Saturday, January 12, 2013

911 Calls/Radio Activity From Kelvyn Park Incident Yesterday

Good morning, everyone. I now come to all of you, presenting the 911 calls and radio activity that took place on Zone 12, home to the 25th District, Thursday morning, January 10th, 2013, from the two incidents that took place at Diversey and Hamlin and at Kelvyn Park High School, 4343 W. Wrightwood, respectively. I started listening to the 911 tapes at 07:23 (7:23am) hours and listened through 10:30am. I listened to all of the activity that occurred. It should be noted that two, not one, bona fided incidents took place Thursday morning. Both were shots fired with a couple of 911 calls on each, and then led to a high speed chase throughout Logan Square into the Lakview community when State Police discovered the vehicle involved in the two shootings. I hope all of you find this post to be informative and that it gives you all of the details you want/need to know about this incident. Please do not hesitate to comment or email me with any questions, thoughts or opinions you might have (but do be forewarned, I will be highly moderating the comments for this post).

7:33am - Shots Fired. 37XX W Diversey. Three heard. One call only.

7:35am - Beat 2582 just talked to a crossing guard over there and she said no shots were fired. Coded 19P.

7:38am - Shots Fired. Diversey and Hamlin. Male Hispanic, 17 years old, black hoodie, gray jeans and knit hat just fired shots at a CTA bus. He fled towards Schubert on Hamlin.

7:40am - 2582 is giving a slow down on the 7:38am job. He's not seeing anything.

7:46am - 2582 needs a Spanish speaker at 26XX N Hamlin. He's got a handwaver regarding the "Shots Fired" on Diversey. They shot out a window to a minivan. A sliver Nissan was involved.

8:02am - Wanted from the 7:38am job is a 2002 or 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee, sliver in color, and a male Hispanic, 20 to 22 years old, 5'7, 150 lbs, with a black jacket, black baseball cap and blue jeans got out of the car and fired two shots at the victim's van. He then entered the passenger's side of the van, and the van fled north on Hamlin going the wrong way towards George. Two .40 caliber shell casings have been recovered.

8:04am - Shots Fired. 43XX W Altgeld. Two males tried to break into a car and when the caller looked out the window, they fired shots at them.

8:07am - Beat car 2523 is giving a slow down on the 8:04am call. She doesn't see anything yet, but is asking Dispatch to contact the Fusion Center for the POD camera on the corner there to

8:09am - 1) Shots Fired. 4343 W Wrightwood. Shots fired in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School. 2) Apparently the incident on Diversey is related to the one on Altgeld. The caller/victim from Altgeld says it was a gray Grand Jeep Cherokee.

8:10am - Someone's telling 2523 that the car fled south on Lowell towards Fullerton.

8:12am - Another call just came in at KPHS. Someone from the school called to say that shots were fired in the parking lot and one bullet hole struck a car window while another one struck a house. 2523 is saying that this has been confirmed, she'll talk to the other person after she's done talking to people on Altgeld.

8:19am - 2523 is saying that females might've been involved in the incident.

8:20am - Beat 2500, 25th District Commander, wants officers handling this to talk to the school personnel regarding the incident. 2523 says she's doing that now.

8:21am - Beat car 2522 has a gray Jeep Cherokee at Springfield and Fullerton headed east on Fullerton towards Avers. Beat car 2525 and Beat 2543 are on the way to assist.

8:25am - Beat car 2521 is at 24XX N Lowell with a citizen who says their car has a bullet hole in it, too, except that those shots fired occurred at 2am or 3am this morning.

8:26am - 1) It's a negative on 2522's, 2525's and 2543's car. 2543 will keep looking for the car in the area. 2) Dispatch is saying that there was a call on Lowell for the gunshots. She didn't give a time, though. I'll have to retrieve these tapes at some point this weekend, too.

8:27am - Beat 2530 is asking if anyone has a name on the victim from the earlier shooting. Dispatch says that 2524 has a victim over on Hamlin. Also, 2530 will be advising the school officers assigned to Kelvyn Park know about this incident. Lastly, it has been confirmed once again that the shooting at Diversey/Hamlin is related to the Kelvyn Park High School shooting.

8:32am - 2582 just had a sliver Jeep Cherokee to go by him real fast at Diversey and Springfield, headed east on Diversey to Avers then south on Avers towards Schubert. He's following it now. Might be the car involved in the shootings.

8:33am - South on Central Park towards Fullerton. Just went through the south alley of Diversey to Central Park, then south on Central Park. The plate on the car is K469610.

8:34am - Front taillight on the car on the right side is out. The car was last seen turning onto Fullerton from Central Park. Officers are advising Dispatch to let Zone 3 know. 2582 is saying that the passenger in the car is matching the description to the offender involved in the first shooting.

8:35am - The car comes back to 3946 W Roscoe, which is an address in Avondale by the way, to Carlos Rodriguez. It also comes back to a Nicole who lives at 1446 N Kolin.

