Saturday, May 23, 2009

Music disturbance on Hamlin (7:18pm)

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:04pm. Today has been a good day. Anyway, here is crime for tonight.

7:18pm - Loud music disturbance. 2024 N Hamlin. From the garage.

7:41pm - The 7:18pm job is coded 4Frank.

7:42pm - Assist the citizen. Keystone and Dickens. No further information.

7:45pm - Battery in progress. 2122 N Avers. Large fight.

7:46pm - Assault in progress. 3758 W Armitage. Male Black with a grey shirt and black shorts is threatening the complaint with a bottle.

7:47pm - The 7:46pm job is coded 19Paul.

7:49pm - The 7:45pm job is going to be coded.

8:05pm - Residental alarm. 4182 W Nelson. No further information.

8:14pm - Attempt suicide. 1733 N Lawndale. Daughter took too many pills. Complaint is calling from Florida. Fire/EMS en route. A male who lives at 1734 has the keys to the house.

8:21pm - Beat car 45Sam14 is on a stop at Fullerton and Monticello. Running an ID.

8:22pm - 1) Person down. 3614 W George. In the alley. 2) Parker. 3127 N Lawndale. No further information.

8:38pm - Beat 2523 asks dispatch if EMS returned to HQ from 3614 W George.

8:39pm - Dispatch tells Beat car 2523 that EMS returned to HQ from 3614 W George.

8:41pm - Gang disturbance. Kelyvn Park (4438 W. Wrightwood). Gangbangers in vehicles are pointing fingers at people to scare them. They're also flashing signs.

8:43pm - Shots fired. Parker and Konster. Shots being fired in the area. Someone is hanging out in the alley.

8:45pm - Beat 2561Charlie says that the 8:43pm shots are actually fireworks. 19P.

8:50pm - Gang disturbance. 3637 W Shakespeare. They're loitering, flashing signs and playing loud music.

9:06pm - Burglary in progress. 2712 N Monticello. Back door is open and owner is out of town. Complaint thinks someone's in there.

9:10pm - Loud music disturbance. 2952 N Konster. No further information.

9:11pm - 1) Disturbance. 3717 W Diversey. 2) Disturbance. 3917 W Altgeld. No further information. 3) A slow down is given on the 9:06pm job. 4) Loud music disturbance. 2728 N Monticello. No further information.

9:14pm - 2712/2728 N Monticello are coded 19P.

9:20pm - Domestic disturbance. 2541 N Ridgeway. Problem with the child's father that is wearing a striped shirt.

9:22pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 2000 block of N Avers. 7 male Hispanic and Black gangbangers smoking. 2) They're calling back on the 7:18pm job.

9:32pm - 2000 block of North Avers is coded 19P.

9:35pm - Disturbance. 4039 W Parker. Males hanging out in front.

9:40pm - 2024 N Hamlin is coded 4Adam.

9:56pm - Loud music disturbance. 2430 N Hamlin. Loud band in the backyard.

9:57pm - 1) Gang disturbance. 2100 N Avers. No further information. 2) Parker. 3754 W Lyndale. Sliver Nissan blocking handicap space.

10:08pm - Shots fired. Hamlin and Altgeld. 3 of them. Group of people standing on the corner.

10:09pm - Beat car 2561 says that he's around the corner and that nobody is on the corner at the 10:08pm job.

10:23pm - 1) Loud music disturbance. 2900 block of N Kenneth. Loud party. 2) Loud music disturbance. 3955 W Barry. In the backyard.

10:24pm - Parker. 3610 W Wolfram. No further information.

10:26pm - Parker. 3600 block of W Oakdale. Premits.

10:32pm - Loud music disturbance. 3819 W Wrightwood. Loud party on the 3rd floor.

10:37pm - They're calling back at 3717 W Diversey.

10:47pm - A backlog has been put into 25. 22:47 hours.

10:53pm - 2100 N Avers is coded 5F and 3754 W Lyndale is coded 4Boy.

10:56pm - Check the well being. 1700 to 1751 N Lawndale. Female keeps crying into the phone, saying "need help".

11:04pm - Beat 2524 asks for a call back on the 10:56pm job.

11:05pm - I guess there's no call back and the job is being coded.

11:32pm - 1) Information for the police. Diversey and Pulaski. Someone hit the complaint's husband's car and they have information. 2) Disturbance. 2954 N Hamlin. Male and female White arguing. 3) Assault in progress. 3640 W Diversey. Gangbangers pushing the rear door.

11:37pm - Battery in progress. 2430 N Tripp. People fighting in the street.

11:43pm - Now 3640 W Diversey comes in as a Burglary in progress.

11:44pm - Beat car 2535 is getting some things on the PDT.

11:45pm - A slow down is given at 3640 W Diversey.

11:56pm - Beat 2561Boy gets some old disturbances on the 20 sector.

11:59pm - This ends my coverage of 25 for tonight. I'll be back at 12:58pm. Good night, everyone.


Anonymous said...

Regarding one of the complaints on Monticello, it's probably not a good idea to mention that someone is out of town just after listing their address.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

May I ask why?

Anonymous said...

Because you're basically telling all of your readers that someone is out of town, and giving their address. The neighbors or someone caught on this time, but don't you think it's better to err on the side of caution?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You know what? You're right. I shouldn't have done that. That night, I wanted to list all information from every call for an odd reason. I'm not going to do that again.

I also just realized that not everyone who's reading this stuff may not be a good person.