Saturday, January 23, 2010

Traffic Accident At Pulaski and Palmer

Good morning, everyone, it's 9am. Today is going to be quiet warm with highs in the lower 40s. We'll see what that does with crime. Anyway, I have a reader who was harassed last night at Belmont and Central Park by 10 to 15 gangbangers. Not good. I'll be watching that intersection closely today, since there was about three or four calls over there last night. So, here's crime for today.

9:01am - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Palmer. Spanish speaker required.

9:49am - Violation order of protection. 3750 W Armitage. Boyfriend's violating the order.

9:51am - Calling all units. Calling all units. 10-1 situation at the 9:49am job. All available units are asked to go.

9:52am - There's a runner on this job. He's running east on Armitage.

9:53am - Beat 2544 is yelling that it's not a 10-1 situation. A slow down is being given.

9:54am - The offender's in the back of 3708 W Armitage.

9:57am - The offender is a male Hispanic with long black hair.

10:44am - Disturbance. 1627 N Pulaski. At Walgreens. Panhandler.

10:57am - Auto Theft. 4100 W Fullerton. At U-Haul. A trailer was just taken.

11:02am - EMS run. Avers and Wellington. 33 yr old female having a seizure.

11:05am - The 11:02am job is bona fide. Engine 91 and Ambulance 32 are on the way.

11:10am - Reckless driver. 2415 N Harding. A car with a plate of A1782234 jumped the curve and is now parked in a city parking lot.

11:44am - An RD number has been pulled from the 10:57am job. It's HS133550 with the event number of 06348. Also, another trailer was stolen on Tuesday but they didn't bother calling it in.

12:08pm - Person w/ a knife. 3952 W Wabansia. 17 yr old sister has a knife.

12:34pm - They're calling back on the 12:08pm job. Now the niece is tearing up the place.

1:20pm - Vicious animal. 4326 W Schubert. Large dog running down the block.

2:28pm - Beat 2563Boy gets some sellings on the 20 sector.

2:35 to about 3:40pm - I haven't been paying attention. Sorry. I was waiting for my mom and sister outside of my house to come in with some groceries, and what happens? Well, some guy who I assume is a drug dealer, comes up to me and asks me "what the fuck you lookin' at!?!", "why you lookin' at me like you gonna do something!?", "get the fuck out of here!" and stuff like that. I explained to him I was just waiting for my mom and sister, and he keeps telling me to get out of here. I ran back into my house. I told my mom about it when she came in two minutes later. At about 3:25, we called 911 to report this. The operator forwarded us to a call back officer to do a report over the phone. We explained to that operator what happened and she said there legally wasn't anything to do a report on. So then, unhappy with that response, I call the 25th District station and ask Officer Morales on the desk to please send a cop over. She's like "you have to call 911" and I told her I did but they wouldn't send out anybody. Her response was "it must not be an emergency then!" and I said I was threatened. She told me to call 311. What good will that do? Half the time, 311 doesn't even pick up the phone! So what do I do? I called 911 and the police station and they wouldn't do anything for me. So now I'm really pissed off at both the Chicago Police Department and OEMC. Screw them, as far as I'm concerned. Why can't I ever get a cop when I need them!?!! But all of these stupid ass domestic disturbances make it through, and here I was threatened! This guy came real close to me. But now I have a question for all of you: should I go down to the police station and demand to get a report and to speak to a supervisor or the Watch Commander? Or should I just let this go? I'm scared and I'm afraid this guy may come back to kick my ass. If this happens, I'm fighting back. Why call the police? They don't do anything!

4:06pm - Criminal damage. 3847 W Altgeld. Three male Hispanics with white hoodies and baggy jeans just spray painted the building. The guys are heading towards Springfield in the alley. One guy actually has a spray can on him.

4:20pm - Some job in the coverage area. I don't know what it was, nor do I care at this point.

4:28pm - The event number on the 4:06pm job is 13359. It's coded 19P, though.

4:50 to 5:01pm - Wasn't paying attention. Sorry.

5:05pm - Disturbance. 3121 N Milwaukee. Homeless males causing a problem at Red Apple.

5:20pm - Suspicious vehicle. 4036 W Wellington.

6:11pm - Parker. 4000 or 4100 block of W Nelson.

6:14pm - Domestic disturbance. 4339 W Altgeld. Boyfriend's damaging the car. Why don't you just go out there and beat the crud out of him? I wish domestics would stop be called in.

