Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lack Of Posts This Week/Crime For March 16, 2013

Hello, everyone. I just wanted to once again apologize for my clear lacking of posting this past week and yesterday, but I've been really busy with mid-terms in school (and I'm not doing too good anyway in school right now) and when I did monitor at times, I didn't hear really anything.

I monitored pretty much the whole morning and afternoon yesterday (on Saturday), and only heard the following:
  1. Around 10:45am, some 4500 unit told Dispatch that they were doing a combined mission with the 14th District from Armitage to Fullerton, Central Park to Pulaski.
  2. I didn't monitor between 2pm and 3:15pm.
  3. Around 3:30pm, Beat car 2535 was on a disturbance at the Copernicus Center, 3160 N. Milwaukee Ave., and requested the Wagon, Beat 2573, to assist them with a drunk who refused to get up off the ground and leave.
  4. Between 5:30pm and 7:30pm, there were two jobs in the area. One was a burglar alarm on 2524's Beat, and another one was a parker on 2525's Beat.
  5. Shots were allegedly fired around 8:15pm on the 2400 block of N Springfield. Not sure what happened with this.
Once again, I do apologize for my lack of posts this week, and this month in general. School is killing me right now. After this coming Thursday, I'll be able to post regularly (daily, pretty much) for the rest of the month going into April. I hope everyone has been well and is having a fantastic weekend!

P.S. My new blog plan will be implemented this Thursday, so be on the lookout for that!

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Lester Gillis said...

I've noticed many police cars up and down Fullerton knocking down folks walking down the street. Is this some kind of new police tactic?