Saturday, March 23, 2013

Skirmish At V-Live Breaks Out, Focus Mission On Bts. 1421 And 1422 (Zone G)

Good morning, everyone, it's 2:45am. It's a clear overnight with temps in the lower 30s, and today will get to around 40 with sunshine. I'm monitoring 14 in general for right now, for a little while, then I plan on coming back at 7:58am with Zone G (Armitage to North Ave., Kimball to Humboldt) until 1:14pm. At 1:14, until 6:21, I'm going to once again cover 14 in general. Then I will cover 14 in general again for one last time from 8:10 to 8:25. After 8:25, until midnight, I will cover Zone G again. Anyway, I'm on Spring Break from class this coming week, so I have some time to myself, and I'll be able to blog just about daily, if not daily. Finally, I will be flyering the Zone G area this morning. Here's crime for today.

2:46am - Beat car 1431Robert has some kind of on-view at the V-Live, 2047 N Milwaukee. Whatever it is, he needs more cars. LOTS of yelling and screaming going on in his background. Beat cars 1432R, 1433R, 1434R are being asked to go. Also, Beat car 1421R is going, along with Beats 1480 and 1481Adam.

2:47am - It's really getting out of hand at V-Live. Units are being asked to step it up going.

2:48am - 1480 is giving a slow down at V-Live. The skirmish is calming down.

3:20am - I'm going back to sleep. Have a good overnight, everyone, and I'll be back in the morning.

9:34am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone. Sorry I'm late. I'm monitoring Zone G from now until 1:14. I'll monitor the Zone G area from 7:58 to 9:34 tomorrow morning. I've pushed back my flyering of the Zone G area until early this afternoon.

10:40am - Beat 1461David is doing a focus mission on 1421's and 1422's Beats. Event number is 05748.

10:53am - 1461D is dispersing three for gang loitering at 32XX W Wabansia. Console time is 10:53 and the event number is 05925.

12:14pm - Disturbance. 1900 N Sawyer. At the group home. Abusive staff member.

1:14pm - My coverage of Zone G is now concluded, until 8:25. I'm now listening to all of 14 until 6:21.

1:16pm - Parker. 17XX N Wolcott. Car with a plate of 585932 is blocking the alley.

1:17pm - Parker. 1800 block of N Wolcott. Black car violating the permit parking.

1:38pm - Burglar alarm. 32XX W Wabansia.

1:41pm - Reckless driver. North and Kedzie. Car headed towards Wabansia on Kedzie is speeding at a high rate.

1:55pm - Traffic accident. 2310 W Logan Blvd.

2:11pm - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3030 W Fullerton. At the Logan Square Library. 48 year old man was feeling suicidal, EMS took her to Norwegian though already.

2:58pm - EMS run. Damen/Milwaukee Ave./North Ave. Man down on the ground, unable to get up.

2:59pm - Beat 1461Charlie has a street stop at 2925 W Armitage.

3:01pm - 1461C is taking two into 14 from their stop.

3:10pm - Beat car 1431 is doing a park check at Haas.

3:20pm - Burglar alarm. 36XX W Wolfram.

3:27pm - Disturbance. 18XX N Campbell. Group of five males sitting on the porch, they don't belong there and they keep passing around a small bag.

3:32pm - Vice complaint. On 1421's Beat.

3:34pm - Beat 1402, 14th District Desk, is pulling an RD number for a type A accident at 2800 N Milwaukee Ave. It's HW203965 with the event number is 09974.

3:58pm - Beat car 1421 has a traffic stop at North and Troy.

4:08pm - Commercial alarm. 3350 W Diversey. At the Bank of America. Walk-up ATM motion.

4:09pm - Commercial alarm. 2211 N Elston.

4:10pm - Burglar alarm. 30XX W Palmer.

4:16pm - Traffic accident. St. Louis and Diversey. Hit-and-run, three cars involved.

4:26pm - Found property. 28XX N Talman. Caller found a wallet.

4:27pm - 1) 1421 has a street stop at 18XX N Drake. They're doing two contact cards. 2) Animal abuse. 19XX N Whipple. They're beating up an animal at this location. Aww :(.

4:33pm - Beat car 1413 has a street stop at Palmer and Lawndale.

4:51pm - Beat car 1411 is at the 4:26pm job, running that victim's name.

4:53pm - 1411's person lives on Davlin in the 3000 block, according to Dispatch.

4:55pm - 1411 is relocating to the Davlin address to give the victim back her stuff.

4:58pm - Panic alarm. 2138 N Milwaukee Ave. At the EZ pawn shop.

