Friday, May 22, 2009

Homeless male disturbance at Walgreens

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 4:25pm. School was good. Anyway, today is Friday, so I'm happy about that. I'll be here until midnight (with the exception of dinner time and a maybe a nap). Here is crime for this afternoon and evening.

3:59pm - Disturbance. 3934 W Diversey. Homeless male.

4:05pm - Battery in progress. 2056 N Keystone. Male hitting someone inside of a building.

4:25pm - Domestic battery. 2986 N Ridgeway. 20 yr old brother punched complaint.

4:31pm - Person down. Milwaukee and Monticello. Female down in the grass by the bank.

4:34pm - An RD number has pulled from the 4:05pm job. It's HR335536 with the event number of 12612.

4:36pm - Beat car 2524 gets a disturbance on the PDT.

4:37pm - Beat 2545 is assigned to the DOC. Event number goes to their PDT.

4:38pm - Traffic accident. Pulaski and Fullerton. No further information.

4:46pm - Shots fired. Lawndale and Wolfram. 5 heard. Note: Beat car 2546 says he would've heard them from the 4:25pm job, but he didn't. He wants dispatch to let him know if there are any more calls or if someone turns up shot.

4:48pm - 1) Beat 2525 is heading into 25 with one from the 4:05pm job. 2) Robbery. 3060 N Haussen. Complaint was robbed at Belmont and Kimball.

4:52pm - EMS run. 2659 N Springfield. 2 month old not breathing.

4:56pm - The 4:25pm job is coded 1Paul.

5:00pm - Beat car 2573 is dispersing some bums in a doorway at Milwaukee and Ridgeway.

5:02pm - Disturbance. 1643 N Lawndale. With the neighbor.

5:25pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 2417 N Ridgeway. Someone is going into the vacant 1st floor apartment.

5:34pm - Gang disturbance. Wabansia and Harding. Male Hispanic with a black doo rag, red shirt and black pants flashing signs.

5:55pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Hamlin. CTA bus #1354 was hit by a grey Honda with plates of A727813.

6:19pm - Loud music disturbance. Fullerton and Monticello. Coming from a store.

6:27pm - Gang disturbance. 3732 W Fullerton. Male Hispanic gangbangers, last seen white or black t-shirts, were flashing gang signs.

6:34pm - A unit has been flagged down at Palmer and Kedvale regarding a car with plates of A9507299 blocking a driveway.

6:35pm - Gang disturbance. 2107 N Lawndale. 7 male Hispanic gangbangers flashing signs and chasing cars.

7:04pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back.

8:30pm - I'm finally back. I had took a bit of a nap as well.

9:04pm - Beat 45Sam16 has a traffic stop at 3706 W Fullerton.

9:05pm - EMS run. North and Avers. Male down on the sidewalk.

9:11pm - Assault. 3601 W Wolfram. Gangbangers threatened the complaint's son and are driving around in a sliver van.

9:12pm - Beat car 2525 wants to know where EMS is on the 9:05pm job. Ambulance 7 already took the vitcim to Norwegian American Hospital.

9:18pm - Beat 2535 gets a music disturbance on the PDT.

9:19pm - Reckless driver. Belmont and Milwaukee. 2 yr old in a guy's lap in a maroon mini van. Last seen heading east on Belmont.

9:35pm - Battery. Ridgeway and Milwaukee. Complaint had something thrown, possibly gas, in the eye by a male in a passing vehicle.

9:41pm - Burglar alarm. 3138 N Monticello. On the 2nd call, the keyholder is on scene and attempted to cancel.

9:50pm - Person with a knife. Lowell and Fullerton. At the restaurant. Male Hispanic wearing black has a knife.

9:51pm - Beat car 4470Boy is asking dispatch if she meant Lorel and Fullerton instead, because there's no restaurant at Lowell.

9:52pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:50pm job.

9:53pm - Dispatch did a call back at the 9:50pm job and the caller says it's Lowell and that the police are on scene. Officers say they don't see anybody.

9:54pm - Domestic disturbance. 2422 N Harding. No further information.

9:56pm - The 9:41pm job is coded 14Paul.

9:58pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 9:35pm job. It's HR336109 with the event number of 19756. Beat 2523 is taking one in from that job at 21:58 hours.

10:00pm - 1) Beat car 2562Charlie gets a selling and loitering ticket on 2523's beat. 2) A backlog has been put into 25 at 22:00 hours.

10:16pm - A supervisor is needed on the 9:54pm job.

10:18pm - Hit and run. 3924 W Diversey. Fire en route.

10:48pm - Sex offense. 2415 N Harding. Male and female having sex in the rear of the vacant building.

11:48pm - Theft. 4325 W Schubert. Cab fare.

11:55pm - EMS run. Avers and Fullerton. Ambulance 81 needs traffic control.

11:57pm - Beat 2525 asks for a call back on the 11:55pm job.

11:58pm - 1) Beat car 2525 is told to disregard the 11:55pm job. 2) Beat 2525 gets a parker on the PDT.

12:00am - This concludes my coverage for tonight. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow evening.

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