Saturday, January 1, 2011

Crime Highlights Of 2010

All right, folks, I'm here with another post. This one is for the crime highlights of 2010 for this neighborhood.

1) January 1, 2010 from 12:00 to 12:36am - Five incidents of "Shots Fired" occurred on 25's side of Avondale and Logan Square. Three out of five incidents were on 2523's Beat.

2) January 8, 2010 at 8:15pm - Two gunshots fired at George and Springfield followed by someone screaming.

3) January 11, 2010 - Four men, who were member of the Gangster Disciples street gang, fired shots at 3216 N Central Park.

4) January 20, 2010 at 3pm - A group of ASPIRA High School (3121 N. Pulaski Rd.) kids duked it out at Harding/Barry/Springfield.

5) January 22, 2010 at 4:39pm, 5:00, 5:15 and 5:56 - A car was shot up at 2154 N Springfield by someone shooting at 4:39. A group of thugs threw snowballs at cars and people at Belmont and Central Park at 5. At 5:15, Zone 3 forwarded info to Zone 12 that there were 10 thugs trying to pull a guy out of his car and there was one with a black mask over his face who looked like he was trying to pull out a pistol. At 5:56, a call came into 911 for 3625 Belmont regarding four thugs loitering in front. Finally, a reader of mine was harassed by these same thugs.

6) January 25, 2010 at 2:36pm - At Monroe School, 3651 on Schubert, a kid was detained and arrested for having weed on his person.

7) January 29, 2010 at about 11:30pm - Beat 2510Robert told Dispatch that Beat 1462Charlie had on-view Shots Fired at Central Park and Cortland. They gave chase. As the chase was going on, allegedly, a gang member rose his gun to the officers giving chase. And then, on top of it, 1462C had their car rammed into. It sounded very intense over the radio. Two men ended up shot from this. Both suffered gunshot wounds to their legs. One of them was taken to Illinois Masonic while the other was taken to St. Mary's. If I remember correctly, there was a crime scene found towards the end of the block, closer to Lawndale. And, obviously, there was blood. The only good thing to have come out of this incident was that the perps were arrested for it. This shooting was most likely gang related. I remember a cop saying it may have been Cobras who were involved. They may have been in the offenders.

8) January 30, 2010 at about 1am - Large gang fight broke out in the 2600 block of Lawndale, with 15 gunshots reportedly fired.

9) January 31, 2010 at about 2:45am - Three incidents of "Shots Fired" were reported in the community. The first incident was reported at Wrightwood and St. Louis, where 3 shots were heard total. Then, at Kimball and Wrightwood, someone heard two bangs in the area. Finally, four gunshots were heard at Wrightwood and Sawyer.

10) February 3, 2010 at 7:04 and 7:31pm - Several gunshots were fired at Wrightwood and Monticello, with a window being broken out at 3555 on Wrightwood. I had a comment with someone saying that a young male Hispanic ran from Monticello on Wrightwood after the gunshots. He had on either a sliver or a black jacket. He fled towards Lawndale. Then, at 7:31, a call came in for an assault (which was later a battery) at Lawndale and Belden with gangbangers threatening someone from a van, and chased them. At 7:45, CPD said that the Belden/Lawndale incident was related to the incident on Wrightwood. An RD number was pulled at 7:54. Finally, at 8:24, the person called back in to say that they did the same thing to them again.

11) February 4, 2010 at 2:58 and 3:31pm - A three-person gang fight was called at Cortland and Hamlin, which led up to an anonymous 911 caller being concerned for the kids that were leaving Ames for the day. At 3:31, a battery occurred at Monroe school with a 15 yr old getting pushed down a flight of stairs by another student.

12) February 5, 2010 at 6:08pm - Lyndale Foods, located at 3756 W. Lyndale, was held up. The offender was a male Hispanic, 40s, facial hair, a beard which was short and gray colored, black hoodie. He had a dark colored revolver, he took $60-70 and he fled in an unknown direction. He also had a small black plastic bag in which he put the money in. Nothing was touched in the store and there were no working cameras.

13) February 8, 2010 at 6:05 and 6:11pm - Several reports of "Shots Fired" in the 2000 block of N Pulaski came into 911. At 6:06, someone called to say the thugs involved hid their gun in the rear of 2015 on Pulaski. At 6:07, a van was shot at by two male Blacks, one with a black hoodie. The offenders fled down Pulaski towards Cortland. Then, at 6:11, a call for "Shots Fired" came in at Wabansia and Harding. Offenders in a dark brown or black van were shooting at the caller. Finally, at 6:16, 2590 found some shell casings at 2015 Pulaski.

14) February 9, 2010 at 4:15pm - A store at 3723 W Fullerton was held up. Wanted from the robbery on Fullerton was a male White Hispanic who had a sliver automatic handgun. He had on a black skull cap, black leathered coat, blue jeans, yellow boots with earrings in his ears. He was about 5'8 and 180 lbs. He took two wallets from two victims. He fled south on Ridgeway towards Belden. Beat car 2533 drove around the area of Ridgeway and Fullerton, looking for the offender. A neighboring business owner from the robbery said that the guy fled in a gold Dodge Stratus.