6:15pm - Burglar alarm. 3815 W Cortland. At Bearse USA. East DOC or West Office motion.

6:16pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Lawndale. 15 of them out there in the alley. They're drinking, smoking and harassing people. Dispatch says 17 received a "Battery in progress" call there earlier so caution is advised.

6:20pm - Someone's moving around in the 6:15pm business, according to the alarm company.

6:24pm - A key holder just arrived on scene on the 6:15pm job.

6:28pm - Uh oh. Beat car 2534 has a foot chase from the 6:15pm job. Male Hispanic, brown jacket with a hoodie is running out of the business and is heading towards the railroad tracks.

6:29pm - The guy's running on the tracks. Sounds crazy.

6:31pm - The key holder and his son jumped over a gate to continue to chase the offender.

6:32pm - The key holder and the son haven't been located. Not good.

6:33pm - Beat 2546 has the offender in custody just behind Ames Middle School.

6:51 to 6:53pm - Police/Dispatch chatter about the 6:15pm job.

7:05pm - Beat 2550 is requesting K9 to come over to the 6:15pm job. Dispatch is ordering them right now.

7:09pm - Beat 4639George is en route to the 6:15pm job.

7:14pm - Domestic Battery. 2714 N Harding.

7:19pm - Burglar alarm. 4151 W Belmont. At Andy's Tire shop.

8:06pm - EMS run. 3181 N Milwaukee. Drunk guy having a seizure.

8:14pm - Traffic accident. 3955 W Belmont. In the parking lot. Property damage only.

8:15pm - Beat 2593 says 3955 Belmont isn't a good address. He's correct. The addresses jump from 3927, which is Cardinal Fitness, to 3963, which is the condo complex. Dispatch agrees, but says he's just the dispatcher, so he wouldn't know.

8:22pm - Beat 2562Boy has the 8:14pm caller in the rear of the AT&T place. Caller said he's been waiting for a while. It was a hit and run accident. Beat 1797 pulled an RD number for the same exact location a while ago, at 17:35 (5:35pm) hours. It's HS134101. Other general police and Dispatch chatter follow.

8:24pm - The 8:06pm job is coded. Ambulance 8 took the guy to Norwegian.

8:39pm - An RD number is pulled from the 8:14pm job. It's HS134305 with the event number of 15517.

8:40pm - Check the well being. 3624 W Fullerton. Someone's crying and screaming on the 1st floor.

8:54pm - 1) Criminal Trespass. 1800 N Lawndale. 2) Parker. 1800 N Harding.

9:03pm - 1) They're calling back at the 5:05pm job. There's another guy out there causing a disturbance. 2) Suspicious vehicle. 2536 N Central Park. White Eclipse has been out there for two weeks now.

9:23pm - Beat 2593 needs a two man unit for a transport at 3551 W Diversey. 2524 will go.

9:39pm - The 1:20pm job is now a suspicious vehicle. Also, the 3121 Milwaukee job is coded.

9:42pm - Check the well being. 4141 W Barry. Someone needed police but hung up.

10:11pm - A 45Sam unit pulls an RD number for a "2022" at 2001 N Pulaski. It's HS134410 with the event number of 17952.

10:15pm - Loud music disturbance. 1700 N Monticello. There's also some yelling.

10:26pm - Parker. 2300 block of N Kedvale. Premits.

10:27pm - The 10:15pm job is now coming in as a domestic related "Battery in progress". They're drinking and fighting on the 2.

10:28pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Monticello.

10:32pm - Beat car 2525Robert asks for a call back on the 10:15/10:27pm jobs.

10:33pm - The 10:15/10:27pm jobs are coded 4Boy. The caller didn't want to get involved.

10:46pm - Parker. 3945 W Altgeld.

11:01pm - They're calling back on the 10:15/10:27pm jobs.

11:16pm - Beat 2525R asks for a call back on the 11:01pm job. It's anonymous. Coded 4B again.

11:40pm - They're calling back AGAIN on the 10:15/10:27/11:01pm jobs.

11:41pm - Beat 2525R asks for a curfew mission event number. It's 19703.

11:54pm - Domestic disturbance. 3149 N Springfield. The son's causing problems.

11:56pm - 1) Suspicious person. 2908 N Springfield. A male was trying to turn the caller's doorknob in attempt to get in. 2) DUI driver. 2656 N Harding. Drunk driver going all over the road.

