Thursday, January 10, 2013

Major Police Chase / Roll-Over Started At Kelvyn Park High School - GANG RELATED

Avondale Logan Square Crime Blog Exclusive
Chicago, IL

Earlier today, this blog brought you news of what was said to be a shooting at Chicago's Kelvyn Park High School. New details are emerging in this story. Chicago Tribune article here.

According to several sources at the Chicago Police Department and inside Kelvyn Park High School, all of whom asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak to the media:

"At 7:30AM this morning, three individuals in a silver jeep were in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School sort of trying to hide with a plan to shoot a victim that they knew would be walking by. The offenders fired their weapon into a house across the street while aiming for their intended victim."

An employee of Kelvyn Park High School said the jeep was able to gain access to the school parking lot because it (the parking lot) is never locked, but there are now plans to keep the parking lot locked up outside of school hours. 

All of the sources speaking on condition of anonymity involved at Kelvyn Park High School and CPD confirm the following details from the Chicago Tribune:

"About 8 a.m., a woman looked out her front window on Altgeld and saw two man hear a van, with a Jeep parked nearby. She turned away from the window and then heard a crash and felt something hit the back of her neck, police said.

The window had been shot out, and the woman injured by flying glass, with a bullet coming to rest inside the apartment. The Jeep, apparently with the two men inside, fled, and when officers arrived, they found that the van had been broken into, although it’s not immediately clear if anything was stolen.

Officers from the Grand Central District heard a description of the Jeep over their police radio, and saw the vehicle speeding away, police said. They pursued, but called off the chase because of the speed of the Jeep. Illinois State Police spotted the Jeep soon after, but also called off the chase, and Shakespeare District officers did the same.

Finally, after the Jeep struck vehicles in traffic in the 1900 block of West Diversey Avenue and the 1000 block of West School Street, officers from the Mass Transit Unit spotted it again near Lincoln Avenue and School Street, Mirabelli said. Soon after, about 9:22 a.m., the Jeep apparently hit a curb near School and Paulina Avenue, flipped over and stopped. The three people in the Jeep tried to flee, but only one got away, police said."

One officer said that there was a foot chase by a 19th district unit involving a possible match to the suspect still being sought, but a police supervisor in 019 gave an order to terminate the chase before the unit could even say what the emergency was.

Every source spoken to is confirming that the incident was gang related, but not related to anyone who attends Kelvyn Park High School. Several police units were observed patrolling the area quite aggressively.

The final moments for the two suspects who were under arrest while being treated at Illinois Masonic Hospital, came AFTER the chase had been terminated by both the Illinois State Police and Chicago Police Department. After the chase ended, Chicago Police zone 2 radio started receiving calls about a "traffic accident with a roll-over" that seemed to match the description of the jeep they had recently been chasing. Upon arrival, officers determined that the vehicle involved in the roll - over was indeed the same jeep they were chasing.

Chicago Police are confident that the last suspect will be apprehended.  


Anonymous said...

Channel 7 news report tonight ignored the Kelvyn Park HS issue entirely, but they did say that one of the shitheads was shooting at police during the chase.

Good riddance, scumbags.

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Cool ! I like it.

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This is cool!