Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Outdoor Roll Call @ Barry/Spaulding, Residential Alarm On Lyndale

Good morning, everyone, it's 8:57am. It's a partly cloudy morning with temps in the lower 30s, and today will be mostly sunny with temps in the lower 40s. I'm monitoring 14 today, all day, and then tomorrow, I'm covering 25 from 7:33am to 12:14pm. On Thursday, I'm covering 17. This week, I'm just going to be attending two events and picking up my U-Pass from school on Friday. Tomorrow, I'm attending a church event in the evening, and then I have a community meeting on Thursday evening. With that, here's crime for today.

9:17am - Beat 1410 is holding an outdoor roll call at Barry and Spaulding, at 09:30 (9:30am) hours. All available units are advised to head over. So far, Beats car 1412 and 1423 are going.

9:18am - Beat car 1422 is on the way to the roll call.

9:22am - Beat cars 1431 and 1434, as well as Beat 1446, are on the way to the roll call.

9:26am - Beat car 1413 is heading over.

9:29am - Beat car 1433 is detailed to a gang funeral until further notice at 2708 N Western.

9:46am - All of the units that were at roll call are clear now.

9:47am - Residential alarm. 23XX W Lyndale.

9:48am - Beat car 1411 is advising Dispatch that Beat 4601Boy, a SWAT team, is going to be doing "exercises" at the AMC Theater on Western around 11:30 hours, in case they get any calls.

9:50am - 1) Suspicious person. 2800 block of N Campbell. Something about a guy moving boxes. 2) Information for the CPD. On 1412's Beat.

9:51am - Recovery. 18XX N Fairfield.

10:11am - Beat 1463Boy is doing a premise check at the California Blue Line station. Event number is 04435.

10:20am - Disturbance. Damen and Elston. Male aggressively panhandling.

10:21am - 1433 is following the funeral precession, headed west on North approaching Central Park. Dispatch is being advised to let 25 know. The funeral consists of Latin Kings.

11:12am - Residential alarm. 18XX N Wilmot.

11:33am - Some call in the area.

12:14pm - Fire alarm. 18XX N Marshfield.

12:47pm - Beat 4544Adam has a street stop at Cortland and St. Louis.

1:59pm - Some call in the area.

3:15pm - Battery. 3212 W George. At the Logandale School. Student hit a teacher.

3:46pm - Traffic accident. Damen/Milwaukee Ave./North Ave. School bus was hit by a car, bus took off. Possible injuries on the bus.

4:10pm - Beat 1405 is doing a park check at Skate.

4:23pm - Traffic accident. North and California. School bus VS car. No students were aboard the bus.

4:53pm - Some call on Logan Boulevard, on 1431's Beat. Might've been a barking dog.

5:18pm - Beat car 1413 has a traffic stop at St. Louis and McLean.

5:41pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 16XX N Drake. 39 year old mental is acting up.

5:47pm - Beat 1442 is on a mission on 1422's Beat for the rest of the evening per 1499, the Watch Commander.

6:07pm - Beat 1402, 14th District Desk, is pulling an RD number for an accident that occurred at 17:42 (5:42pm) hours at Armitage and Humboldt. It's HW109645 with the event number of 11817.

6:09pm - Beat 1441 has a traffic stop at Drake and Fullerton.

- I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

- I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

6:26pm - 1413 has a traffic stop at Armitage and Kimball.

6:37pm - Missing person report. 17XX N Spaulding.

- Parker. On 1432's Beat.

6:51pm - Traffic accident. California and Diversey. CTA bus #1062 was involved in an accident with a car, the car took off.

6:54pm - Burglar alarm. 21XX N Western.

6:55pm - Beat car 1431 has a traffic stop on Armitage somewhere. He said a cross street, but he mumbled it so I didn't hear it.

7:00pm - Disturbance. 2640 N Milwaukee Ave. In front of the Logan Theater.

7:03pm - I've just had something to come up that I need to get done right away. I'll be back within an hour or so, though. I'll see you all then.

7:59pm - I'm back.

8:08pm - Parker. 30XX N Rockwell.

8:28pm - Foot chase. Bloomingdale and Whipple. Beat 41Nora20Charlie is pursuing two male Hispanics who just hopped off the Bloomingdale Trail, they're headed west towards Albany. Wanted for possible narcotics.

8:29pm - Still headed west, past Albany. They're right along the Trail.

8:30pm - Sounds like they lost the offenders. Two male Hispanics, one with a black jacket, are involved.

8:31pm - An officer is talking to someone in a car at Kedzie and Bloomingdale from the foot chase.

8:57pm - Robbery/Battery. Lyndale and Campbell. Woman was robbed on the street and the caller was attacked as well.

9:01pm - 1442 is taking one into 14 from a traffic stop at Kimball and Wabansia.

