Monday, January 10, 2011

Burglary In Process On Monticello

Good afternoon, everyone, it's 3:53pm. School was good, but tiring. Sorry I'm a bit late, but had to go to the currency to obtain two bus passes for tomorrow and Saturday. Tomorrow, I'm going on a field trip with my class, but I signed the form "no" for the next two months. Though, tomorrow's trip will be fun, and I'm going. Then, tomorrow evening, I have a block club meeting to attend. Other than that, and a meeting I have to attend on Saturday at the 25th District regarding block clubs, I've got another relaxing week. Which is good, because I'm going to be very, very busy next week. I've got four meetings I have to attend next week. So, with that, here's crime for this late afternoon and evening.

4:19pm - Burglary in progress. 2319 N Monticello. The burglar alarm is going off and the husband is home alone. He's afraid that someone may be in there.

4:30pm - Beat 2530 is giving anyone coming a disregard. It doesn't look like anyone's on scene, but he's going to do a walk-through with the owner.

4:43pm - The call is coded 19PaulHenry.

5:20pm - Parkers at 4149 W Wellington and 1927 N Monticello.

5:54pm - Beat car 2525 has a traffic stop at Hamlin and Shakespeare.

6:20pm - I need to respond to a couple of e-mails, so I'm going to listen to some music while doing that. I'll be back a little later.

7:00pm - I'm back.

9:15pm - Hold-up alarm. 2906 N Pulaski.

9:21pm - A disregard is being given on the 9:15pm job.

9:43pm - Commercial alarm. 3030 N Milwaukee.

9:46pm - I have to go. I'll be back tomorrow from when I get home from school until 3:53pm. See you all then. Goodnight, everyone.


Anonymous said...

anyone know the situation on the 3600 block of eddy or the 3500 block of avondale around 12pm on 1/10.
i was walking to get a paper when a tactical asked me if i saw any black kids around, there was a heavy presence
of police

bobbo said...

Why all the burglaries? There's not much to steal in 025. The crooks should go into 016, where's alot less cops. And the cops there are lazy.

Sgt. Benderski said...

Yep, tear down the projects and scatter the vermin thoughout the Northwest side.

Chris said...

What is a block club?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 12:40, I don't, but can ask around.

Bobbo, I agree with the crooks going into 16. They should.

Chris, a block club is a group of people on one block, or one street, who organize to improve the quality of life on their block/street.

Anonymous said...

I seen the best thing today. I seen a drug dealer beat the shit out of some punk that tried to rob a elderly lady. It happen by Francis and Stave, the punk pulled out a knife to the lady and the dealer went up to him and kicked his ass, I was in the Army and they teach us hand to hand combat and this dealer was young 17 and he knew how to kick someones ass with his own hands. I asked him were did he learn that but hes like dont worry. The lady was fine and thankful he was there, the dealer is still a bad apple but he helped someone when he could of ignore it, I was going to go help her but the dealer beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Timmy Passing an email I recieved in the Yahoo Logan square : hey guys. my friend just called to tell me that her friend was robbed right by the logan/spaulding blue line (on schubert) around 8pm on monday night (i walked from there just a half-hour earlier). she was thrown to the ground and held at knife-point (to her face). in telling other people about it, she found out it happened to someone else the night before around the same area.

so, just passing on the word to be careful, not listen to you ipod, not be checking or talking on your phone, and not staring at your feet (like i do) as you walk around there. apparently the girl was texting and totally unaware of the guys until they were on top of her.

just an fyi. everyone be safe!

Anonymous said...

Anonymus Tuesday, January 11, 2011 6:59:00 PM CST:

The fact that you had to point out he was a drug dealer was totally unnessary. Are you upset that you didn't help out? A good deed is a good deed.

F said...,0,1610691.story

This idiot is from the Avondale neighboorhood.

Lou Whapatio said...

Just goes to show you how stupid gangbangers are. He should have stayed in school. What a dumb#$%^. At least I will sleep well knowing that he will rot in a hole for a long time.