15) February 11, 2010 at 2:58 and 4pm - Gunshots were fired at Altgeld and Monticello. Two male teens, one a male Hispanic and one a male Black, fired 6 shots. One was wearing a white hoodie and one was wearing a black coat. At 3:01, Beat 2590 reported that citizens were telling him the two males ran towards Wrightwood, then ran across Wrightwood. They walked down Monticello. At 3:02, a ticket came into 911 for a male Hispanic with a purple hoodie was with the guy in the black coat. They had a gold retriever dog with them. At 3:05, 2590 told Dispatch that there's a group of females who were near Altgeld and Monticello that were acting kind of suspicious as he was pulling up to the job. He thought they may have been with the males. At 3:07, the two offenders were spotted near Monroe School, 3651 W Schubert. At 3:08, the person who called 911 said a black car dropped the two guys off at Monroe. At 3:12, 2590 had two young females stopped at 3636 W Wrightwood. At 3:13, Beat car 2535 said that there was a group of guys who were west of the school. Another had to go check them out since 2535 got stuck in the snow. That other unit has someone stopped somewhere on Ridgeway. At 3:18, a guy in a black coat was spotted sitting in Koz Park right now. Another unit was requested. At 3:45, Beat car 2531 asks another unit who responded to the shots fired what the black car looked like. It was a black car that was kind of jacked up. A guy with a red sweatshirt was in there, and he may have a weapon. 2531 was following the car in traffic at Laramie and Diversey. They were heading north towards Wolfram. Finally, at 4pm, an accidental shooting occurred at Rockwell and Nelson. It was reported that a child and an adult were shot. The kid suffered a graze wound to the head while the adult was shot in the hand. They're both in good condition. The police said it was an accident, and it can be said it was domestic in nature. The father of the kid accidentally discharged his gun and accidentally shot himself and his son. The father was arrested on charges of reckless conduct.

16) February 13, 2010 at 1:16pm - Multiple calls of "Shots Fired" came into 911 at 1814 N Kedzie. 3 to 4 shots were heard. One call had a complainant on it who said a bullet went through the daughter's window. A call also came in for Moffat and Kedzie. At 1:18, a slow down was given for 1814 Kedzie. At 1:19, police said that a white Malibu that fled towards Bloomingdale on Kedzie was possibly involved in the shooting. One of the passengers reportedly had on a blue jacket. At 1:28, shell casings were found. At 1:40, an RD number was been pulled from the shooting. It was HS163625 with the event number of 08417. At 2:06, police said that a Latin King gang member nicknamed Puppet (his real name is David Perez) is possibly wanted for the shooting. A neighbor of the caller at 1814 believed they were the intended target since they and the gangbanger are involved in a domestic with some baby momma drama.

19) February 14, 2010 at 9:43am - Someone was hit in the head with a gun and was bleeding in front of 4123 W Fletcher. At 9:58, it was announced that the 9:43am call was actually a Person Shot job. The victim was shot in the head with a graze wound. He's ok, though. Wanted from this shooting is a male Hispanic named Arnold Perez, 26 yrs old, 5'4, 120 lbs, blue jacket and black sweater. He may have fled in a white Jeep Cherokee. This is a domestic situation. The offender is the ex of the victim's girlfriend. Apparently, he was jealous, because he entered the premise (he had keys) and shot the victim in the head with a semi automatic handgun. Arnold is on parole for Burglary and for possession of a weapon.

20) February 28, 2010 at 11:05pm - A call came into 911 for 20 people fighting and having the street blocked at 1850 N Harding.

21) March 4, 2010 at 7 or 8pm - A report of gunshots being fired at Milwaukee and Drake. Allegedly, 5 shots were fired with 5 Mexican teens hauling down the alleys between Central Park, and Drake. They were wearing black jackets and throwing gang signs. It's unknown if there was any damage to civilians or property.

22) March 9, 2010 at 5:30pm - There was a serious accident on the 2800 block of N Ridgeway, which ended up with two cars ramming into each other, one ending up on the sidewalk. There were a couple of injures and a near fight broke out.

23) March 10, 2010 at 5:57pm - Two reports of "Shots Fired" came into 911. The first one was at 5:57, at the intersection of Diversey and Harding. Three to four shots were heard. Then, at 6pm, there were gunshots fired in an alley on the 2700 block of N Lawndale. Wanted was a male Hispanic, 20-25 yrs old, baseball cap, black hoodie, jeans and running shoes with no socks who jumped out from the bushes and fired several shots at a black Nissan that fled in the south alley of Diversey towards Ridgeway.

24) March 11, 2010 - An attempted kidnapping occurred on the 2700 block of N Central Park. Wanted was a male Black, 25-35 yrs old, 5'9-5'11, black hair, brown short eyes, dark complexion w/ a mustache, 190-210 lbs, earring in left ear, wearing a black coogi jacket, blue jeans (that are faded in the front) and black shoes. He parked his car, got out and attempted to physically drag the 13 yr old victim into his vehicle. The victim was able to get away. The offender's vehicle was a black 4-door unknown make and model with a chrome trim above the lightly tinted windows, and on the bottom of the vehicle.

25) March 19, 2010 at 2:59 and 3:07pm - At 2:59, a call came in at 3811 W Diversey for a melee involving 30 people. They were fighting in the alley. Then, at 3:07, a call came in at Schubert and Avers for 50 males fighting on the corner.

26) March 28, 2010 at 4:20am - On the 2100 block of N. Milwaukee, around this time, there were two men engaged in an argument when a third man stabbed them both. One man was in critical condition after being stabbed in the chest at Illinois Masonic while the other guy was treated and released after being stabbed in the thigh. The offender was taken to Norwegian after receiving a head injury then released and taken into custody.