12:00am - I'm heading to bed. I'll be back Monday with 25. I need a break and I'm monitoring a different Zone.


Anonymous said...

Between 12:30 am and 12:45, 5 shots fired on the 2000 n block of karlov, someone shot and shooters ran through yard and went into yellow house on 2016 n kedvale, sirens were heard police didnt want to hear my part on where assailants went. 1 hr after police being on the scene they left leaving no squad cars at all and another incident was heard on armitage and kedvale where only a single shot was heard with a vehicle taking off Tires screetching and a woman screaming in the background no sirens heard that time.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I had just missed that call. I went to bed around 1am. I heard a little chatter for Karlov but I wasn't sure what was going on. This sounds pretty serious. Was anybody hurt in this incident?

I wonder why the police didn't want to hear your information. You probably got some cops who didn't feel like doing anything.

I'll be watching that block now. Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Timmy-

Sorry about your problems this afternoon. . . gangbangers are bad enough when they keep to their own business.

My advice would be not to sweat it.

In my experience, you stir things up with gangbangers, only makes it worse. Sad that we think of calling the cops as "stirring it up" but true. . .


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Odc, thanks for your words of support. Fortunely, I am much calmer right now than I was this afternoon. I'm not mad at the cops (with the exception of Officer Morales at the 25th District desk) or the Dispatchers. I am mad with the 911 call takers and 311 operators however. They should've taken my call, and Officer Morales should've too if 911 didn't respond (which they didn't).

The guy was probably not a gangbanger since he didn't flash signs or anything at me, and he appeared to be kind of older. I'm suspecting he got pissed off because I caught him in the act of drug dealing. Which wasn't on purpose. I was just waiting for my mom and sister to come back.

I don't think it's "stirring up" anything when you call the police. That's the right thing to do. These criminals need to get over theirselves.

Once again, thanks for the words of advice and encouragement.

Big Daddy said...

Timmy, sorry to hear about this. But here is what could have been the problem with 911. If it happened the way you tell it, he didn't commit a crime. He may have intimidated you but unless he actually stated that he was going to harm you somehow, he didn't commit a crime. Had he stated "I'm going to kill you" or " I'm going to kick your ass", that would be a different story. Having said that, 911 still should have sent a car. They are not Police Officers and do not conduct investigations. They should NOT be determining who has a car assigned to them and who does not. That is the job of the police.It has been my experience that they will send a car out on the most ridiculous things where the Police should not be involved so why not your situation? It COULD have escalated into something much more serious.
I think that this may have been a failure in communication more than anything else. And don't let one experience with anybody cloud or alter your opinion of them. There are good and bad in every entity. It sounds like you had the misfortune of getting stuck with the less than stellar that day.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Big Daddy, thanks for your support. I'm sorry I blamed the whole department for this. I was just really pissed off and a bit scared at the time. I know had they dispatched, they probably would've came. In this case, the radio dispatchers can't really be blamed for this either. I think if my call made it through to Zone 12's board, they would've dispatched it. I just wanted a report for assault or imtimidation. Isn't it still assault if someone comes like within a foot of you (that's what happened). I'm just lucky this guy didn't hit me or actually threaten to do something.

Yes, they still should've sent a car. I agree that they're not the police, so they shouldn't say who gets a car and who doesn't. I don't understand why 911 thinks they run everything involving police. I also agree with you when you say they send cops for some of the most ridiculous things. I hear it all of the time on the scanner and I say to myself "um, that's not a police matter". Why should the cops go to a little argument between a boyfriend and a girlfriend?? The police shouldn't have to go to some of these domestic disputes. Or a problem with your neighbor. That's a civil matter. And yes, my situation could've gotten real serious. Especially since this guy was within a foot of me.

I know there are some good 911 call takers/dispatchers. But there's not many of them at all. Many seem not to care what happens. I wish most of the OEMC staff would be replaced with more concerned people.

As for Officer Morales? Well, let's just say I'm still not happy with her service. I told her that I needed a cop to come out, she tells me to call 911. I had did that. She gets very scarcastic and litterally yells that it's not an emergency, so she tells me to call 311. And then she told me a lie, sort of. She said the police stations don't dispatch cars. While they don't most of the time, I have heard on the air occassionally from Beat 2502 that the dispatcher needs to send a car to such and such location.

Again, thanks for your support, Big Daddy. I know we as citizens can trust and rely on officers such as yourself.