Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two Teens Play With Gun On Hamlin, Female Steals From CTA Bus On Kimball

Good morning, everyone, it's 10am. It's a mostly cloudy morning with temps in the mid 30s, and will remain that way. Today, I'm monitoring 17 for all of you good residents North of Belmont. Tomorrow, I will be covering 14 from 9:58am to 11:21, then 25 from 11:21 to 1:20pm. At 1:20, I will be implementing my coverage of Zones H and R (basically, everything between Palmer and North from Kostner to Central Park in 25). Zone H is a priority area, but it's a bit small to cover by itself, at least for now. I will also be monitoring these two areas on Thursday, and will be flyering the Zone H area then as well. Anyway, I'm on Spring Break from class, as you all might tell. I only have a week off, though. I can't wait to get this semester done and over with in May. My mid-term grades are okay, but could be a lot better. Two Cs, a B and an A is what I got. I'm going to try my best to have those as all As by finals. With that, here's crime for today.

11:44am - Person w/ a gun. 32XX N Hamlin. Two male Hispanic teens, one with a white jacket and the other with a blue jacket and both with blue jeans, are passing around a gun in the alley.

1:36pm - Theft in progress. 3407 N Kimball. Female Black in a brown jacket stole some items then jumped on a CTA bus headed north towards Addison on Kimball.

1:37pm - EMS run. 3440 N Elston.

1:38pm - Beat 1762Adam has a bus stopped up by Waveland and Kimball.

1:39pm - 1762A is saying it's not the bus after all.

5:39pm - Wires down. 3000 block of W Addison. Power lines attached to the pole are dangling, they're not on fire or sparkling. ComEd's been notified.

7:08pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

7:26pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

7:30pm - Parker. On 1732's Beat.

8:00pm - I'm too tired to stay awake, so with that, I'm going to end my coverage of 17 for tonight. I'll pick up from this time period either sometime this week or on Saturday. Have a good night, everyone!

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