27) April 1, 2010 at 12:04, 12:05, 12:19, 9:03 and 9:04pm - At 12:04, one ticket of "Shots Fired" came into 911 at Campbell and Belden. At 12:05, someone called 911 to say someone was shot at 2165 N Milwaukee. An officer also had a handwaver at Francis and Stave regarding the person shot. At 12:06, police announced that a 2-door black Hatchback fled down Milwaukee from Palmer, then possibly went up on Campbell to Fullerton. All sorts of different stories were being told. At 12:07, the shooting was bona fide. A man was shot in the arm. At 12:10, witnesses were saying a Jaguar was involved in the shooting, too. The Hatchback had a male Hispanic driver. Officers were saying that there's only one occupant in the vehicle. The street Atrill was also mentioned. At 12:13, a unit had a Hatchback stop at 2126 N Stave. At 12:15, a crime scene was found at 2627 W Francis, at about Bingham and Francis. At 12:19, a call of "Shots Fired" was reported at 3031 N Spaulding. Four to five shot were heard. There was also a call at Wellington and Spaulding, where a group of teens were arguing. At 12:20, it was announced that two vehicles were involved in the shooting on Spaulding. One was a grey Cherokee. Gangbangers were flashing signs in the 2900 block of N Spaulding. A few calls came in for this shooting. At 12:21, a fight was reported at 2100 N Bingham. At 12:30, an RD number was assigned to the Milwaukee shooting. It was HS235616 with the event number of 00076. At 9:03, a call of "Shots Fired" was broadcasted in 14 in the 2000 block of Bingnam. Three shots were heard on the block. This was the same area where the 2165 Milwaukee shooting happened just after midnight. I'm sensing this was retailation from that. At 9:04, two gunshots were heard at Palmer and Campbell. At 9:08, a description of the 9:03 offenders was given. They were two male Hispanics, 16-17 yrs old, short hair, 5'10 and about 130 lbs. One's got on a white t-shirt with black pants. They were in the alley under the "L". They may have been Cobras from the area. At 9:12, police said that the kid who fired the shots on Bingham was named JJ Morgan.

28) April 3, 2010 at 12am - There was a report of a helicopter flying over the eastern end of the 25th District. It turned out to be as a result of a shooting that occurred in the area of Diversey-Hamlin-Palmer-Central Park.

29) April 7, 2010 at 7:30pm - There was a barricade situation on the 2800 block of N Mozart that, fortunately, did end in peace. Police were called to the block at about 7:30 for a "check the well being" call. Someone called, concerned about a male. When police came, the guy didn't come out and he didn't let them in, so they called for assistance. The SWAT team and a negotiator's team arrived on scene. About 10pm, the man surrendered peacefully to CPD. He was taken to a hospital.

30) April 14, 2010 at 3:48 and 4:47pm - At 3:48, a 911 call came in from Ken-Well Park, stating that a teacher was with their students at the park when someone informed them that there were 10 gang members in the park with guns. At 4:01, multiple calls started to come in on Ken-Well. A red SUV was involved. Gangbangers in the vehicle had guns and another group on foot was chasing the van. At 4:24, an update came in, but the dispatcher couldn't disclose over the radio what it was. Then, at 4:47, a gang fight was reported with bricks involved in the 1800 block of N Monticello. At 4:48, the call was upgraded to a "person w/ a gun" call. But it was an off duty PO who had several people on the ground. At 4:49, one call for "Shots Fired" came in for Cortland and Monticello. Gangbangers were shooting. Related to the fight that was being called in nearby. At 4:52, a slow down was being given with that gang fight. No shots fired. At 5:05, a gang disturbance was reported at Wabansia and Central Park, near a church. They were throwing (up) signs and bricks. At 5:08, all of those calls were said to be all related.

31) April 16, 2010 at 7:38pm - Beat car 1413 came over Zone 12 to tell Dispatch wanted for "Shots Fired" at Belden and Drake was a male Hispanic in a light blue hoodie with a sliver chrome handgun who fled west into 25 on Belden, across Central Park.

32) April 23, 2010 at 3:30am - Two women were attacked on the 1800 block of N Damen with baseball bats by a man named Heriberto Viramontes (he was arrested four days later). These two women, both college students (one being an exchange student from Ireland), were walking back to victim #1's home (not the exchange student) when a male Black, 27-34 yrs old, 5'7-5'9, medium complected, wearing a tan or light colored hooded sweatshirt struck them from behind and hit them in the back of the head with a baseball bat. He took off with their purses, and they fell unconscious. Both victims were then rushed to Illinois Masonic Hospital, one being in critical condition and the other being in serious condition.

33) April 29, 2010 at noon - Gunshots were fired at George and Hamlin by a gang member on foot, looking to shoot a rival gang member. I have no other information except that the guy jumped into a gold SUV and took off, and that the police came out in force.

34) April 30, 2010 at 9:35pm - A couple of 911 calls came in regarding a gang fight breaking out in the park at 1814 N Monticello. At 9:36, a call came in for 1807 N Lawndale regarding men fighting in the street. At 9:43, a slow down was given. There were clothes and jerseys laying on the street, though. They were out there at some point. At 9:46, a "person w/ a gun" call came in at 3649 W Cortland. There was a gang fight and a dude in a black shirt had a gun. Then, at 9:47, multiple 911 calls were made for a fight at Cortland and Lawndale, 1831 N Lawndale, 3649 W Cortland, etc. 15 to 20 males out there fighting. Finally, at 9:48, a slow down was given.

35) May 2, 2010 at 4:30am - Two men were shot at Foodsmart, 2901 W. Armitage. Two men in their late 20s were walking through the parking lot of Foodsmart when a gold or brown Conversion minivan stopped at Armitage and Franscisco. Two men in that van shouted gang slogans, then one of them got out and opened fire on the two men. One man, 28, had a gunshot to his abdomen while a 27 yr old was shot in the buttocks. As the shots rang out, witnesses scrambled into the store for cover, along with the victims. The offenders got back into their van and took off. The 27 yr old was taken to Stroger in serious condition and the 28 yr old was taken to Illinois Masonic in good condition.

