Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kelvyn Park High School - Shooting In Parking Lot

An anonymous parent at Kelvyn Park High School is reporting that Asst. Principal Holly Dacres has confirmed that a shooting has taken place in the parking lot of Kelvyn Park High School today, and that no students have been injured or killed. The parent is also reporting the following: According to Dacres, "All of my school security and other staff are on point" and "we have a climate team coming in". Dacres is reported to have said that a meeting between Chicago Police and Kelvyn Park High School administration will take place later today.

There is currently no information as to whether or not Chicago Police have anyone in custody, nor is there any information about the person shot. Further details say that Dacres made this statement: "The shooting was NOT related to the school".
The anonymous parent reporting on this incident says that the school did not make any parental notifications even to say that there had been an incident involving a firearm on school property and that the students were safe, nor did the school even do so much as to tell parents that an investigation is ongoing, or if the school would keep parents updated as to any other details.

Says the anonymous parent: "Apparently, the school was not locked down, and I am looking into CPS system-wide policies on this, as well as Kelvyn Park High School operations policies. I find it easy to believe that this could have been worse, and easy to believe that if someone would have been able to enter the school to do whatever might have been done in that parking lot today, the school would not have notified the parents."

Kelvyn Park High School has a history of security and safety problems that can be verified by a combination of media reports and records that are publicly available, which include union grievances filed by teachers; and records of responses along with general offense case reports kept by the Chicago Police Department.

If anyone has the Radio Reference archives of 025 from today, and cares to share it with this blog, we would greatly appreciate it!     


Anonymous said...

i don't know if this is related but at around 9:20-:30 am this morning witnessed a wide rangning high speed chase across logan square on the way to work. kept having to pull over while heading east on fullerton as multiple police SUVs with full sirens & lights sped by. was waiting to turn left/north on kedzie towards the circle, when i spied a dark grey SUV w/ tinted windows heading west toward me. as i thought: "gee, looks like he's driving really fast", he screeched around the corner, drifting across the northbound lanes of kedzie. since, this is not that different from normal neighborhood traffic i just made my left + then realized, by the multiple cop cars quickly following onto kedzie, that this is probably a suspect they are chasing! saw the SUV zooming through the circle and but then lost sight. had to stop at every street til western as squad cars criss-crossed logan boulevard. i can't tell exactly as i may have seen multiple vehicles more than once, but i'd estimate at least 10-20 police vehicles racing around the center/east part of logan.

Tavey Dull said...

Sounds like the "blues brothers" are back in town with that many cars chasing one.

Anonymous said...

My Daughter goes to the school the shooting happened between 3:00pm and 4:30 pm.
We too were not notified.

Anonymous said...

I went to that H.S back in da late 80's .I was messed up then and still messed up now,it isn't going to change.That god i left to the burbs n brought my kids up here.But i dont 4 get where i come from ,still love da city.!!!!!.