8:36am - Beat 2520 is taking a ride over to 3946 on Roscoe, and he's asking Dispatch to let Zone 1 know also.

8:37am - A citizen just saw the car head north on St. Louis from the north alley of Wrightwood, per 2522.

8:38am - 2524 needs a car at Kimball and Drummond. 2543 is coming over.

8:39am - 2523 is telling all of the units to disregard, because it's not a Jeep Cherokee. It's a Dodge Durango. Also, the Jeep in the earlier incident has chrome rims on it.

8:40am - 2523 had one additional .40 caliber shell casing on Wrightwood as well.

9:00am - Beat car 2511 is pulling over a sliver Jeep at 3907 W Addison. It's got a plate of H814279.

9:01am - Oh, never mind. 2511 is saying that it's an elderly couple.

9:07am - State Police has the vehicle involved in the earlier shooting. East on Hirsch from Hamlin.

9:08am - East in the north alley of North from Lawndale. He's going into 14.

9:09am - Approaching Sacramento in that alley. Beats 2510 and 2520 are monitoring.

9:10am - Coming up to Armitage on Mozart.

9:11am - North on Sacramento approaching Fullerton.

9:12am - Southeast on Milwaukee from Logan Blvd.

9:13am - Turning east onto Diversey from California. Might be headed for the Kennedy.

9:14am - Just passed Western/Elston on Diversey, headed for the river. The driver's got a ponytail.

9:15am - 2510 is telling ALL 25th District officers to terminate. 09:15 hours on the clock. The car was last seen headed west on Fullerton from Clybourn. Once again, the plate is K469610 and it's a 2002 or 2003 gray Grand Jeep Cherokee.

9:17am - State Police lost the car at Fullerton and Ashland. He was last seen headed west towards Paulina.

9:18am - One of the rims from the car was left behind in the intersection of California and Diversey. Meanwhile, 2543 last saw the car east on Wolfram from Ashland.

9:19am - The car has major front end damage now and lost a bumper.

9:20am - Beat 1906Adam temporary had the car in sight near Oakdale and Racine, but a 19th District supervisor told them to terminate.

9:21am - State Police has the car again. South on Southport, approaching Fullerton.

9:23am - The car also lost the plate. It hit a hydrant. 2582 is picking up the plate at California/Diversey.

9:25am - We have a report of a roll-over accident. Paulina and School. Not sure if it's from the chase.

9:26am - Okay, it was the van that crashed. But the suspects somehow got out of the car despite it being a roll-over. State Police is in pursuit.

9:29am - 1) 2511, 2520 and 2521 are all going to Paulina/School to grab the offenders. 2) A 25th District officer is in pursuit of the three males. 1707 W School. They ran through the yard and possibly went into the location.

9:30am - Officers are clearing out the location on School. Also, 2524 is advising all officers that the three guys are armed with .40 calibears.

9:36am - Beat 2599, 25th District Commander, says that a weapon has been recovered at Paulina/School.

9:38am - The RD number from the first incident is HW111592.

9:40am - 2599 needs a K-9 unit over on School to search for a third offender. Apparently, two offenders are in custody.

9:46am - 2599 is advising Dispatch to hold all non-priority jobs in 25 until further notice. Pretty much all of 25's officers are at Paulina/School dealing with this situation.

9:51am - 1) 2510 is telling Dispatch that 2511, 2521 and now 2533 are on scene. 2) Zone 2 is advising that all 25th District officers need to come out of the yard at 1707 School, as the K-9 officer's about to come through. A perimeter is being set up around the area.

9:58am - 2599 is saying that a citizen told them the third offender has on a tan jacket.

10:45am - There's been nothing else said regarding the shooting, so I'm assuming everything has been worked out and is over.


Jim Bridger said...

Again another dangerous car chase by those guys in 25. I thought there was an end to that nonsense?

Anonymous said...

FYI, two bad guys in custody and the .40 caliber weapon was recovered.

Anonymous said...


Can't thank you enough for your service. I live a block away from Kelvin Park High School and you have been my only source of information every time something happens in my neighborhood. I hope people realize they need to help this school out and the students before something drastic happens.

Thanks again and keep warm.

Jim Bridger said...

Chasing and racing all for "one" gun? How many unreported accidents happened during the nonsense?

Anonymous said...

Jim, remember the female TACT car chasing a suspect & going around the Brown Line? They seem to end in more disasters than not.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thank you for the information, anonymous 9:14. I stand corrected.

Anonymous 3:14, no problem. I'm sorry you guys were going through all of that trouble in the area and I hope things have gotten better. As for the school, I think it's really time we gather up people who live near the school and have a community Town Hall meeting to address the situation and to implement some solutions. Positive loitering wouldn't hurt either.

Anonymous 6:03, yes I do remember that chase. Btw, my name is Tim.