36) May 3, 2010 at 11am - There was a shooting at George and Avers, with over a dozen gunshots fired. Nothing really was found, though.

37) May 8, 2010 at 2:52pm - Beat 1452 had a handwaver regarding a male Hispanic in a brown hoodie that fired six shots in the air at Western and Armitage. A minute late, at 2:53, multiple 911 calls for "Shots Fired" poured in for Western and Armitage. Shots were coming from a car. At 2:54, police were informed that someone was shot. A man was shot in the McDonalds at 1951 N Western. At 2:56, police said that a purple van was involved, the offender may have on blue jeans, etc. There were a LOT of witnesses to the shooting. Allegedly, the shots were fired at the hot dog stand on the corner. At 2:59, Beat 6750 was about to stop at purple Ford Windstar at Walton and Western. It had a plate of 237938. Five occupants were in the offending vehicle from the shooting, and 6750 says this vehicle had five people in it. At 3:01, a witness told 1432 that a burgundy van was involved. It had got a camper top and a partial plate of A41. At 3:02, Beat 6750David had a purple van at 2349 N Western, stopped. At 3:03, Beat 6750 had the burgundy van at North Ave. and Western. Couple of more cars are needed. At 3:04, 6750 had three on the ground from the stop, but one guy was still in the van and wouldn't come out. Multiple units were en route. At 3:05, a disregard was given at North Ave. and Western. All persons were out of the van. No more units were needed. At 3:07, police informed Dispatch that a unit was needed to guard the crime scene. 1411 was chosen to go. At 3:11, police said that the victim from the shooting was going to St. Mary's Hospital. At 3:21, an RD number was been pulled from the shooting. It was HS297641 with the event number of 10137.

38) May 14, 2010 at 10:20pm - A large gang fight broke out on the 4300 block of W Parker with resulted in multiple 911 calls, and gunshots.

39) May 24, 2010 at 9:15 and 9:38pm - At 9:15, a shooting occurred at the corner of Wabansia and Harding. A young boy was the victim. At 9:38, Two people were shot in their car on the 3600 block of W Schubert. The woman, who is listed in stable condition at Illinois Masonic, was shot in the leg. The man who was shot was treated on scene for a graze wound in the leg. Also, there was a report of gangbangers shooting on the 2600 block of N Lawndale at the same time.

40) May 27, 2010 at 3:15am - A man was shot in the neck on the 2500 block of W Cortland. The man was in the back of his friend's car, with three other people, when two guys came up to the car. The two groups got into it, some thug pulled out a gun and beginned to shoot at the vehicle. The man in the back seat was shot in the neck and was seriously injured. His friend, the driver, drove him to St. Mary's. The victim was then transferred to Stroger.

41) May 28, 2010 at 6:11pm - A call came into 911 at 3759 W Fullerton, stating that a female shot after three gunshots went off. A minute later, a "Shots Fired" ticket came in at 2437 N Ridgeway. A white Lexus speeding towards Fullerton was possibly involved. At 6:13, multiple calls for "Shots Fired" came in. CPD received the following locations: 2400 block of Lawndale, Ridgeway and Fullerton, 2400 block of N Ridgeway. Also, windows were shot out of a car in front of Our Lady of Grace. At 6:15, a slow down was given on this chaos. At 6:16, CPD could not find a female shot, but they did find the windows from the car being shot out. At 6:17, police said that a black car with a plate of H496551 was involved in the shooting. At 6:20, they said that a 4-door white Honda may also be involved in the shooting. It was either a 1992 or a 1996 model. It fled south on Ridgeway, then west towards Hamlin in the north alley of Fullerton.

42) May 28, 2010 at 8:10pm - A shooting occurred at Milwaukee and Drake. A black vehicle was possibly involved in a shooting (which a manended up shot from) from Milwaukee and Drake fled on Milwaukee towards Central Park.

43) June 2, 2010 - A stabbing occurred in a bar called "Relax" on the 2900 block of N Milwaukee. A reader of mine, who witnessed the crime, says that two regulars left to go to the 5/3 bank across the street with three people I've never seen before. She stepped outside for a cigarette and saw them on the ground and she thought they were just play fighting. As it turns out, her bar friend was stabbed by three different people with three different knives. They proceeded to kick him after stabbing him. They finally left and he staggered across the street trailing blood behind him. After the paramedics came they cut off his shirt and found a cut on his left arm, one in his right hand, and one in his back. The other bar friend only had one cut to his arm. However, another reader said that the bar employee was not going to the bank, but the parking lot to his car, where four regulars continued an argument they had earlier with him when they were all in the bar drinking together, turned into punches, one of the regulars pulled a knife, bar employee got a tire iron out of his car. They took turns on each other with their weapons. Bar employee fell to the ground and the two other regulars decided to stand over him and stab him. Second bar employee came up tried to stop things and got slashed as well. First regular with knife who had his head bashed in with a tire iron and bar employee are in the hospital.

44) June 6, 2010 at 2:29am - Four loud gunshots were fired in the north alley of Diversey between Ridgeway and Hamlin. After the shots rang out, a car was heard speeding off in the alley. So, in the end, a 16 yr old was shot. He was shot three times. Once in the head, once in the groin and once in the left knee. He was taken to Illinois Masonic. Officers excepted him to be ok, though. Speaking of the scanner, officers were saying on the air that they possibly had the offenders stopped in a white vehicle at Hamlin and Fullerton. Witnesses were needed to go to the scene to identify the alleged offenders.

