Friday, January 29, 2010

Knocking And Banging Noises On Lawndale

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:00am. It sure is cold outside right now. It's only in the single digits. We'll see what happens with that. There's nothing else to say on my end, so here's crime until I eat dinner tonight.

12:13am - Disturbance. 2737 N Lawndale. Knocking and banging noises can be heard.

1:14am - Suspicious vehicle. 3651 W Schubert. At Monroe School. Several guys in a white van have been circling the area for a while and now they're parked in front of Monroe.

1:19am - Sounds like the 1:14am job was just now called in as a disturbance at Lawndale and Diversey. There's several guys standing on the corner by a white van.

1:52am - Beat car 2525Robert asks for an event number for a handwaver at 3959 W Diversey. It's 00978.

1:54am - They may be calling back on the 1:14/1:19am jobs. Here's what I got. Now there's some males at Diversey and Lawndale standing near another vehicle. I wonder what these guys are up to.

1:59am - The 1:54am job is coded 11Paul. 2524R just talked with the owner.

2:33am - Beat car 2524R is on a traffic stop at 2639 N Ridgeway. Also, they ask for a false TRP mission event number. It's 01243.

2:42am - 2524R is taking one into 25 from the stop. An RD number has been pulled. It's HS141866. The event number given to them previously will be used.

3:04am - I'm heading to bed. Good night, everyone. I'll be back by mid morning.

10:15am - I'm back. Good morning.

10:56am - Burglar alarm. 2706 N Ridgeway.

11:02am - Traffic accident. Central Park and Oakdale.

11:06am - The 11:02am job is coded. There's very minor damage.

11:08am - The 10:56am job is coded 19P. It's a boarded up, vacant property.

11:35am - Traffic accident. 2529 N Pulaski.

12:58pm - Traffic accident. 3901 W Belden.

1:49pm - Theft. Fullerton and Pulaski. Female Hispanic, about 6 feet tall, stole merchandise from CVS.

2:10pm - Sounds like they caught an offender from the 1:49pm job. Beat 2544 is taking one in. 2546 is on the report. There's some other chatter regarding this. I admit, I haven't been paying attention in the last 10 minutes ;).

2:42pm - Beat 2585Frank has a traffic stop at 162X N Springfield.

4:22pm - Burglar report. On 2523's Beat.

4:54pm - The 4:22pm job is bona fide. Beat 2520 is notified.

5:03pm - Beat 2573 had an arrest situation at 3181 N Milwaukee regarding possibly animal abuse.

5:27pm - 1) Disturbance. 2437 N Hamlin. Some argument. 2) Municipal ordinance violation. 2451 N Monticello.

5:39pm - Threatening suicide. 2035 N Keystone. Male threatening to kill himself over money he owes to IRS.

5:48pm - 1) The 5:39pm job is coded. The caller's ok. He just said some stuff he shouldn't have said. 2) Domestic disturbance. 1920 N Monticello.

6:06pm - Traffic accident. 3757 W Fullerton. A car flipped over. No injuries, fortunely.

6:23pm - Theft. 3903 W Fullerton. Caller's truck was stolen from the gas station.

6:25pm - The 6:06 and 6:23pm jobs are related.

6:51pm - An RD number has been pulled from 3563 W Dickens under "1811". It's HS142884 with the event number of 11084. Apparently, there was a search warrant done here earlier.

6:54pm - I have to go eat. With that, I'm gone for the night. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hearing anything about the shooting last night in 3600 block of Cortland?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I definately heard about it. In fact, I was listening in on the scanner when the whole incident occurred. I didn't put a post up because I was busy with something else. However, there will be a post sometime tonight regarding the shooting.