Sunday, June 16, 2013

Puerto Rican Festival Coverage, Day #4

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. I'm monitoring day #4 of the Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park. Today is the last day for it until next year, and I bet at least some of you are thankful that it is, especially those of you who live nearest to the park. Originally, I wasn't going to monitor the PR Fest today, but things got crazy last night (and I heard from a couple of people Friday night wasn't any better). We'll see how it goes today. Like Thursday and yesterday, I'm monitoring Zones C, D, E, G, P, Q and S. Zone S is specifically set up for the festival, and it covers Homan to Western between Division and North Ave. Basically, my boundaries for today are pretty much Central Park to the west and Palmer to the north, with various boundaries to the east and south. The eastern borders are Leavitt (Palmer to Armitage), Damen (Armitage to North Ave.) and Western (North Ave. to Division), respectively, with the southern borders being North Ave. (Damen to Western) and Division (Western to Homan). We will see how things go today, and if things are considerably calm, then I will only cover the PR Fest until about 7 or 8pm tonight. For those of you who are new to the blog, or just need a reminder, but I do NOT cover this festival to be negative under any circumstances. If anything, I want everyone who goes to have a fantastic time. With that being said, however, at the PR Fest, we tend to run into numerous gang and crime issues, and quite frankly, I have heard some really alarming things in the previous years of monitoring it. I also heard some pretty crazy things yesterday. My readers who have been on this blog for a long time can attest to that. I also cover it so that residents can keep up with what is going on in their community. With all of that said, I will no longer delay supplying what goes on today. Here's crime.

12:00am - Beat 6732David is dispersing 40 for gang loitering at North and Sawyer. Console time is 00:00 and the event number is 00021.

12:01am - Beat 1480 and his team are officially released from the PR Fest. They're headed back to Wicker Park now.

12:10am - Gang disturbance. 16XX N Francisco. Ten of them are loitering in front.

12:11am - Battery in progress. Damen/Milwaukee Ave./North Ave. Several people fighting.

12:12am - Beat 1462David has a Buick Century with bullet holes in it at North and Kedzie. Apparently, there were shots fired. The offending vehicle is a gray vehicle with rear end damage, and it fled north on Kedzie to Wabansia, then east on Wabansia towards Troy.

12:13am - Beat 1480 is giving a slow down at the 12:11am job. The fight's done but he does need EMS for a guy who's bleeding from his lip.

12:14am - 1462D's witnesses are now saying the vehicle fled east down the north alley of North Ave., then down the east alley of Kedzie from North Ave.

12:15am - The witnesses are saying that the vehicle was a shiny gray Honda with black tinted windows, and there were four to five male Hispanics in it.

12:16am - 1) This isn't in the PR Fest coverage area, but it is related to the North Ave./Kedzie deal. We're getting "Shots Fired" at Kedzie and Belden, with occupants in a gray vehicle shooting on the street. 2) At. St. Mary's, Beat car 1212Robert is pulling an RD number for four stabbing victims from the PR Fest. The first one is HW320660 with the event number of 19737. This is in reference to the 11:24pm job from last night.

12:19am - Beat car 1422Robert is being assigned to help 1462D with the crime scene.

12:24am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

8:56am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

9:20am - Person w/ a gun. 25XX W Cortland. Male Black with a white tanktop on has a gun, he's at the corner waving it.

9:23am - Beat 1495 is asking for a call back. Dispatch says there's no call back.

9:55am - Check the well being. 1534 N Western. A baby could be heard crying and a man was also heard telling someone to let go of the baby.

10:28am - Beat 1420 is doing an outdoor roll call at 3244 W Division in about 10 minutes. All units are invited.

10:29am - Beat cars 1421, 1422, 1423 and 1433 are going to roll call.

10:30am - I want to wish all of my fathers out there, and single mothers who act as fathers, and whoever else  is like a father to someone a very happy Father's Day. We thank you for being the loving, kind and caring fathers you are, and we wish you a great day!