45) June 9, 2010 at 7:56pm - Beat 2561 had a traffic pursuit at Armitage and Central Park. Was heading east into 14. He was going to pull over a car. At 7:57, the car was going south on Kimball. He acted like he was going to pull over, but as soon as 2561 pulled up to him, he took off again. At 7:58, they were heading north on Albany from Armitage. At 7:59, the offender was in custody at 3108 W Dickens. Units in 14 were pulling up to the scene.

46) June 13, 2010 at 1:10am - A 20 yr old woman named Ludjana Dido was killed in the 2700 block of W Roscoe by a car. Dido and a group of friends she was with got into an argument with another group of people. As she was getting into a car, a white Buick ran her over. Dido was pronounced dead at 2:26 at Illinois Masonic. Police say they are questioning a "person of interest" and witnesses in this incident. Dido was five months pregnant with a boy and had just graduated from high school.

47) June 16, 2010 at 11:47pm - All types of calls were coming in for 3942 W Barry. Original call was a check the well being. Within the last 30 to 35 seconds, it changed into a "battery in progress", "person w/ a gun", "person calling for help", etc. Four men were in the building, looking for someone. One ticket says they were trying to kill someone. At 11:48, one minute later, a call for "Shots Fired" came in. Males were shooting in the building. At 11:50, it was reported that three men busted out the back door. More units were needed. Officers were going in. People were heard screaming and dogs barking. At 11:51, CPD reported that someone was shot. At 11:53, a slow down was given. Someone had a massive head injury, however. At 12:25am the next day, a description came out for the four offenders involved. The first one is a male Hispanic, named Ely Seae (I think that's the spelling on that last name). He's 5'8, 180 lbs. He is a Maniac Latin Brother from the area around Cicero and Barry. The second offender is a male White, 19-20 yrs old, 5'9, 165 lbs, wearing a black and white Cubs hat, and blue jeans. The third offender is a male White, 6'1, 120 lbs, wearing a Cubs t-shirt, black jeans and white shoes. The last offender is a male White, wearing all black (black shirt, black sweatpants), 5'10, 130 lbs. They're wanted for aggravated battery at this point. Ely had an IR number of 1917869, and according to records, he resided at 4825 W Wabansia. An officer saw a Puerto Rican flag there, and a flag was involved in the shooting. At 1:05, CrimeLab was ordered on the shooting.

48) June 19, 2010 from 2pm to midnight - It was a really, really crazy day between Armitage-Sacramento-North-Western. There were many reports of gangbangers acting a fool, fights, gun calls, etc.

49) June 26, 2010 at 6:09pm - An angry mob gathered in front of 2954 N Hamlin as a result of a guy, who seemed to be as drunk as a skunk, crashed his car, which was a gray Sedan, into the back rear of a really nice truck. The truck crashed into the car in front of it. The driver was a male White in his 30s. At 6:29, an RD number was pulled from the Hamlin accident. It was HS380417 with the event number of 15032. At 7:41, I was told that the police gave the driver a sobriety test, which he failed. The guy couldn't walk straight. He was placed into custody.

50) June 27, 2010 at 2:22am - A shooting occurred on the 2600 block of N Hamlin. A 20 yr old man suffered a graze wound to his chest and a wound to his arm. He was taken to Illinois Masonic in good condition.

51) June 28, 2010 at 11:09pm - The "decomposed" bodies of a man and a woman were found in the basement of a building at 2922 N Ridgeway. Police don't know how the victims died but are conducting a death investigation. For now on, this building would be referred to as the "skeleton" building, and has been one of the most discussed incidents on Beat 2523 in years.

52) July 10, 2010 at 9:03pm - Police received a 911 call that a man had been shot in the leg at 3701 W Fullerton. At 9:10, police confirmed that a man was shot. He was shot in the butt and the leg. He was uncooperative. At 9:11, a flash was given out from the shooting. Wanted was a male Hispanic, tall, slim build, about 20 yrs old, wearing a white t-shirt and blue pants. He had on a white hat. He fled in the north alley of Fullerton. Unknown what direction, though. At 9:24, police announced that the victim was being taken to Illinois Masonic. At 9:33, an RD number was been pulled from the shooting. It was HS404425 with the event number of 17269. Finally, at 11:06, an "information for the police" call came into 911 regarding the shooting at Ridgeway and Belden. Anthony Lopez, 22 yrs old, 5'6, 160 lbs, dark complected and short hair was on the street at the moment. He was an MLD from Fullerton and Pulaski who was involved in the shooting.

53) July 11, 2010 at 2:18am - A man, unknown age, was shot in the hand in the 1800 block of N St. Louis. He was taken to Norwegian-American Hospital in good condition.

54) July 14, 2010 at 8:11pm - Multiple calls for "Shots Fired" at the corner of Diversey and Springfield came in. The callers said they were being fired by Parkside Liquors, 3920 W Diversey. Two minutes later, at 8:13, police were notified that someone was shot inside of the store. At 8:15, Police Helicopter #1 was flying over the area. They saw two males walking in the north alley of Diversey, towards Avers. One had on a blue t-shirt, another one had on a black t-shirt. At 8:16, witnesses told a Tac Sergeant that the person shot went towards Pulaski. At 8:17, a flash was given out. Wanted from the shooting was two male Whites. One was in a blue t, the other in a black t. They both had shorts on. Meanwhile, the victim possibly jumped in a vehicle. At 8:19, it was said that a small red vehicle with a black top may be involved in the shooting. It went towards George on Pulaski. At 8:20, a victim called from the 2800 block of N Harding to say he was shot at. From 8:21 to 8:23, PH 1 and Beat 2563Charlie thought they had the offenders in sight along Belmont. At 8:25, they said that a male White, blue shirt and jeans, shot from behind the firehouse on Pulaski. At 8:29, witnesses told police that the red car pinned one of the shooters up against the back wall of the fire station. At 8:39, it was believed that CPD had someone in custody from the shooting, on the 2800 block of N Harding. At 8:42, there was a foot chase. 2561C spotted a guy fitting the description going east on Diversey from Harding. The offender was on a bike. At 8:43, a slow down was given at the moment. It may or may not have been the offender. At 9:22, one offender was indeed in custody.

