Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Man Causing Problems On California, CTA Checks On Blue Line

Good morning, everyone, it's 9:58am. It's a cloudy morning with temps in the mid 30s, and it will remain that way today. I'm monitoring 14 from now until 11:21am, then will switch over to 25 until 1:20pm. At 1:20, I will be limiting my coverage to Zones H and R for the rest of today. These two Zones basically cover 25 from Palmer to North Ave., all points east of Kostner. Zone H is the priority area, but it's a little too small to monitor by itself, at least for now. I will also be flyering the Zone H area tomorrow. Then, I will be doing a special schedule for all three Districts on Good Friday and on Easter, respectively. I will not be monitoring all that much both days because I will be in church and reflecting on my beliefs. With that, here's crime for today.

10:05am - Disturbance. 29XX N California. Man causing a ruckus.

10:32am - Some call in the area.

10:43am - A 14th District unit is doing an "L" check at the Western Blue Line station.

11:00am - Beat 1462Adam asks for two event numbers. One for a CTA check at the Logan Square Blue Line station and the other one for a gang suppression mission on the 10 sector. CTA check is 05059 and the suppression is 05068.

11:08am - Battery. 20XX N Oakley. Caller's husband was hit by the neighbor's son.

11:21am - I'm now switching over to 25 until 1:20. My coverage of 14 is officially concluded for this month.

12:11pm - Narcotics. On the 20 sector in 25.

1:20pm - I'm now only monitoring Zones H and R, until 4. I have a Beat meeting this evening I'm attending then I'm going to my church straight after for a little while.

3:33pm - Parker. On 2535's Beat.

3:54pm - Reckless driver. On 2525's Beat.

3:55pm - Reckless driver. Armitage and Keeler. This is from the 3:54pm parker.

4:00pm - Okay, my coverage for now is done. I plan on being back at 9:30. I'll see you all then. Have a great afternoon, everyone!

9:44pm - I'm back. Good evening, everyone.

10:10pm - Battery in progress. Pulaski and Palmer. Group fighting in a car.

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JP said...

Enjoy your blog. Thank you. Hey, good job with your grades!
Do you mind sharing how you monitor? Scanner? Trunking? Or do you use an App?

Can anyone go to a CAP meeting?