5:01pm - Narcotics. On 1412's Beat. Selling.

5:09pm - Commercial alarm. 18XX W Webster.

5:29pm - 1) Beat car 1422 is on a street stop at 18XX N Fransisco. 2) Narcotics. On 1422's Beat. Selling.

5:40pm - Traffic accident. 19XX N Humboldt. Flash Cab #5992 hit a parked sliver Nissan.

5:46pm - Battery in progress. Kedzie and Diversey. 20 people fighting.

5:48pm - A slow down is being given on the 5:46pm job. 1413 is on scene and doesn't see anyone.

5:55pm - The 5:46pm job is a 19Boy.

5:59pm - 1) Commercial alarm. 3260 W Fullerton. At the Social Security office. SW employee office entry motion. 2) Disturbance. 29XX W Belden. Group of males chasing a second group of males. They're headed towards Fransisco.

6:00pm - Parker. 35XX W Diversey. Red Chevy Impala parked at the CTA bus stop.

6:08pm - An RD number is being pulled from the 5:40pm job. It's HW204147 with the event number of 11998.

6:21pm - I'm going to go until 8:10. I'll be back then. Have a great start to your evening, everyone!

8:10pm - I'm back, with 14, until 8:25. Good evening, everyone.

8:11pm - Beat 4564Boy has an on-view accident at McLean and Western involving a taxi. The driver is hurt. EMS needed.

8:12pm - Dispatch is getting Western and Armitage on that accident, multiple calls are coming in.

8:17pm - Beat car 1432 is assigned to the accident.

8:25pm - I'm still listening to 14, but will now be covering only Zone G again (Armitage to North Ave., Kimball to Humboldt), until midnight.

8:58pm - Beat car 1422 is doing a gang suppression mission on their Beat, per Beat 1420.

9:57pm - Hold the phone on that coverage for a moment. We've got a foot chase over in Zone Q (still in 14), at Dickens and Kimball. Beat 1465Adam is in pursuit of a male who's running west on Dickens towards St. Louis.

9:58pm - He's in between 3402 and 3410 on Dickens.

9:59pm - The offender is a male Hispanic, about 5'8, with a black hat and black jacket.

10:00pm - Beat car 1412 says he's hiding in one of the yards. Not sure what he's wanted for yet.

10:01pm - This might be possibly related to an auto theft call that was called in a little bit ago on the 2100 block of N Spaulding.

10:03pm - Beat car 1422Robert has a possible at 3418 W Dickens.

10:07pm - I'm assuming everything's okay on Dickens, so back to just Zone G coverage.

10:10pm - The got the guy. It's a positive per 1465A. Witnesses say that they saw the guy break the car window of the car that was stolen.

10:21pm - Burglar alarm. 3245 W Armitage. At St. Augustine's College.

11:03pm - Hold the phone, again. Beat car 1413R has a potential traffic pursuit beginning. Kimball and Medill. Red car with a plate of R786909 just blew the red light at Fullerton and Central Park, and is now at Kimball/Medill, headed south on Kimball towards Belden.

11:04pm - West on Palmer from St. Louis. What's with 1413's Beat tonight? Everything's happening there. This is in my Zone Q, again.

11:05pm - 1413R is not in pursuit of the vehicle and has actually lost it. They're advising Dispatch to let 25 know about the car, as it's probably crossed Central Park.

11:06pm - Back to just my Zone G coverage, once again.

11:12pm - Open door. 16XX N Spaulding. Abandoned building.

11:42pm - Not in the Zone G area, but Beat 1402 is giving out a flash for a missing that went missing from the 2600 block of W. Homer, over on my Zone D area (Beat 1434). Missing is a female Hispanic named Carmen Garcia, 75 years old, 5'2, 160 lbs, medium build, gray short hair, brown eyes and she's light complected. She was last seen wearing a brown t-shirt with a light green blouse, pink sweater, pink sweatpants, gray/green-striped tennis shoes. She suffers from Alzheimer, high blood pressure and diabetes. She's from Los Angeles and doesn't know her way around Chicago, flew in from O'Hare Airport yesterday. Officers are advised that if they see her, they need to bring her to 14.

12:00am - I'm going to go for the night. I'll be back in the morning at 7:58am with more of Zone G coverage. Have a good night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Ever notice its never yuppies as offenders. Is it some kind of cultural thing with minorities to act in such reckless behavior?

Anonymous said...

It's not a cultural thing. They have no parental guidance. When parents don't care, kids don't care.