55) July 17, 2010 at 12:45am - The first murder in Logan Square occurs, on the 2100 block of N Springfield. A man was shot in the lower chest. He was taken to Illinois Masonic, where he was pronounced dead. Also, a woman was shot in this incident. She suffered a graze wound to an unknown part of the body. Her condition was not known.

56) August 2, 2010 at 8:41pm - Beat 2563Boy had an on-view battery in progress at the T-Moblie, Fullerton and Pulaski. A minute later, at 8:42, they needed more cars because someone was a back room and the officers weren't opening the door until more officers arrived. As of 8:43, more officers were still needed, but at 8:44, a good amount of officers were on scene. At 8:46, police said that this was a "shots fired" by the police incident, because it was an armed robbery in progress. An RD number was been pulled. It was HS442583 with the event number of 17083. At 8:48, it was said that two offenders were last seen running towards Keystone on Fullerton, while a third was seen running towards Altgeld on Pulaski. At 8:49, police said there was a crime scene in the east alley of Pulaski, north of Fullerton. At 8:50, officers were searching the METRA tracks for any offenders. They requested that Dispatch call METRA to have them shut off power to the tracks while they searched. At 8:51, K9 was ordered. At 8:52, a 45Sam unit thought they had an offender possibly at Tripp and Belden. At 8:56, Beat 6759Charlie may have had an offender at 2528 N Pulaski. A unit was bringing over a witness to I.D. him. At 8:58, Beat 2548 reported that there was an offender that had a white t-shirt and cap with dredlocks. Also, another unit reports that there is a hat with fake long hair on it in the back seat of a car in one of the parking lots. At 8:59, 2599 gave the order that all officers MUST remain in pairs. At 9:00, a car with blood was found in a parking lot at the scene. It was an offender's car. At 9:01, additional traffic control was needed at the scene. At Fullerton and Pulaski. Also, some bloodied items were found. A shirt, hat and gloves. It is believed that the offender ran to the east side of Pulaski, then continued north. At 9:06, the guy from 2528 N Pulaski had been positively identified. At 9:22, CPD said that there was a big blood trail from the incident. It starts where one of three offenders were arrested, 2528 N Pulaski. It went down the sidewalk on the west side of the street until Altgeld, then it crossed the street. The blood trail was on the north side of Altgeld until the alley, then it made a right, until 2441 on Pulaski. Then, there was blood there, on a barbed wire fence. At 9:25, a gun was also recovered at 2441 N Pulaski. At 9:50, K9 and the SWAT team were going to check out 2441 Pulaski. At 10:09, some new information came in from the incident at T-Moblie. The offender which police obtained was taken to OLR hospital. Also, the police helicopter searched for two other offenders along the METRA tracks from Diversey to Fullerton, to no avail.

57) August 5, 2010 at about 12:15am - Two victims, one 30 yrs old, the other 20 yrs old, were shot in a drive-by shooting on the 3800 block of W Diversey on a porch. Reports indicated that a gray Honda was involved. The car pulled up and someone inside fired shots, then fled east on Diversey. The 30 yr old was shot in the right knee, while the other victim was shot in the right torso. Both were taken to Illinois Masonic for treatment.

58) August 6, 2010 at about 12:45, and 2:35am - At 12:45, there was a shooting on the 2700 block of W Nelson. Four people were shot. One was a female, the others were males. These four people were walking down Nelson when some people approached them and fired a series of gunshots. One man was shot in the chest. The female was shot in the leg. The two other men suffered graze wounds to the arm. The man shot in the chest and the female were taken to Illinois Masonic. The men with the graze wounds were treated and released on scene. Then, at 2:35, there were four to six shots fired on the 2800 block of N Ridgeway.

59) August 11, 2010 at 7:06 and about 7:10pm - At 7:06, a call of "Shots Fired" was called in at Wrightwood and Ridgeway. One shot was heard, with two male Blacks getting chased by four male Hispanics. One of the offender was short and had on a black tanktop. Another one had on a red shirt. Running through the alley. At 7:09, a slow down was given. Around the same time, a gang disturbance formed at 2856 N Avers. Males were yelling on the corner, stopping cars, etc. And, a disturbing fact, but these were the same guys involved in the 7:06 thing.

60) August 13, 2010 at 9:07pm - An officer was flagged down at Milwaukee and Wolfram to find a woman screaming. She was screaming for help because two men hurt another man on the street. One male was in custody. At 9:12, there was a foot chase from this at Central Park and Schubert. Two males, one Hispanic and one Black, were running from CPD. They were heading south. At 9:13, they were still going south. They were hopping gates. At 9:14, a slow down was given. They were in custody at 2647 N Central Park. The victim was with police at Diversey/Kimball/Milwaukee. Ambulance was needed because the victim was roughed up. This case was a robbery.

61) August 22, 2010 at 3pm - A bad accident, which resulted in a death, occurred at Milwaukee and Central Park.

62) August 24, 2010 at 4:38pm - A 911 call came in for four gunshots at Richmond and Cortland. At 4:39, a couple of more calls came in. One caller said someone was screaming in the 1800 block of N Richmond, and another caller said that a male Black, white t-shirt and jeans was running towards Fransisco on Bloomingdale. At 4:40, a slow down was given. At 4:43, a flash was given out. Wanted were two male Blacks. One was 15-17 yrs old, short sleeved long white t-shirt with blue jeans or blue jean shorts. The other had on a red t-shirt with a logo, red baseball cap and blue jean shorts. That offender ran towards Humboldt on Cortland.

