Monday, August 19, 2013

Man Stands In Front Of Liquor Store On North Ave. With Gun, Disturbances On 2535Robert's Beat

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 25 today from now until the first call after midnight, then again from 8am to 2:06pm, then again from 4:45 to 6:10 and then again from 6:35 to 7:50. I'm monitoring 17 today from 6:10 to 6:35. I will be monitoring both 14 and 25 tomorrow, then on Wednesday, I'll allow you guys to have a say in what I should monitor for the day. Please do let me know what you guys want to hear, and the District that gets a majority of requests will be the District that is monitored. Here's crime for today.

12:15am - Person w/ a gun. North and Hamlin. Male Hispanic with a blue shirt and black shorts is standing in front of the liquor store with a gun.

12:20am - Two disturbances on 2535Robert's Beat.

12:24am - Beat 2563Boy has a street stop over at North Ave./Hamlin now.

12:42am - I’m going to go for the night. I’ll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

7:54am - I’m back. Good morning, everyone.

8:42am - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

9:17am - Traffic accident. 4125 W Wrightwood. Two semis, property damage only.

11:16am - Recover the stolen vehicle. On 2523's Beat.

11:45am - Beat car 2522 has a traffic stop at 2859 N Pulaski Rd.

12:16pm - EMS run. 29XX N Lawndale.

1:12pm - Assault in progress. 3069 N Milwaukee Ave. ComEd working being threatened on the street.

1:51pm - Gang disturbance. Kilbourn and Parker. Group of gangbangers loitering on the corner.

2:04pm - Beat 2504Charlie, one of the bike units, has a street stop at Koz Park.

2:06pm - I'm going to go until 4:45. I'll be back then. Have a good afternoon, everyone!

4:45pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone. I've decided to monitor 25 straight through until 7:50. The monitoring of 17 I was going to do tonight will be done on Thursday. Sorry guys.

6:01pm - Sex offense. Parker and Kostner. Intoxicated male Hispanic wearing a pink shirt and brown shorts is exposing himself near the park.

6:28pm - Disturbance. 3624 W Fullerton. Problem with some transients.

7:20pm - 1) EMS run. 3720 W Armitage. Man passed out. 2) Parker. On 2523's Beat.

7:30pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 36XX W Palmer. Two people in the caller's apartment refusing to leave.

7:50pm - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Usually those "men with gun" calls are nonsense. Made just to get the police there faster.

Anonymous said...

Are you listening to a police scanner piece of equipment or mobile app?