Thursday, June 13, 2013

Puerto Rican Festival Coverage, Day #1

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 2:40pm. Sorry I'm late. I'm monitoring day #1 of the Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park this afternoon, from now until 4:50. At 4:50, I will have to leave for my evening class, and then I'll return by 10 and monitor from then until midnight. My official coverage boundaries today will differ from my traditional monitoring boundaries. I'm monitoring Zones C, D, E, G, P, Q and S. Zone S is specifically set up for the festival, and it covers Homan to Western between Division and North Ave. Basically, my boundaries for today are pretty much Central Park to the west and Palmer to the north, with various boundaries to the east and south. The eastern borders are Leavitt (Palmer to Armitage), Damen (Armitage to North Ave.) and Western (North Ave. to Division), respectively, with the southern borders being North Ave. (Damen to Western) and Division (Western to Homan). We will see how things go today, and if things are considerably calm, then I will only cover the PR Fest for about 3 hours on Saturday and will monitor something else on Sunday. Tomorrow, I will not be monitoring because it is going to be my 20th birthday, and I am going to spend time with my family. For those of you who are new to the blog, or just need a reminder, but I do NOT cover this festival to be negative under any circumstances. If anything, I want everyone who goes to have a fantastic time. With that being said, however, at the PR Fest, we tend to run into numerous gang and crime issues, and quite frankly, I have heard some really alarming things in the previous years of monitoring it. My readers who have been on this blog for a long time can attest to that. I also cover it so that residents can keep up with what is going on in their community. With all of that said, I will no longer delay supplying what goes on today. Here's crime.

2:56pm - Disturbance. 1839 N Richmond. At the Yates school. Unhappy parent, something happened to their child.

3:01pm - The offender from the Yates school disturbance is calling now.

3:08pm - Beat 1420 needs a relief set up for Beat car 1434 over at the Speedboat in Humboldt Park. Beat 1405 is headed over to do that.

3:17pm - Beat car 1423 has a traffic stop at LeMoyne and Talman.

3:36pm - Beat car 1421 is coding out Yates as a 19P.

3:39pm - Request for a supervisor over at Yates now. They're unhappy with CPD.

4:00pm - 1423 has an unavoidable traffic stop at Troy and North Ave.

4:03pm - Burglary report. 19XX N Leavitt.

4:04pm - Beat car 1431 is on a street stop at Milwaukee and Western.

4:05pm - Burglary in progress. 18XX N Drake. Details to follow...

4:08pm - A slow down is being given on the 4:05pm job per Beat car 1422.

4:34pm - Assault. 32XX W Potomac. Two males walking by with pit bulls were walking by and barked at the caller's dog, and when the caller said something, these two guys came back and threatened them.

4:50pm - I have to go until 10. I'll be back then. Have a good afternoon and start to your afternoon, everyone!

10:00pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

10:02pm - Gang disturbance. Albany and Bloomingdale. Group on the corner flashing signs.

10:10pm - The 10:02pm group is at Wabansia and Albany now.

10:20pm - Beat 1206Nora has a on-view gang fight at 2734 W Division. They're okay so far.

10:21pm - 10-1. California and Division. Officers need assistance.

10:22pm - 1206N is at California/Division and there is NO 10-1. They're okay.

10:25pm - 1400X needs a Tac car at 2750 W. Division, in the alley. He's got people drinking in the alley and they need to go to jail. Beat 1463David is being assigned there.

10:26pm - 1) Beat 1463Adam is going over to Division also. 2) Beat 1463Boy needs a transport car at LeMoyne and St. Louis. They're taking two in. Beat 1442 is being selected to go over.

10:33pm - Burglar alarm. 27XX W Hirsch.

10:34pm - 1463A is clearing out all the motorcycles from over there.

10:36pm - Beat car 1434Robert needs to relieve 1405 at the Speedboat.

10:37pm - 1463A is giving thanks to all of the officers who assisted them at California and Crystal.

10:39pm - 1463A is on Fairfield with five on the hood. We don't know his exact location.

10:45pm - Battery in progress. 14XX N Fairfield. Gangbangers fighting, drinking, etc.

10:46pm - 1463A's stop is at the 10:45pm address, they've got about 20 people on the street but still have the five on the hood. They're okay.

10:47pm - 1463A thanks all of the responding units on Fairfield. 19P.

10:49pm - 1) 1463D is dispersing five for gang and narcotics loitering at 32XX W Wabansia. Console time is 22:49 and the event number is 18165. 2) 1400X needs a First Watch car to do security at the field house. That unit starts at 23:00 (11pm), so they'll be there soon.

10:57pm - Person w/ a gun. California/Division. Four male Hispanics in a black Ford Windstar with a plate of P179456 that was headed west on Division towards Mozart have guns in the vehicle.

11:01pm - Beat 1460 needs a Tac car over by the Command Post. 1463A is being assigned.

11:07pm - Criminal damage in progress. 35XX W Cortland. Large group of people are on the unfinished roof, tagging. They're also smoking and drinking.

11:08pm - 1400X is asking if Beat 1400, 14th District Commander, and 1460, are on their way into 14 yet. They are.

11:09pm - Disturbance. 16XX N Maplewood. 15 to 20 teens in front are drinking and blasting music from vehicles.

11:11pm - Suspicious person. Maple Playlot (2044 N. Sawyer). Grown male is hanging out on the swingset. Maybe he's still a kid at heart LOL....

11:14pm - Fireworks. 19XX N Kedzie. Neighbors shooting off fireworks in the backyard.

11:17pm - Beat car 1432R has a car with a plate of R502709 at north humboldt.

11:19pm - 1432R's plate is coming back clear and valid. No wants or warrants.

11:22pm - 1432R is clear from the stop. They're headed to the 11:09pm job now.

11:36pm - Barking dog. 20XX W Homer.

11:52pm - 1) Beat 1480 and his team are released from the PR Fest detail. They're back in Wicker Park. 2) Disturbance. 16XX N Francisco. Someone's hammering on something at this time of night.

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Jose said...

The police at the Fest weren't paying much attention to the trouble. They were mostly looking at hot Puerto Rican girls in T-shirts. Trolling for dates.