63) September 10, 2010 at 10am - A CAPS member was attacked on the 2900 block of N Hamlin by a drunk after photographing him, as instructed by the Liquor Control Commission.

64) September 12, 2010 at 6:11pm - Police got multiple 911 calls for a drug dealer beating his wife at 4160 W Fletcher. Then, at 6:14, an off-duty PO called in to say that there was a gang fight in progress, and needs on-duty officers ASAP. At 6:17, a slow down was given.

65) September 17, 2010 at 10:39pm - A shooting occurred on the 3200 block of N Monticello. The 17th District Police Officers responded to calls for "Shots Fired" to hear that a 29 yr old man had been shot in the chest. The police didn't find him at first, as the victim's friends took him to Our Lady of Resurrection Hospital, but they did find him once he was transferred to Illinois Masonic.

66) September 19, 2010 at 11:38am and 2:12pm - At 11:38, an assault was called in to 911 at Dickens and Hamlin. A car tried to run some people over, and a big argument was breaking out on the street. At 2:12, at Mozart Park, a call for a "person shot" came in. A man was reportedly shot near the park fieldhouse. At 2:14, a slow down was given. No one was shot. At 2:34, a call of an "assault in progress" came in at Dickens and Avers. Males were chasing a group down Avers. A minute later, at 2:35, a call of an "assault" came in at 2050 N Hamlin. At 2:47, an RD number was pulled from the shooting. It was HS523X97 with the event number of 09772. At 2:50, it was announced that the guy suffered cuts to his hand after falling down trying to get away from the gunfire. He was going to Norwegian American Hospital for the cuts. Also, there were confirmed shots fired at the scene. Several witnesses told police this. At 2:51, police said that the 11:38am and the 2:12/2:34pm incidents were all related. This was some kind of on-going dispute between two groups. The gunshots from Dickens and Hamlin at 2:12 where in retaliation from the car trying to run over people from the 11:38 incident. It sounded like the guy who suffered the cuts to his hand was an innocent bystander who got caught in the crossfire.

67) October 1, 2010 at 11:33pm - Police received multiple calls of "Shots Fired" at Avers and Wrightwood. Multiple calls coming in. 8 shots were heard. A minute later, at 11:34, gunshots were fired in the 2500 block of N Springfield. At 11:37, a call of "Shots Fired" came in for Diversey and Avers. Gunshots were fired just south of Diversey. At 11:38, a foot chase ensued in Koz Park. Beat 2566Charlie was chasing a male who was involved in the gunshots. Running towards Harding in the park. The offender from the chase was wearing a black hoodie and a white t-shirt. At 11:40, an offender was in custody. At 11:42, another offender was running east on Diversey from Avers.

68) October 10, 2010 at 8:49pm - A fight broke out between a group of people at 2712 N Central Park. There was also a man layed out, bleeding on the ground. Robbery may have been the motive. At 8:58, 2590 was on scene of the action. It was a battery. Two guys jumped on one, and a group fight broke out, apparently. Ambulance was on scene for the victim. At 9:02, a flash was given out. Wanted for battery were four male Hispanics who were in a dark-colored Geo Tracker with temp plates. They struck the victim with their car at Schubert and Central Park, then they jumped out and continued to hit him, with their fists and feet. They then jumped back into the car and fled towards Diversey. At 9:21, Evidence Tech was going to be ordered for crime scene photos. It was an aggravated battery. At 10:31, it was announced that the victim was undergoing surgery at the hospital.

69) October 16, 2010 at 12:28am and 11pm hour - A shooting occurred on the 2900 block of North Kedzie Avenue. The victim, an 18 yr old man, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his buttocks, back and arms. The incident allegedly occurred at a house party. The victim was driven to St. Mary's by friends, and he was in critical condition as of 1:15am. Then, in the 11pm hour, 14th District police responded to a report of a person shot on the 2900 block of Gresham, near Milwaukee Avenue. The victim was shot twice, with one bullet to the leg and one graze wound. The victim attempted to transport self to local hospital but was intercepted by one CPD citywide unit and one 17th District unit at Pulaski and Cornelia where an ambulance met them and transported the victim to a local hospital. The offenders from this incident were driving a gold colored four door Honda Civic. CPD received leads on the location of the offenders who were observed fleeing in the alley of the 2900 block of Gresham when the offenders reached the end of the alley and fled in an unknown direction. UCR 041A was used to pull an RD Number.