10:58am - The roll call is over. 1420 thanks all the units that came by.

11:29am - Vice complaint. Cortland and Mozart. Group of six to seven guys on the corner drinking.

11:48am  - Disturbance. 2800 W North Ave. Male in a green van is blocking the alley and refusing to move, he's arguing with some people.

12:24pm - Burglar alarm. 3018 W North Ave. At the All American Sports bar.

12:27pm - Beat 1406Adam is doing a gang suppression mission on 1422's Beat today.

1:04pm - Narcotics. 1416 N Western. Two people sitting in a black SUV are using drugs.

2:27pm - Open hydrant at 32XX W Beach. There's an officer in 14 today with the key and they need that officer to come over.

2:46pm - Disturbance. 18XX N California. Neighborhood drunk is relieving himself in the alley.

2:52pm - Beat car 1433 is headed over to the Humboldt Park Speedboat to relieve Beat car 1434.

3:25pm to 3:38pm - I had to step away from the radio. I'm sorry, guys. The radio did seem pretty quite, though.

3:55pm - Loud music disturbance. 18XX N California. Dispute with the neighbors over loud music.

4:29pm - Loud music disturbance. On 1421's Beat.

4:40pm - Gang disturbance. Humboldt and Luis Munoz Marine Dr. Two males in a yellow van are yelling at people, group of gangbangers are surrounding the van.

4:42pm - A slow down is being given at the 4:40pm job per Beat car 1421. Lots of CPD there with nothing going on.

4:43pm - 1421 is giving a 5Adam on the 4:40pm job. Beat 1410, the original unit that was assigned to the 4:40pm job, is given a disregard.

5:07pm - Alarm. 21XX W Churchil.

5:22pm - Vice complaint. 14XX N California. Five people drinking on the porch.

5:33pm - They're calling back on the 3:55pm job.

6:00pm - Narcotics. 1245 N California. Female Hispanic with blonde hair is selling drugs.

6:08pm - Beat 4311David has a traffic stop at North and Francisco. They need a female for a search. Beat car 1423 is coming over.

6:09pm - 1) Person w/ a knife. 31XX W Cortland. Caller's friend cut their self with a knife and fled out the back door, they fled out the back door. Alcohol is involved and the friend still has the knife. 2) Beat 1465Eddie has a traffic stop at Francisco and Division. 3) Loud music disturbance. 25XX W Cortland. Loud and vulgar music.

6:12pm - A disregard is being given per 1465E at Francisco/Division. Everything's fine.

6:25pm - Gang disturbance. 15XX N Fairfield. Six male Hispanics are in front, drinking and representing.

6:30pm - Beat 1465David has a street stop at Division and California.

6:35pm - Shots Fired. North Ave./Kedzie. Two shots heard out by the outhouse. Think they mean the Speedboat?

6:37pm - Foot chase. Foot chase. 4311D saying someone's running north on them from 1346 N Maplewood. Not quite sure what's going on, but it sounds chaotic.

6:38pm - Suspect went east on Hirsch from Maplewood. Wanted is a male Black with a blue shirt and shorts, and dreads.

6:39pm - He went through the yards on the 1300 block of N. Maplewood, on the east side of the street. He's wanted for bailing from a car.

6:40pm - He's in the alley at 1413 N Rockwell. More units needed. The plate that the officer gave is coming back stolen.

6:41pm - 1) A slow down is being given on Rockwell. Lot of officers are there now. 2) We're now looking for two offenders. The other one is a male Black with a black t-shirt and jeans.

6:42pm - Someone's got a female in custody from Rockwell, and 1465E is saying that the guy with dreadlocks never got past 1413 Rockwell.

6:43pm - The female is the third offender from this, and she's in custody.

6:49pm - Beat 4311 needs a traffic crash book over at Hirsch and Rockwell.

