. Here's crime for today.

1:03am - Battery in progress. 2135 N Milwaukee. Five to six people fighting in front of Congress Theater. 14th District, Zone 3.

1:06am - A slow down is being given. 14th District, Zone 3.

1:34am - Battery in progress. 1610 W North. Fight in the bar. 14th District, Zone 3.

1:38am - A slow down is being given on the 1:34am job. 14th District, Zone 3.

2:20am - Beat 4632Charlie asks for a Homeland Security check at 3510 N California. Event number is 01732.

2:47am - Assault in progress. Wellington and Hamlin. Female getting followed by a male. 25th District, Zone 12.

5:00am - I'm off to bed. See you all later.

10:04am - I'm back. Good morning, folks.

10:12am - Battery. 3940 W Fullerton. At CVS. Female Hispanic, 60s, white hair, blue and green coat came in, tried to steal some things and kicked the manager.

10:23am - Domestic disturbance. 3930 W Wellington. Caller needs help retrieving their place from the brother's wife.

12:00pm - They're calling back at the CVS on Fullerton. Now, someone's being held for shoplifting.

12:30pm - Beat 2544 is taking a female teen to Elston and Fullerton from the 12pm job. CVS is cutting her loose.

12:44pm - Assault in progress. 3963 W Belmont. Male threatening the security guard in the lobby.

12:45pm - 2544 just arrived at Fullerton and Elston with the girl.

12:49pm - A slow down is being given on the 12:44pm job.

1:58pm - Domestic disturbance. 2519 N Pulaski. Dispute with child's father.

2:14pm - The 1:58pm job is coded a 1Paul.

2:20pm - Domestic disturbance. 2046 N Kedvale. Problem with mom.

3:16pm - Someone's got a traffic stop at Armitage and Ridgeway.

3:26pm - Disturbance. 3026 N Hamlin. A party is going on in the rear of the vacant building. The people there are taking the boards off the doors. There is a lot of people back there.

3:34pm - Beat 2552 has a traffic stop at Cortland and Hamlin.

4:14pm - Beat car 2525 needs an ambulance at Mozart Park. A kid passed out during the wrestling tournament there.

4:34 to 5:13pm - I fell asleep. Sorry :(. I'll get this time period Monday.

5:14pm - Battery in progress. North and Avers. Five males beating on one with sticks. They're kicking him in the face.

5:16pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:14pm job.

5:22pm - Beat 2566Eddie is trying to stop a car at Central Park and Wabansia.

5:21pm - The car's not stopping for 2566E. Heading north on Bloomingdale from Central Park.

5:23pm - They're curbing the car. Cortland and Central Park.

5:26pm - Burglar report. 2936 N Kenneth.

5:28pm - Five people are being taken in from Central Park and Cortland. 17:28 on the clock.

5:30pm - EMS run. Wrightwood and Pulaski. Female on the ground.

5:32pm - Burglar alarm. 2815 N Ridgeway.

5:40pm - Gang disturbance. 2300 block of N Springfield. Seven to eight of them walking up and down the block, flashing signs. They're also stopping cars and running in and out of the gangways.

5:47pm - Beat 2573, who was assigned the 5:32pm job, just pulled up.

5:48pm - They're checking out the premises.

5:49pm - They're driving off. It'll be a code.

5:54pm - The 5:30pm job will be coded also. It's duped to ambulance 52.

6:14pm - Burglar alarm. 3927 W Belmont. At Cardinal Fitness. Front hallway.

6:17pm - Domestic battery. 2953 N Kildare. Drunk husband is fighting the caller.

7:04pm - Information for the police. Fullerton and Pulaski. Two male Whites in a red car heading east are using something to scare the hell out of pedestrians.

7:44pm - Gang disturbance. 1926 N Monticello.

7:49pm - Animal abuse. On George between Harding and Pulaski. A dog is tied up to a tree and it's been barking for hours.

8:05pm - Gang disturbance. 4457 W Wrightwood.

8:20pm - Parker. 1802 N Harding.

8:28pm - Disturbance. 2638 N Central Park. Four to five teens in the alley up to something.

8:42pm - Disturbance. 3033 N Milwaukee. Group of people pushing the doorbell. They need to be dispersed.

8:57pm - Violation order of protection. 3715 W Diversey. Problem with the 42 yr old husband who's got an order.

9:08pm - Battery. 3914 W Cortland. 25 yr old was hit in the head with a bottle.

9:11pm - Theft. 3824 W North. Shopping cart full of clean clothes was stolen.

9:40pm - I was monitoring as I eat tonight, so I'm taking a break. I'll be back in a little bit.

9:55pm - I'm back from my break.

10:09pm - Barking dog. 2615 N Monticello.

10:19pm - Beat 45Sam15 has a traffic stop at 2500 N Kostner.

10:22pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 10:19pm stop. It's HS195148 with the event number of 18337.

10:27pm - Fire. 2424 N Springfield. Building.

10:34pm - They're calling back on the 9:08pm job. It's a domestic this time.

10:49pm - Disturbance. 3045 N Pulaski. At the pizza place. Male in a white Toyota in front apparently is causing problems.

11:12pm - 1) They're calling back on the 5:26pm job. 2) Domestic disturbance. 3127 N Monticello.

11:13pm - Paker. On Hamlin, on 2523Robert's Beat.

11:47pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 8:57pm job. It's HS195065 with the event number of 16692. Beat 2548 is heading over right now to do a follow-up.

11:54pm - Reckless driver. Schubert and Kildare.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. Tomorrow, I'm monitoring Citywide 1 from 6:42-7am, then I'm monitoring Citywide 2 all day afterwards. So, if there's any simulcasted calls in the 'hood on Citywide 2 radio, you should see them up here. Good night :).

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