Friday, January 8, 2010

Landlord And Tenant Issues On Diversey

2:34am - Burglar alarm. 1920 N Hamlin. At Ames school.

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:43pm. School was rather crazy today with some fights. But I'm not describing it, as this is a blog for our community, not where I go to school at. Anyway, it's supposed to get cold this weekend, which hopefully may drop crime a bit. Oh! Tomorrow, I'm monitoring 14. Also, I'm taking a nap until dinner. Here's crime for this late afternoon and this evening.

3:43pm - Landlord/tenant dispute. 3805 W Diversey. Problem with the landlord.

3:59pm - Battery report. 2200 N Hamlin. At Mozart. Two kids, who are younger than 10 years, were beaten up by a 6th grader.

4:19pm - Disturbance. 3837 W Fullerton. At Salvation Army. The employees are holding the caller for stealing something when he didn't.

4:22pm - Apparently, there's a problem with gangbangers at 3140 N Hamlin. Beat car 2523 has a handwaver regarding gang members.

4:49 to 7:31pm - I was having a nap. Need the sleep :).

7:40pm - Burglar alarm. 2815 N Ridgeway.

7:46pm - Beat car 2524 arrives on scene of the 7:40pm job. The officers are checking the premises.

7:49pm - The squad car on Ridgeway leaves the scene. I'm assuming a code will be thrown shortly.

7:50pm - Beat car 2512 has a handwaver at Fullerton and Keystone regarding an intoxicated male needing EMS.

8:12pm - Parker for Beat car 2524 after their lunch.

8:15pm - Shots Fired. Springfield and George. Two heard followed by someone screaming.

8:18pm - A slow down is given on the 8:15pm job.

8:36pm - Disturbance. 2800 block of N Ridgeway. Guys loitering in the alley. I'm going to check out my alley right now and confirm that.

10:14pm - There was a vice complaint in the 20 sector of 25.

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AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm told by a source that altough they heard no gunshots at Springfield and George, there was a group of young guys in hoodies gathering on the corner over there. Allegedly, they were being loud.

I'm thinking something may be going on around this area of Avondale tonight. At 8:36pm, there was a group of guys in an alley on the 2800 block of Ridgeway. I think this may be related to the shots fired call.