Sunday, January 9, 2011

Male Hitting Female @ Wrightwood and Lowell

Good morning, everyone, it's 12am. It's kind of busy for a cold night, but it is Saturday. A lot of the action, though, is occurring in the worst areas of 25, and in 15. So it's quiet in this area, which is of course good. Anyway, I'll be here most of the day. I'll be monitoring 25 until dinner. Also, this week is another pretty relaxing one for me. I've only got a block club meeting Tuesday, then I have to see the CAPS Organizer in the 25th District on Saturday. Other than that, I'll just be coming home from school and doing what I usually do. I'm resting up for next week, as that will be a very busy week for me. Here's crime for today.

12:22am - Battery in progress. Wrightwood and Lowell. Male Hispanic, heavy set, white jersey, is hitting a female on the corner.

12:23am - I'm going to go. I'll be back in the morning. Goodnight, everyone.

8:00am - I'm back. Good morning, everyone.

8:36am - Check the well being. Pulaski and Palmer. Female was overheard saying she has "choking" pains.

9:43am - Disturbance w/ a mental. 3600 W Armitage. Male Hispanic, 5'10, 215 lbs, black jacket running in and out of traffic.

10:47am - Traffic accident. 3609 W Diversey.

11:35am - Burglar report. 3629 W Dickens.

11:39am - Gang disturbance. Armitage and Pulaski. In the gas station, two of them are harassing people.

12:03pm - Assist the citizen. 4329 W Schubert.

2:33pm - Check the well being. Ken-Well Park. On the METRA tracks, there are two kids sitting on them.

3:01pm - Person w/ a gun. Harding and Wabansia. Male Hispanic with a black fur coat, is standing on the SW corner with a gun.

3:54pm - Parker. 1800 N Harding. Permits.

4:10pm - Parker. 2441 N Monticello.

4:19pm - They're calling back on the 12:03pm job.

4:22pm - Check the well being. 1655 N Monticello. Caller was reporting that a male kept calling her and harassing her when the call-taker heard a man shouting in the background. Then the call-taker was hung up on.

5:28pm - Person wanted. Lowell and Wrightwood. Male Black standing on a porch with a landlord. He's wanted for battery. Probably related to the "battery in progress" that was called in at 12:22 this morning at the intersection.

5:51pm - Person w/ a gun. Fullerton and Central Park. Male Black with a black fur coat has a gun, and he's in the Shell gas station. But there is no gas station, not alone a Shell, at that intersection. But there's one on Fullerton at Pulaski, so maybe it's that one.

6:08pm - Parker. 2035 N Keystone. Permits.

6:46pm - I have to go eat, and with that, I'm gone for the night. See you all tomorrow afternoon. Goodnight.


Rosco said...

All this crime involving guns has to end. What is really needed is a full ban on Handguns and those Assault style rifles. Especially in an urban area, these weapons have no place.

F said...

A ban on guns makes no sense at all. Criminals get their guns illegally. If we aren't allowed to have guns, how can we protect ourselves.

Americanlt said...

All firearms should be banned inside city limits. You can't legally hunt here, so they're unnessary. You hunter types can keep them at your hunting lodge.

SID said...

Good and good, but regardless of what any of you say, the thugs can get any guns they want for a price. (city-wide ban or not)

With the handgun ban lifted, I preserve the right to shoot and kill somebody who breaks into my house, and threatens me regardless of your opinions.

Just don't break into my house, and you will never have to beg for your life. And yes they will die because they come back, and with more friends if they are let go.

You have to understand, these "people" have nothing to do with their lives, and have no values. It's survival between them all. Trust me, nobody will miss them.

Anonymous said...

Americanlt, so how does your proposed ban prevent criminals from obtaining guns?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

F, I agree that the gun ban makes no sense. It won't stop criminals from getting the guns.

sgt. lawler's current book said...

please americanit stick to pissbums.

F said...

Well said, SID.