9:07pm - Parker. On 1412's Beat.

9:10pm - Traffic accident. 18XX N Winchester.

9:22pm - Beat 1461David is taking one into 14 from Cortland and Mozart.

9:39pm - Beat 1461Eddie is taking one into 14 from the Logan Square Blue Line station for tagging.

9:42pm - Just an FYI to everyone, but I'll cover the time period that I was gone tomorrow evening.

9:43pm - Disturbance. Lyndale/Campbell. Group of males riding around in a car, harassing people in the neighborhood.

9:44pm - Person w/ a knife. 19XX N Richmond. Woman in front is threatening the caller with a knife.

9:49pm - A slow down is being given on the 9:44pm job.

9:54pm - Burglar alarm. 2704 W North Ave. At New Life Covenant Church.

9:57pm - Person w/ a gun. 2044 N Milwaukee Ave. Three male Hispanics near a white SUV in the parking lot of the CVS have guns in their waistband.

9:58pm - Traffic pursuit. Traffic pursuit. Damen and Augusta. Beat 1292 is in pursuit of a dark gray pick-up truck with a plate of 43724H that ran through a red light and is going really fast.

9:59pm - Turning onto Ashland from Augusta.

10:00pm - Passing Milwaukee on Ashland.

10:01pm - North on Paulina from North Ave.

10:02pm - Beat 1250 is ordering 1292 to terminate. 22:02 on the clock. The car was last seen on the Kennedy Expressway, passing Fullerton. This isn't good. This pursuit's coming into our community....

10:03pm - 1292 is saying that there was a large group of gangbangers near this car at 2500 W Chicago (where he's saying the chase originally started), they were getting out and in. When they observed 1292, four males jumped in the car and took off. He had lost them but saw them again at Damen/Augusta. The car registers back to 4036 N. Troy, on 1724's Beat, and is a dark Chevy Impala. Suspect's name is supposed to be Leroy.

10:06pm - Beat car 1523Robert is giving information about this chase. Apparently, this car is wanted in a crash that occurred earlier at Pulaski and Division. One of the guys supposedly has a firearm, so officers are advised to use extra caution.

10:07pm - Illinois State Police has taken over the chase, but we don't know where they're at now.

10:08pm - I'm assuming the chase is over on CPD's part, so back to regular neighborhood coverage. Unfortunately, I'm not able to obtain any scanner activity for the State Police.

10:09pm - Criminal damage in progress. Belmont and Sacramento. Male White, 5'10, dark hat, white jacket and blue pants is kicking the windows to the store.

10:31pm - Barking dog. 20XX N Kedzie.

10:38pm - 17th District unit have that guy from the earlier pursuit stopped at Troy and Belle Plaine, near his home.

10:45pm - They're calling back on the 10:09pm job. The store's on 17's side, though.

10:59pm - Think I missed a call in the area.

11:26pm - Disturbance. On 1414's Beat.

11:32pm - Traffic pursuit. Traffic pursuit. Kimball and the Kennedy Expressway. 17th District units are in pursuit of a white car that had narcotics in it. The suspect is a male Hispanic, short with a long ponytail. Last seen headed south on Kimball towards Belmont.

11:34pm - They have the car now on Rockwell passing Elston, going about 50 mph. Possibly the same car involved in the earlier chase.

11:35pm - West on Belmont approaching Sacramento. And it's been confirmed that it's the same car. Beat 1706Robert is pursuing. Once again, the car is a dark gray Chevy Impala. It's not white as just thought by 1706R.

11:36pm - West on Wellington from Sawyer. Officers are being advised, once again, that one of the passengers in that car is armed with a pistol. This is right in our community this time. Wow.

11:37pm - Passing Central Park on Schubert. Oh my God....

11:38pm - West on Schubert, passing Avers. All the units just went by my house. We've got 14th, 17th and 25th District officers pursuing, along with State Police.

11:39pm - South on Pulaski from Palmer. A termination order has just been issued per Beat 1701. 23:39 hours on the clock.

11:40pm - East on Armitage from Central Park.

11:41pm - Turning onto Campbell from Shakespeare. He's going REAL fast. The units are three or four blocks from him.

11:42pm - West on Fullerton from Maplewood.

11:43pm - Oh, he's bailing. Here we go. 2400 block of N Maplewood. Hopped a fence.

11:44pm - The guy is in custody. I repeat, he's in custody. 2529 on Rockwell. Beat car 1412Robert and Beat 1461Charlie are on scene. The truck is in the alley of 2524 N Maplewood.

11:57pm - Couple of "criminal damage" reports coming, along Fullerton and on the 2400 block of Maplewood. Related to the pursuit.

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So now we give gangbangers police escorts during their funerals? What a waste of manpower.