7:01pm - Parker. On 1423's Beat.

7:03pm - Robbery. 14XX N Maplewood. Group of males just beat up the cousin and robbed them.

7:29pm - 4311D is dispersing five for gang loitering at 26XX W Hirsch. Console time is 19:29 and the event number is 14418.

8:06pm - EMS run. North Ave./Kedzie. Man passed out near the park.

8:07pm - Barking dog. 35XX W Shakespeare. In the backyard.

8:13pm - 1) Disturbance. 2744 W Division. People in the back drinking. 2) Disturbance. 14XX N California. People loitering and what not. 3) Parker. Division and Mozart. Someone's using a garbage can to save a parking spot.

8:38pm - Beat 1462David is doing a gang dispersal somewhere. I didn’t catch the address, but the event number is 15773 and the console time is 20:38.

8:45pm - Auto theft in progress. Washtenaw and LeMoyne. Male Hispanic wearing a red shirt is stealing a car.

8:53pm - Beat 1462Boy has a street stop at Wabansia and Sawyer. Running a name.

8:59pm - Disturbance. Western and Milwaukee Ave. Two males harassing a female by the store.

9:03pm - Fireworks/loud music disturbance. 14XX N Artesian.

9:05pm - Ambulance 44 has a large crowd causing a ruckus at Division/Mozart.

9:06pm - A slow down is being given at Division/Mozart. Couple of units are on scene.

9:07pm - A disregard is being given at Division/Mozart. Lots of units on scene and everything is okay.

9:08pm - 1421 has a traffic stop at Cortland and Kimball.

9:31pm - Beat 4319 wants Beat 4319Boy and 4319David to meet him at Division/Mozart.

9:45pm - Suspicious person. 18XX N California. Male Hispanic with a jersey is lurking around the building.

9:46pm - EMS run. 19XX N Sawyer.

10:08pm - 1) Disturbance. 2744 W Division. Drinkers in front. 2) Loud music disturbance. 17XX N Washtenaw.

10:30pm - 1) Disturbance. 19XX N Spaulding. Group of males loitering and drinking in front. 2) Loud music disturbance. 35XX W Cortland.

11:00pm - EMS run. 18XX N Washtenaw.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning, with 25. I hope all of you have enjoyed and have been informed with my coverage of the PR Fest, and I thank all of you for reading it. I also hope all of you had a wonderful Father's Day. Have a good night, everyone!


Hector Garcia said...

How long does this nonsense go on for? Go back to Puerto Rico and celebrate instead.

Anonymous said...

Hector, puerto ricans are considered US citizens!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

You're right, anonymous. Hector, today is the last day for it.

Anonymous said...

Hector didn't say they weren't US citizens.

Anonymous said...

can you give a quick explanation of the terms used, such as robert, parker, etc.? that would be great.

Hector Garcia said...

They are NOT citizens. They are an occupied people by the U.S. government. Oppression by America! Grant freedom now!

Anonymous said...

The context of this crime blog gives the wrong impression of the festival. I take my grand kids every year and never felt in danger. The worst I've seen was a minor fist fight between two boys.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:03, I respect your opinion and I'm glad you have felt safe. However, I am only reporting what I hear on the police scanner and jotting down what is happening. In my opinion, I don't see the wrong in that. But again, I do respect your opinion. Thank you for your input.

Anonymous 12:00, sure. A parker is a call relating to vehicles violating various traffic laws, such as double-parking, cars parked in handicapped spots, permit parking, etc. The "Robert" term is just a part of the officer's unit number (and it's used by all units), but it's only used for the midnight shift. I'm not quite sure why they use it. If you have any other terms explained, or if you have any more questions, please feel free to reply back or shoot me an email at

Anonymous said...

What is a M 1?? I always seem to hear the "suspect is a M1'.

Hecto Garcia said...

Free all territories of the U.S. Time to end colonialism and the illegal occupation of foreign lands.