Thursday, March 4, 2010

Trespass In Problem Building On Beat 2523

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:48pm. School was pretty good today. Anyway, it seems to be a bit warm outside, especially to the troublemakers. I've seen a few of them on the way home already. So, here's crime for this afternoon and this early evening.

4:00 to 4:33pm - I fell asleep. Sorry.

5:41pm - Criminal trespass. 2933 N Avers. Squatters in the building. This address came up in 2523's last CAPS Beat meeting as a problem building.

5:57pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 2415 N Kildare. Cook County Sheriff was flagged down about this.

6:35pm - Disturbance. 4418 W Fullerton. Male selling bootlegs in front of the store.

6:48pm - Theft in progress. 3940 W Fullerton. At CVS.

6:53pm - Person down. Barry and Pulaski. In front of ASPIRA High School, on the Barry side is a male laying on the sidewalk.

6:55pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

7:17pm - I'm back.

7:18pm - Fire. 3705 W Shakespeare. Garbage can.

7:26pm - Theft. 3751 W Armitage. In the City Food Mart. Male Black, 17 yrs old with a black hooded sweatshirt took money out of a customer's hand and ran off with it.

8:01pm - Alright, people, I'm out of here. See you all tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

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