Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drunk male on bike on Leavitt

Good morning, everyone, it's 12:04am. Today, I'm going to monitor 14. Anyway, it's supposed to be about 72 degrees, so crime might increase a little. Here is crime for today.

12:03am - Reckless driver. North and Leavitt. Male on a bike keeps cutting in and out of traffic. He's drunk. Heading northbound on Leavitt. Also, this is the last call I'm doing for a few hours while I sleep.

10:17am - I'm back and there's some kind of job at 3443 W Barry.

10:30am - Disturbance. 2700 block of N Campbell. Several cars blocking the alley.

10:34am - Loud music disturbance. Lyndale and St Louis. Black Chevy suburban playing suggestive music.

10:39am - A unit needs an event number for Crime Reduction on the 10 sector. It's 08063. The unit also requests an event number for the skate park at Logan and Western. It's 08069.

10:46am - I have to leave for a little while. I'll be back. I'll cover this time period that I was gone in three Sundays from now.

12:43pm - I'm back.

12:48pm - Traffic accident. 2627 N Elston. Two cars.

12:50pm - Car alarm. 2927 N Allen. Black Chevy.

1:13pm - There's some job at 2720 North Western.

1:18pm - Criminal damage to property. 2839 N Central Park. Intoxicated woman with a black blouse and grey pants busted out a window.

1:21pm - Parker. 2700 N St Louis. No further information.

1:24pm - The unit responding to the 1:18pm job says that Beat car 2573 is also responding. He wants them to only respond.

1:35pm - Burglar alarm. 2041 N Whipple. No further information.

1:36pm - Barking dog. 2561 N Franscisco. No further information.

2:00pm - Domestic disturbance. 1921 N Franscisco. Argument.

2:01pm - Disturbance. 1900 block of N Campbell. Kids standing in a vacant lot, food vendors without permits and two dump trucks on the street.

2:20pm - 1) Traffic accident. 1813 W Ellen. Something involving a bike. 2) Traffic accident. Armitage and Damen. No further information.

2:22pm - Suspicious person. Califorina and Schubert. Male White in a green shirt and some other description is heading east. Not known what's suspicious about him.

2:31pm - Hold up alarm. 33XX W Diversey. At the bank.

2:35 to 3:00pm - There were minor calls like disturbances or alarms that I didn't get to put down.

3:03pm - Theft in progress. 2600 N Western. Two male Hispanic teens stealing bikes off a bench near the theater.

3:12pm - Disturbance. Logan and Western. Bikers VS skateboarders.

3:29pm - Domestic Battery. Logan and Milwaukee. Female Black.

3:30pm - Battery in progress. Campbell and Cortland. 6 to 7 male teens fighting in the street.

3:32pm - Municipal ordinance violation/vice complaint. Somewhere in the coverage area. No further information.

3:34 to 3:40pm - Same thing as the 2:25 to 3pm thing.

3:43pm - Battery. 2600 N St Louis. Male and female drama resulted in someone getting hit.

3:47 to 3:53pm - There were some other jobs, but I didn't get to write them down.

3:54pm - I'm going to go now. I'll be back tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

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