Friday, July 13, 2012

DOA On Harding, Hit-And-Run On McLean

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1:34pm. Sorry I'm late, guys. Had a bit of a family emergency, but everything is alright now :). It's currently raining outside with temps in the 80s. Today will continue to be cloudy and rainy. I'm monitoring 25 for today. This evening, I'll be attending the Avondale Social on Belmont, from 6 to 8. I'll have mic set up to record the radio while I'm gone. With that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

2:03pm - Beat 2507 is being notified of Beat car 2534 having a natural DOA at 18XX N Harding. 2534 needs a body snatcher form. Beat 2552 will bring one from the station.

2:35pm - Traffic accident. 36XX W McLean. Hit-and-run.

2:40pm - Loud music disturbance. On 2535's Beat.

3:07pm - Theft in progress. 2500 block of N Avers. Occupants of a red truck are taking sewer covers.

3:36pm - Missing person report. 44XX W George. Missing 15 year old daughter.

3:50pm - Beat 2546 is asking for a call back on the 3:36pm job.

3:51pm - Dispatch says the 3:36pm caller's coming down now.

5:43pm - Parker. 4042 W Armitage.

5:59pm - Holding the offender. 16XX N Harding. Citizen holding a very intoxicated male who damaged a couple of cars while riding his bike into them, he's trying to leave.

6:38pm - Traffic accident. 2800 N Kilbourn. Elderly male on a scooter was hit by a car.

6:42pm - Traffic accident. Diversey and Ridgeway. Property damage only.

6:55pm - 1) Beat 2573 is taking in one from the 5:59pm job. 2) The 6:42pm job is coded out per Beat car 2522, who now has a street stop at Koz Park, Harding and Diversey. Event number is 16535.

6:58pm - Beat 2565Charlie has a street stop at 2300 N Central Park.

7:36pmCommercial alarm. 42XX W Drummond.

7:48pm - Beat car 2524 is getting some stuff on the Beat for after their dinner.

8:04pm - Suspicious person. 4419 W Diversey. At the grocery store. Three suspicious people entered the store and are making a break for the store manager's office.

8:07pm - Assault report. 3039 N Pulaski. Co-worker threatened bodily harm on the caller at the Rent-A-Center.

8:24pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

8:38pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

9:19pm - Person w/ a gun. 31XX N Haussen. Male Hispanic with a black shirt has a gun in front. He's with another male.

9:40pm - I'm sorry guys, but I'm way too tired to stay awake. I know this was horrible monitoring today, and I promise to do much better this weekend. I'm so sorry. I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night, everyone.

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Mary LaNett said...

The city spends over $900 per body for a private service. Why should the city pay for something the county is supposed to do? Years back they had those police wagons doing the removals for free.