Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Post-Blackhawk's Game Issues @ North Ave./Damen/Milwaukee Ave., Big Accident @ Western/North Ave.

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It most likely looks like I'm going to monitor 14 today, as I only have heard back from one person on what should be monitored today. But it's not too late for you guys to give me your opinions. You have until 5am this morning to get back to me either here, the Facebook page, or on my crime blog e-mail address. Any feedback received after 5am will be considered for Thursday's open monitoring day that I'm going to do. I really hope to hear from as many people as possible. Also, I have a poll on the right of this page that I need as many of you as possible to participate in. As promised in March, I'm doing another readership analysis, as I want to see what areas need more monitoring. This poll closes on July 2nd, so be sure to participate before then. Thank you, and with that, here's crime for today.

12:02am - Per Beat 1400XRay, all Afternoons late cars are to remain at their posts until further notice over at North Ave./Damen/Milwaukee Ave. Presently, only about two or three cars in 14 are NOT at this detail. All other units are.

12:03am - 1400X wants Car 5 to start having officers push the crowds onto the sidewalk from the street.

12:04am - Car 5 is saying that the crowds are dispersing onto the sidewalk as ordered.

12:28am - Traffic accident. Western and North Ave. Dozen calls on it, EMS is on scene. Injuries. Calls are nearly 45 minutes old.

12:29am - Beat car 1414Robert is getting a few 10 sector calls. They're real old.

12:45am - Battery in progress. 1658 N Milwaukee Ave. Some kind of skirmish, a guy's bleeding. EMS is on the way.

12:47am - 1) Shots Fired. 18XX N Humboldt. Six shots heard. 2) Shots Fired. Wabansia and Whipple.

12:53am - 1400X needs more cars right away at North Ave./Damen/Milwaukee Ave.

12:54am - A slow down is being given on 1400X's call for help. Beat 1410Robert is there with him and everything's okay.

12:55am - A disregard is being given at 1400X's thing. He says this is probably going to go on all night. Also, Beat 1441 is duping out the 12:45am call to EMS.

1:08am - 1400X is releasing all cars, except from Beat 1462 and his team, along with a couple of other cars, from the North Ave./Damen/Milwaukee detail. He’s thanking everyone, including Dispatch, for a job well done.

1:10am - Since everything's pretty much cleared up with this Blackhawks detail thing, and not much else is happening, I'm logging off for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!

7:41am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone. Looks like I'm monitoring 14 today.

7:54am - 1) Traffic accident. Kimball and Belmont. CTA bus #6746 VS a car, no injuries. 2) Disturbance. 34XX W Parker. Two males sleeping in the rear of the vacant building.

8:21am - Disturbance. 17XX N Washtenaw. Irate male yelling at the operator of the garbage truck in the alley, the guy's mad because he's not being allowed through the alley until the truck is done collecting garbage.

8:24am - Parker. 21XX W Charleston. Black handicap car blocking the parking space.

8:36am - 1) Person w/ a gun. 19XX N Wolcott. Male White, 5'9, bulky white clothing and a hat robbed the caller. He had a gun. 2) Beat 5750 wants a Tac unit to meet him at the corner of Wabansia and Mozart. Beat 1465Charlie is coming over.

8:39am - Beat car 1434 is on scene at the Wolcott robbery. Taken was a cell phone, wallet and $20. The offender was indeed armed, and he has on a lapcoat. Beats 1406Adam and 1465Adam are on the way to assist 1434.

9:22am - I missed a call. Sorry, guys.

9:25am - Parker. 23XX W Wabansia.

9:56pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone. And to those who are wondering where the rest of the calls are from this morning, that's what I'm working on now :). I had to go out earlier. The calls will be up sometime tomorrow.

10:38pm - Think I missed a call in the area.

11:36pm - Shots Fired. 16XX N Francisco. Several gunshots heard.

11:37pm - Explosion. wabansia califorina. Very loud explosion heard in the area, possible gunshots.

11:38pm - 1) Explosion. 16XX N Francisco. 2) Shots Fired. wabansia albany. 3) Shots Fired. 16XX N Mozart. 4) Shots Fired. 17XX N Francisco.

11:39pm - Multiple, multiple calls on this "Shots Fired"/Explosion ordeal. I hope everyone's okay over there....

11:40pm - Fireworks. 16XX N Francisco.

11:41pm - A slow down is being given on all of these "Shots Fired", fireworks and explosion calls per Beat car 1421Robert. For now, they're just fireworks.

11:57pm - Check the well being. logan kedzie.

11:59pm - Some call in the area.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning. Have a good night, everyone!


Shane McQue said...

Well at least in the poor sections of Chicago it will be quiet. They don't follow hockey.

Anonymous said...

That is a really ignorant comment Shane... anyway, would really appreciate more monitoring of 25... As a long time reader, I miss reading about the actual neighborhood that you and I both live in.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 7:55a- We all want more monitoring of 25 on this blog. Home Sweet Home.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I agree anonymous 7:55, that was in fact an ignorant comment of Shane to make. And, personally, I want to monitor 25 on a regular basis again, but I also have to meet readership demands and it seems to me most people want to hear 14, or at least how it was for a while.

Anonymous 10:03, I'd just like to know who "we all" are? I'm not trying to sound sarcastic whatsoever, I just haven't had any kind of feedback from readers lately whatsoever so to be honest, I'm not sure what anyone wants anymore.

To everyone: I will be making a post within the next couple of days, addressing some things pertaining to this blog. Honestly, I'm a bit concerned and disappointed to see readership dropping so sharply. When I do make the post, I really would like for as many people as possible to read and give some kind of feedback.

Carrie said...

I live in 14 and appreciate the coverage. I have friends in 25 who follow you as well. We have discussed in the past how helpful and informative your blog is. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

FYI, the Blackhawks parade is estimated to be much bigger than last time. That one was in the millions. Mary LaNette, it time to come check it out and P-A-R-T-Y like it's 1999 baby.

Anonymous said...

I agree anonymous 7:55, that was in fact an ignorant comment of Shane to make.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 10:52:00 AM CDT

no, it was an accurate comment, based firmly in reality.

the only reason any west or south siders were present in Wrigleyville during the game and celebrations afterward, was the same reason they're ever in Wrigleyville, to mug yuppies.

Mary LaNett said...

Its terrible, they're going to take away our garden at Monticello and Milwaukee. Its been fenced off. It was bad enough when the homeless were there to steal our vegetables. But down the city is taking it away. Just to build another school? I thought the city was closing down schools?