Wednesday, June 19, 2013


News Agency: ABC 7 - Story Here

Law Enforcement Agency: Chicago

Police Unit / District Assigned: 017

Detective Division: CPD Detective Area North - Special Victim's Unit, Violent Crimes Unit

Crime Type: Serious Index Crime - Kidnap Attempt, Victim under 16 years old. Attempted Child Luring.

UCR Offense Code: 1792 - Lure or Attempt, Child under 16

RD# Not Available

EVENT# Not Available

Incident Location: 303 - Sidewalk / 304 - Street

Incident Address: 3900 block Argyle

Offender Description / Offender M.O.: 

Offender is described as a white or white Hispanic male in his 50's, black hair combed straight back, chubby face, and wearing a white button down shirt.

The male offender in a white vehicle with rust on the bottom of the passenger door, and a spoiler, pulled along side the female victim under 12 years of age who was out walking her dog at the time of the offense.

The offender rolled down the window, waved his hand towards the girl and yelled "Hey, hey you, come here." The victim ran.The offender drove off in his vehicle at a high rate of speed.

Safety Strategy Advisory:

Parents need to be aware of where their children are at at all times, children and families should have an open dialogue with each other about personal safety awareness / strategies / how to deal with emergencies involving attempts at luring, kidnapping, or violence. Children and Parents should always have ready communication with each other via cell phone and a network of teachers, neighbors, and other trusted adults and childhood friends in the community. Parents, older teens, and teachers / school administrators need to check the sex offender and violent crimes against youth registries on a regular basis. Children and parents should work together to vary the times and routes the child takes to school, friends' houses, and other places often visited by children...ALWAYS know HOW, WHEN, and WHY to use each route and timing variance, know how long it takes to use each, and the various forms of public transit in each area of the route.

If an offender successfully grabs you, let the offender have the property or article of clothing, even if it means the clothing tears away....the property goes one way and you go another! The advantage is that YOU get away with your life and your safety intact. YOUR LIFE CANNOT BE REPLACED, your property CAN. KIDS: fight and leave marks on the offender if he/she makes physical contact with you. Scream and get loud, do everything to call attention to the situation. Forget about your backpack once you are able to run! DROP the backpack, it only slows you down and allows the offender to catch up with you. Your school books and everything in that backpack can be replaced, YOU CANNOT REPLACED!! Where do you run? Go to the closest store, restaurant, coffee shop, school, firehouse, hospital, police station, closest trusted friend or neighbor, run home if you are close enough to make it there. These are all safe places where a child can get help in a situation like this.

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