Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zone Areas For Monitoring

Hello, everyone. Today I am officially implementing the new Zones for the monitoring of crime in our neighborhood that I have been talking about for the last few weeks. I made these Zones according to readership demand, which was the main reason for the poll I had you guys take last month. Zones A, D and F through I will be considered "priority" Zones until mid-June, which means I will be doing most of my monitoring for these areas. ALL Zones will be covered individually at least once every two weeks, and at least two or three Zones at a time will be covered at least once every week. For example, I may monitor Zones A, B and N at the same time on one day, while Zone C might be covered individually on a particular day. However, I do reserve the right to monitor another particular area should a major call/emergency occur (i.e. Shots Fired, a large fight, etc.) when I receive word of it either via the radio or if I see it occur. I hope that by breaking up my monitoring sequence for sections of the neighborhood, I can gain more readers in areas not previously covered all that much, and that it will help current readers to have a more localized insight on crime in their area. I welcome all questions, comments and concerns regarding this new plan. Any petitions/appeals to change boundaries and borders for any one of these Zones will be taken into consideration as long as two or more residents share the same concern, and I will especially take the consideration seriously if I notice high crime trends in a particular area. Once again, I plan on making changes to these Zones by mid-June (between June 17th and 21st-ish), and all new changes should be implemented by July 1st. Another poll and process will occur towards the end of September into October.

Zone A - Armitage to North Ave., Damen to the Chicago River
Zone B - Palmer to Bloomingdale, Leavitt to Wood
Zone C - Palmer to Bloomingdale, Rockwell to Leavitt
Zone D - Armitage to North Ave., California to Damen
Zone E - Palmer to Bloomingdale, Humboldt to Rockwell
Zone F - Wellington to Palmer, Sacramento to Rockwell
Zone G - Armitage to North Ave., Kimball to Humboldt
Zone H - Palmer to Armitage (Keeler to Pulaski)/Bloomingdale (Pulaski to Hamlin), Keeler (Palmer to Armitage)/Pulaski (Armitage to Bloomingdale) to Hamlin
Zone I - Addison to Belmont, Kimball to the Chicago River
Zone J - Addison to Belmont, Pulaski to Kimball
Zone K - Belmont to Fullerton (Kilbourn to Keeler)/Palmer (Keeler to Central Park), Kilbourn (Belmont to Fullerton)/Keeler (Fullerton to Palmer) to Central Park
Zone L - Belmont to Palmer, Central Park to Sacramento
Zone M - Wellington (Rockwell to the Chicago River)/Chicago River to Palmer, Rockwell to the Chicago River (to Leavitt)/Leavitt (the Chicago River to Palmer)
Zone N - The Chicago River to Palmer (Leavitt to Wood)/Armitage (Wood to the Chicago River), Leavitt (the Chicago River to Palmer)/Wood (Palmer to Armitage) to the Chicago River
Zone O - Belmont to Wellington, Sacramento to the Chicago River
Zone P - Bloomingdale to North Ave., Humboldt to California
Zone Q - Palmer to Armitage (Kimball to Sacramento)/North Ave. (Central Park to Kimball), Central Park to Kimball (North Ave. to Armitage)/Sacramento (Armitage to Palmer)
Zone R - Palmer (Hamlin to Central Park)/Bloomingdale (Pulaski to Hamlin) to North Ave., Pulaski (North Ave. to Bloomingdale)/Hamlin (Bloomingdale to Palmer) to Central Park
**Zone S - North to Division, Homan to Western (**will be covered during the Puerto Rican Festival weekend ONLY in mid-June.)

A couple of other things should be noted as well.

  1. Zones H, K and R are in the 25th District. Zones I and J are in the 17th District. Zones A through G, L through Q, and S are all in the 14th District.
  2. Zone G will be the very first Zone to go online, today, and Zone H will follow on March 26th.
  3. The smallest Zones, O and P, WILL be monitored with other surrounding Zones.
  4. The most southern Zones, D, G, P, Q and R will be most likely monitored on the warmer days.
Here is the link for the map (on Google Maps) of these Zones, to give all of you a better idea of which Zones are where and which Zone you are in:

I expect this to be a great experiment/project, and I welcome input from everyone.


Anonymous said...

an excellent means to help you to avoid the perils of feeling that you don't fit into the world of common humanity.

as the saying goes: 'in a world of the insane, the sane man is always considered crazy.'

Lester Gillis said...

Those cops working those zones just are out for numbers. They only want contact cards, not arrests. Smoke and mirrors.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Lester, these are NOT Zones set up by the CPD whatsoever. These Zones were set up by me, for monitoring and readership purposes. There are no extra patrols in these area. Though, CPD might add some patrols in our area before summer. We'll see. But next time, please reread before you comment.

Anonymous, thanks.

Lester Gillis said...

Uh, then why do I hear on my scanner these sgts. coming on the air saying they are in the zone and have Violence reduction cars 4562a, 4562b and c. they be covering zone G in 025 ArmifTage to Fulleton, Lockwood to Long.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you monitor the 16th district? All the gang trash from 14 and 25 are m
oving in there now.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Lester, yes, they have those Violence Reduction cars and Zones, but their Zones are numbered (i.e. I've heard Zone 17 from Wabansia to Potomac, Parkside to Lavergne), mine's are lettered. And, their Zones are based mostly in 25, mine are mostly based in 14. Lastly, their Zones are based on crime patterns and rates, mine's are based off readership demands and giving people more localized crime reports.

Anonymous 2:41, a couple of reasons why: 1) I don't live in 16, 2) 16 doesn't have the crime rate 14 and 25 has, 3) 16 doesn't cover the Avondale and Logan Square neighborhoods whatsoever. The only areas in 16 I have any concern about whatsoever is along Narragansett from Belmont to Montrose, as that's my route to my college (my college sits at Montrose and Narragansett), and at Melrose and LeClaire, where I go to church at. Otherwise, I really don't care what happens in 16, to be completely honest. I'm more concerned with 14, 17 and 25.