70) October 17, 2010 at 3:43 and 10:05pm - Multiple 911 calls came in for a large fight at Diversey and Harding. A "Person calling for help" ticket came in also, at Diversey and Pulaski. A few seconds later, a "Shots Fired" ticket came into 911 for Diversey and Pulaski. Group of males in a green van fired shots at someone, and fled west on Diversey, towards Tripp. At 3:45, calls were still coming in for gunshots and the fight. At 3:47, a call came from someone, and this person stated that someone was hit by this green van at Diversey and Springfield. The van is a Dodge minivan with a plate of A944757. It struck several cars and ran into a gate at 3914 W Diversey. At 4, I walked over to Koz Park and assessed the scene for myself after getting multiple calls from neighbors describing the scene. I spoke with one of my neighbors, who was at the park, and the two Beat officers for 2523, who tell me that basically, a guy in a black quarreled hoodie, with a shaved head, was in a green Toyota that went towards George on Harding, was driving this Toyota and tried to run over several people on the street, and the people were gangbangers. This guy driving the car also tried to drive into the building at 3914 W Diversey. The gate there was knocked over, and there was glass all over. So, after this guy did this, these gangbangers pulled him out and a big fight broke out on Diversey. I had word that the offender was still in the area after the incident. At 4:50, I got a phone call from a good source, who tells me the guy that started the whole incident was walking east on Diversey, while one of his buddies (in a red shirt) went west, and the others he was with are either hanging out in the park or by the bus stop. The instigator is also wearing a purple shirt under his black hoodie. At 4:51, an "information for the police" call came in at Diversey and Springfield. The offender from the fight/accident is just north of the park now, near one of the buildings on Diversey. At 4:59, I was talking to my source again. I had word that the instigator was in between the pool and the field house at Koz, while one of his buddies was right by Avers and Diversey. Another guy was by Harding and Diversey. They were all acting like they were waiting for something or someone. I also have word that the offender was hanging out by about 3910 W Diversey with some guys. This would be the same building a bunch of guys ran into after the accident. At 5:08, my source called me for a third time, and they said these guys involved were still walking through the park, and 2523 was on scene. Finally, at 10:05, there was a gang fight and shooting on my own block. I was getting ready for bed when this guy in the alley, probably a gangbanger, starting throwing garbage cans at about 5 to 10 other guys on the street. Someone was shouting off "COBRA!!", then two gunshots went off. Multiple 911 calls were made, needless to say.

71) November 6, 2010 at 3:30am - A man named Jacob Vega apparently fired gunshots from his car window at 3:30 at Diversey and Mozart. A detective from Area 5, who was in the area, heard the shots, then saw a 4 door Sedan driving the wrong way on a one way street with its headlights off. As the car continued driving, it ran several stop signs and Vega at one point dropped a large silver handgun from the driver's side window. The vehicle was eventually stopped within the 2900 block of George, and Vega was arrested.

72) November 7, 2010 at around 1:30am - A large gang fight broke out at the intersection of Diversey and Ridgeway. At 1:20, as I was wrapping up things on the computer and about to go to bed, I heard shouting in the distance. It sounded like it was from the west, possibly right at Koz Park. Within a few minutes, the shouting got louder and closer. Then, at 1:30, that's when the fight broke out. I had the scanner on, and the first call came from 3740 West Diversey, with a report of 50 people in the street fighting. At first, I couldn't really see anything from my view, as there was trees in the way, and the center of the brawl was at the address on Diversey. However, in about three to five minutes, the fight came onto Ridgeway. There were punches thrown, guys shoving, tackles, etc. It was like a free-for-all wrestling match. Then, the scariest part was that some guy may have had a gun, and fired off a gunshot. I didn't hear a gunshot, but then again, that group was so loud that you couldn't hear anything else. There were objects thrown around. A squad car came onto the scene within three minutes, and there were about three or four squads with an unmarked unit out here within six to eight minutes. The shouting stopped within a minute, and you heard people's feet walking off, some arguing and the squads driving off. The fight was broken up. This was at about 1:40.

73) November 27, 2010 at 7:30am - A woman was found dead in an alley on the 3100 block of West Homer Street. Police responded to a call of a "person down" in the alley, in which they found, and pronounced as dead. This woman was indentifed as Bozena Straggs, 36. The Coroner's office ruled this as a Homicide; they say Straggs was strangled to death.

74) November 30, 2010 at 8:44pm - A shooting occurred at Belmont and Monticello. A man was shot in the head, and one man was grazed. Both victims were taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital. At the scene, a car crashed into three other cars. There's one crime scene at 3216 on Monticello, and another one at Belmont and Kimball. The victims were young. The one shot in the head was 16, and the other victim was 18. This was a rival gang shooting, and Chicago News Report reported that CPD is excepting a retaliation shooting soon from this one.

There you have it, the 74 crime highlights of this neighborhood for the year of 2010. There are probably more but I don't remember or know about them. If there was and you know about it, please share in the comments section and I'll add it to this list. Thanks for reading this. Look out for the crime highlights of 2011 at this time next year.



George Pulaski said...

I thought the "Club Gibbons" was an important event last year. It gave the homeless a place where they could drink without the hassle of area residents. These residents whom give money to enable the bums to buy their drinks of choice. Who's really at fault? YOU!!!!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

If you would read, maybe you'd realize that these are for INDIVIDUAL, one-time sort of crimes only. Club Gibbons is an on-going problem. And, I really hope you're not blaming ME for these problems with drunks...

Anonymous said...

Great job! I do remember alot of these incidents. Hope 2011 will bring peace to the area.

j said...

Hi Timmy, maybe you know this-What was the total murder count for Logan Square this year? I have been unable to find a number. Also, reading this it's interesting to observe how many violent crimes were going on in the east side of Logan at the beginning of the year and how it seems to have quieted down significantly in the last part of the year.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Anonymous 2:04, thanks and I hope it does, too.

Hello, j. I think there were only (and only shouldn't have to be used) two murders in Logan Square in 2010. And, I think that's interesting, too. Though, unfortunately, the violent crimes shifted over to the west side of Logan/Avondale.

j said...

Somebody tried to tell me that Logan Square had one of the highest murder rates in the city this year (he doesn't live in the neighborhood). Obviously I told him he was mistaken but it did get me wondering what the numbers actually were. Kind of funny, it seems like most people that don't live around here seem to think the other way around, that we don't have crime problems but I guess we can thank the realtors for that.

As far as the westward crime trend, let's hope it keeps on moving.

Luke Short said...

Logan Square is still a Rican gangbanger dump. You yuppies will never change that.

j said...

@ Luke- Your yuppie accusation is incredibly misdirected.

Anonymous said...

great work timmy, i moved to california but i still own property in the neighborhood. i hope you continue your good work.