Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Man Sleeping In Pick-Up On Belmont, 10-1 On Iowa St.

Good morning, everyone, it's 7:07am. I'm monitoring 25 today I guess, since I didn't get any feedback from anyone. Tomorrow, I will be monitoring a combination of 14, 17 and 25. After tomorrow, I'll be going on blog vacation until Monday. I'm just going to mentally prepare myself for my next semester of school, which starts Monday, and I'm going to get some rest. Well, with that, here's crime for today.

7:18am - Disturbance. 3811 W Belmont. Man sleeping in a gray/blue pick-up in front.

7:25am - Beat car 2523 is on scene and running the plate.

7:54am - 10-1. 10-1. 5914 W Iowa. Beat car 1511 needs help right now. Beat cars 1512 and 1533 are rolling so far, along with Beat 1595. All available units in 15 and in 25 are to go.

7:55am - A slow down is being given on Iowa. They've got the guy in cuffs. Back to our neighborhood....

8:42am - Parker. On 2524's Beat.

8:48am - Panic alarm. 29XX N Hamlin.

8:58am - Burglary in progress. 41XX W Nelson. At the 2nd house east of Tripp, off the corner, a male Hispanic with short hair, backpack, white t-shirt and blue jeans is kicking in the neighbor's door. Has a pit bull with him.

9:58am - Beat 2504Adam is doing a park check at Koz. Event number is 04992.

10:14am - 2504A is doing a park check at Kelvyn.

10:36am - Landlord/tenant dispute. 30XX N Kostner. Problem with the landlord.

11:11am - Check the well being. 20XX N Hamlin. 85 year old man yelling and drinking.

11:54am - Beat 2506Charlie is doing a follow-up investigation at Diversey and Harding.

11:56am - Shots Fired. Central Park and Palmer. Details to follow....

12:00pm - There's an updated ticket on the "Shots Fired". Male Hispanic in a black Cadillac with tinted windows was shooting at the caller, car went down Palmer towards Drake.

12:02pm - 2506C has one in custody at 27XX N Harding. Console time is 12:02.

12:17pm - Beat car 2535 is working on the "Shots Fired" ordeal, which actually happened on 14's side on the 3500 block of W Lyndale. There was a black Caddy with two male Hispanics involved. The driver goes by the name of Danny. There are shell casings. Officers are being advised to use extra caution as there is a gun in the vehicle.

1:30pm - I'm going to go for the day. I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good day, everyone!


brewer a said...

Timmy, I'm always interested in Shakespeare.

Myrna Roman said...

No feedback but trust..we read..Thoughts of using Facebook more??

Anonymous said...

Block parties are the exact opposite of CAPS meetings. They are actually fun & interesting. It also promotes neighborhood unity with some of those who are causing the trouble in the 'hood.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous, while I agree that block parties are an opposite of CAPS meetings, I do disagree that they are fun. Personally, having "fun" is not going to clean up our community. If anything, some of these block parties lead to more tension because then you have, sometimes, rival gangs from other blocks trying to claim turf, and then you've got people who get drunk and what not at these parties, which ends up with a fight, thus tearing neighbors apart rather then uniting them. Also, I wouldn't want to exactly be "buddy-buddy" with the troublemakers. Being their friend will just encourage them to continue with causing trouble.

Hi Mryna, thank you for your insight. With that said, in all honesty, I'm not someone who exactly is keen on using social networks anymore. I don't have much time and energy to be on Facebook a lot like I used to be. I do also find social networks to be somewhat unnecessary. That's just me, though. I can try to use it more, but I'm just not really interested in Facebook much.

Thank you for your insight, brewer.