Thursday, August 1, 2013

Community Safety Alert - 017th District

Attempted Kidnapping / Attempted Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault

Law Enforcement Agency: Chicago
Reporting News Agency: ABC 7  
District / Unit Assigned: 017, 017 Tact, 017 School Unit Cars, 1707

Detective Division Assigned: Area North Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes

Date of incident: 29 July 2013

Beat of Occurrence: 1723

Beat of Assignment: 1723, 1730

RD# Unk

Event# Unk

UCR: 4230 (violate 720ILCS 5/10-3-a), 0440 (violate 720ILCS 5/12-4-b2), 0275 (violate 720 ILCS 5/8-4*, 14-a-2, 14-a-3)

Address of Occurrence / Location Code: 303 (sidewalk)

Offender Description / M.O.:

The 33 year old female victim was walking near the intersection of Elston and Pulaski Monday, 29 July 2013, when a male offender in a red vehicle began calling to her as he followed her. The male offender then approached the female victim and grabbed her arm and attempted to drag her toward his car. The female victim got away. Offender is described as: male Hispanic or Indian, 48-55 years old, 5'09-5'10, black hair. He had a large visible scar on his nose.

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