Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2-Car Accident @ Willow/Damen, Person Assaulted By CPD @ Kimball/Cortland

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:56am. I'm monitoring 14 today from now until 11:37am, then I'll cover Zone F (Logan Blvd. to Palmer, Sacramento to Rockwell) until 4:50 and then again from 10 to midnight. From 4:50 to 10, I'll cover 14 once again. I want to let all of you know that we are supposed to have inclement weather today in the form of very large hail, destructive winds, flooding and possibly even strong tornadoes, so be on the lookout for the weather today. I'll be keeping an eye on it. Tomorrow and this weekend, I will be covering the Puerto Rican Festival in Humboldt Park. I don't do this to be negative, but I do this to keep people safe and inform them of whatever happens at the festival. All too often at the PR Fest, as I've heard from monitoring it the last couple of years, violence breaks out all too frequently. What is meant for celebration often gets turned into chaos there. With that said, during my time covering the Festival, I will be covering Zones C, D, E, G, P, Q and the designated PR Fest Zone, S. For those of you who want to see reports on the PR Fest south of Division, please go over to my other blog. I will be covering Beats 1211 and 1212 on there. My coverage for tomorrow will begin at 2pm. With that, here's crime for today. 

10:12am - Traffic accident. Willow and Damen. Property damage only, two cars.

10:27am - Request for a supervisor. Kimball and Cortland. Caller says they were assaulted by three police officers.

10:30am - Beat car 1434 needs an RD number from the accident. It's HW315119 with the event number of 04988.

10:40am - EMS run.  2720 W North Ave. Man down.

10:41am - Beat 1420 is asking for a call back at the supervisor request call.

10:46am - Residential alarm. 21XX N Stave.

11:37am - Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave for the day. I'm so sorry, guys. I've decided not to finish the monitoring of Zone F, and any monitoring I have not done of 14 will be done on June 26th. I'll see you all at 2pm tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone, and be safe.


Anonymous said...

Your reporting of the Puerto Rican day festivities will give readers the wrong idea. I'm sure the Irish parade is just as violent. Do you monitor that festival? If you do, I suspect you censor it.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Are you talking about the Irish parade that happens Downtown each year, or the one that used to happen on the south side? If you're talking about the Downtown one, I had mid-terms at that time and a full course load in school, so I had no time to monitor it. Actually, from January to May, I didn't monitor much at all in general. This is not an excuse, this is just what happen.

As I said in this post, I'm not trying to shed a negative light on what happens at the PR Fest. I know it's meant for celebration, and as someone who has a Puerto Rican cousin, I strongly encourage it. But, with that said, every year at the festival in Humboldt Park, there's more violence that occurs than celebration, unfortunately. I've been listening to it for the last two or three years now and it's the same every year. Believe me, I would love for everyone to have a good time down there, but I do have people who want to know the truth about crime in their neighborhood, and even with this festival going on, I will give it to them. But, if things go really well tonight there, then I won't monitor it this weekend. But only time will tell.

Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Those ignorant comments are coming from people that have not attended the PR festivities at Humboldt Park. I'm Puerto Rican and I don't even feel safe attending them anymore. I have dodged bullets and witnessed horrific accidents in the past years. I appreciate your coverage Timmy.

Anonymous said...

Its mostly a gangbanger fest in the park. They're walking everywhere flashing their gang hand signs. Far too many for the police to handle.