Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Attempted Criminal Sexual Assault Alert - 017 / CPD Detective Area North


Reporting News Agency: ABC 7 - News Article Here

Law Enforcement Agency: Chicago

Unit / District Assigned: 017

Detective Division: CPD Detective North, Sex Crimes Unit / Violent Crimes Unit

Crime Type: Attempt. Crim. Sex Assault / Attempt. Aggravated Sex Assault

UCR Offense Code: 0275 - Criminal Sexual Assault - Attempt Aggravated / Other, 0265 - Criminal Sexual Assault, Attempt - Victim Receives Bodily Harm.

RD#: Not available

Event# Not available

Incident Location Code: 292 - Government Building / Property

Incident Address: 4600-block West Agatite (Small, Triangular Park)

Offender Description / Offender M.O.:

The offender is a male Hispanic or dark skinned Caucasian, 5'9 to 5'11, 140 to 160 lbs, short black hair wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt. The offender attacked the adult female victim in a Chicago Public Park / Public Park Walkway by placing his hands on her neck, and pushed her down.

The offender tried to take off the woman's clothes. When she screamed, he punched her in the face, and she ran away.

Anyone with information should call the Cook County Crimestoppers, Chicago Police Detective North Sex Crimes / Violent Crimes Unit, or 911.

What YOU can do to stay safe: Walk with friends or family members in a group, let your family know your daily schedule and routines and check in with them often, Pre-plan your routes to work and / or school - let your family know that route and how long it takes to use those routes in each direction. Vary your routes and personal schedule to throw - off any possible would-be offenders....do NOT use the same route / schedule twice in a week. Be aware and alert to what is happening in and around your environment. Report suspicious activity to police.

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Hector Garcia said...

You need to carry a box cutter or knife. Fight back, don't let them take your pride.