Sunday, August 18, 2013

Loud Music On Beat 2525, Loud Party On Concord

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring 25 today and some of tomorrow, and will also be doing some monitoring of 14 and 17 tomorrow. On Tuesday, I will be monitoring 14 and 25. It seems that activity in the neighborhood is picking back up. It's been really quiet for the last couple of months, but it seems like this weekend, things have started to pick up again. I don't know if it's just me or not. Well, with that, here's crime for today.

12:15am - Loud music disturbance. On 2525Robert's Beat.

12:20am - Beat car 2535Robert needs another car or two at 37XX W Concord. There's a large party that needs to be broken up. Event number is 18974.

12:23am - Beat car 2522Robert has a handwaver regarding someone breaking out a window at 3101 N Pulaski.

12:27am - Beat car 2533Robert is trying to find 2535R on Cortland, but they're on Concord. They heard wrong but now will be headed over to Concord.

12:28am - Police Helicopter #2 is over Concord and says the majority of the people from that party are spilling out into the alley, turning down Lawndale from Concord. They're dispersing.

12:30am - Theft. Belden and Central Park. Two males just stole some bikes.

12:38am - Couple of disturbances on 2535R's Beat.

1:03am - 1) Disturbance. 4000 block of W Barry. 2) Disturbance. 28XX N Hamlin. 3) Disturbance. 22XX N Monticello. 4) Battery report. 39XX W Cortland.

1:14am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll see you all in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

2:30pm - I'm back. Good afternoon, everyone. Sorry I'm extremely late, but I had a couple of things to do this morning.

2:34pm - Suspicious person. Kildare and Belmont. Male Black in his 30s with a blue shirt and jeans is either high or having a mental health episode.

2:35pm - Battery in progress. 31XX N Lawndale. Group of males fighting near the corner.

2:43pm - Assault in progress. 30XX N Monticello. Two males arguing in front.

2:45pm - Suspicious vehicle. 38XX W Fullerton. Gray car in front has been there for three hours.

2:57pm - Person down. 3751 W Armitage. Man down in front of the store.

2:59pm - Missing person report. 31XX N Ridgeway. Missing 8 year old autisic boy. Awww : (.

3:06pm - The 2:59pm caller just called back to report that they found their son down the street. Thank God : ).

4:06pm - Battery in progress. Schubert and Springfield. Large fight on the street involving about 30 people.

4:43pm - Fire. On 2523's Beat.

5:57pm - Check the well being. 16XX N Avers. Something about a man being on the sidewalk.

6:18pm - Loud music disturbance. On 2535's Beat.

6:37pm - Reckless driver. 1600 block of N Hamlin.

6:54pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:11pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:15pm - Gang disturbance. Kilbourn and Wrightwood. Group of males flashing gang signs and shouting slogans.

8:25pm - 1) Threatening suicide. 26XX N Springfield. Man feeling suicidal. 2) Disturbance. 22XX N Springfield. Teens are shooting a bow and arrow at a racoon.

9:05pm - 1) Vicious animal. 29XX N Harding. Three pit bulls on the side of the house with the door open, kids are in front. 2) Barking dog. 18XX N Harding. 3) Municipal ordinance violation. 19XX N Harding.

9:14pm - Parker. On 2524's Beat.

9:54pm - Beat car 2523Robert is headed over to St. Hyacinth's for the carnival on a detail until the carnival is over. Also, Beat car 2514 is taking lunch over here. They must be expecting trouble, which is just wonderful....

9:58pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Kostner. Two cars, the drivers are arguing.

10:24pm - Beat 2593Robert has a traffic stop at Drake and Armitage, needs a Spanish speaker. Beat car 2515Robert is coming over.

10:27pm - Beat car 2535Robert is giving 2515R a disregard over at 2593R's stop.

10:48pm - EMS run. 38XX W Atlgeld. 38 year old male overdosed on heroin.

11:08pm - Beat car 2525Robert is relocating with Ambulance 52 to St. Mary's from the 10:48pm job.

11:21pm - Disturbance. 36XX W Wolfram. Noise coming from the 2nd floor apartment.

11:40pm - 1) Battery in progress. 2000 N Central Park. Group fighting in the Funston school playlot. 2) Traffic accident. On 2523R's Beat.


Anonymous said...

Why mess with block parties? Most folks there don't have anything to do in the morning.

Anonymous said...

The streets of west logan square are dominated by poor uneducated people and ugly housing . The residents dont care about getting caught for crime because they live in turbulance and dont care about the risk of arrest or conviction and prison because they will never have to be vetted for important higher thinking jobs. They are more inclined to steal, loiter, damage, wound, kill and disrupt.

Anonymous said...

Any idea why the fire dept is all over California and Francis Pl right now?