Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 Year Old Goes Missing From Group Home On Wrightwood

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 1pm. It's a sunny afternoon with temps in the mid 80s, and today will remain this way. I'm monitoring 25 today, except from 9:45pm to 10:45pm, at which time I'll be covering 17. Well, the only thing I might do this upcoming week is go shopping for school supplies for class (which I start in about three weeks) and buy a couple of pairs of clothing. Otherwise, I'll just be home. With that, here's crime for this afternoon and evening.

2:15pm - Beat 2502, 25th District Desk, is giving a flash out for a missing from a group home at 3935 W Wrightwood. Missing is 15 year old Pierce Devon, who's 6'2 and 150 lbs. He was last seen wearing a purple shirt, windbreaker and blue jeans. He wears glasses also. He's been missing since yesterday and suffers from a couple of mental conditions.

2:32pm - Parker. 18XX N Central Park. Blue car blocking the alley.

2:52pm - Burglary. 19XX N Lawndale. Male just tried to break into the building. Another call comes over a as a "holding the offender". They're holding the guy.

3:02pm - Beat car 2523 has the 2:52pm offender at the corner of Armitage and Lawndale. Needs another car to help him take the offender in. Beat car 2511 is coming, but all the way from the far west end.

3:51pm - Loud music disturbance. 18XX N Harding.

4:33pm - Check the well being. 16XX N Avers. Woman living at this location needs to be checked on, she might be getting beaten by her boyfriend.

5:57pm - Traffic accident. 30XX N Hamlin.

6:08pm - An RD number is being pulled from the 5:57pm job. It's HV404728 with the event number of 14761.

6:50pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:03pm - I'm back. Good evening, folks.

7:20pm - 1) Beat 2561Charlie is on a street stop at 28XX N Lawndale. 2) Disturbance. 36XX W Palmer. Male urinating in front of children.

7:44pm - Gang disturbance. Kilbourn and Schubert. They're throwing up signs by the tennis court at Kelvyn Park.

8:45pm - Traffic accident. 30XX N Davlin.

9:06pm - Parker. On 2523's Beat.

9:45pm - I'm here with 17 until 10:45.

9:48pm - Some call on Sacramento. Not sure if it was in our area or not, though.

10:35pm - Disturbance. 3300 block of N Hamlin. Block party is still going.

10:45pm - Now I'm back with 25 until midnight.

11:02pm - Some call in the area, I think on either 2524Robert's or 2525R's Beats. One of the two.

11:11pm - Sorry guys, but I'm really tired, so I'm just going to head to bed. I'll be back in the morning. Good night, folks, and be safe.

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