Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fire On Milwaukee In "Bucktown"/Some Things I Need To Clear Up

Good morning, everyone. Apparently, there was a big fire on the 1800 block of N Milwaukee around 9pm last night. According to the Chicago Breaking News article, it was an extra-alarm fire to a vacant building. The fire lasted until about 11:25, and traffic did need to be rerouted. You can read the rest on this article. Questions or comments? Send them here, or on my Facebook page for the blog (if you're a fan), or to my e-mail.
So, getting that out of the way, I thought I would talk about some comments I've seen on this blog. First, I'm going to address the following comment publicly (this is regarding my Beat meeting post last night about the POD cameras) by a guy named "Don Muraco":

"You've got to be a real asshole to volunteer to go look at those POD cameras. You don't even get paid, so what's the point? Secondly, if you do view something and report it, and the cops make an arrest, then guess what? The cops will put you down in the arrest report and you'll have to go to court as a witness.....again without being paid. And I'm sure your work/employer will be really happy to give you the time off so you can go play 'super-hero.' The Sgt. asked for volunteers because he knows some pretty dumb, gullible retards go to C.R.A.P.S. meetings...".

Ok, so, here's my thoughts on it. First, I guess I'm a real asshole then, because I signed up on the sheet to volunteer and do this. To me, it doesn't matter if I get payed. I don't care about that. When they officially start letting citizens monitor those cameras, when I do it, all I care about is doing it is for my community. It's kind of an early career job for me to the 911 Dispatching job I want. Second, like I said, this is VOLUNTEER work. You DO NOT have to be involved with this, and you can come and go into the station as you please to do this. But seeing as how most people in this neighborhood, and on this blog for that matter, only whine and complain about things going on, there will be only be a few of us who actually volunteer to do this. Finally, maybe CAPS wouldn't be "C.R.A.P.S" if these stupid citizens stop only coming to complain. People actually need to get involved. Yeah, we're all a little scared of gang retaliation (even I am), but guess what? You can be ANONYMOUS.

Also, about comments, this goes straight to those POs in 25 who think it's funny to slander Sgt. Halpern by using his name for your goofy/stupid comments: You'd better stop. Sgt. Halpern came to 2523's CAPS meeting (when he could've been doing something else) just to talk to me about those comments. He tells me that it's not him leaving those comments, that he doesn't even go on blogs, so I believe it's one of you silly POs out there in 25. So, just for the record, your Sergeant is aware of the comments made against him, and he has asked me to remove them, which I will do. And if I find a way, I will turn over those IP addresses to him, so he can see which one of you coppers it is.

One last thing before I go, but I want to let all of you know of the following:
- I will be monitoring tonight from 8:08pm-12am
- I will monitor 17 all day tomorrow
- I will monitor the North Center community on Saturday

Thank you for reading everything.



Luke Short said...

Bravo! I do enjoy your blog.

F said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

There are people who don't understand the value of volunteering.

There are people who are not made up to be good for volunteering.

Those who do volunteer generally tend to causes that have touched them in some way, for some that's crime, for others animals, for others children, parks, seniors, disease awareness, cancer cures, etc. Does not mean they are less for not actively participating in the same causes as you or me. Just different.

Best Blog Ever said...

Cute. Another loser trying to defame a regular commenter of this blog.

Best Blog Ever said...

Definition of volunteer: To do charitable or helpful work without pay

Don Muraco must be a real asshole to argue about volunteer work when he doesn't even know the meaning of it. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great blog. I always enjoy. Keep up the good work.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thanks, Luke.

j said...

Hey hey Timmy! The fire on Milwaukee was quite a sight, tons of smoke and a massive CFD presence.

SID said...

Timmy, there's always going to be haters no matter where you go in life. Since it's easier to hide behind your computer, you will always catch flak from people regardless of how good of a job you are doing or what everybody else thinks of you. They are called "Trolls" and that's exactly what they are.

Now I live rather near you, almost close enough that I could probably hurl a rock at your house. (lol I wont) Your blog is invaluable to me. There's all sorts of stupid-ass people and losers around this 'hood.' Keeping a tab on the pulse of the block is really helpful to the saftey of not only my person but to assist with the cleansing of this trash from around here. For you to do what you do on a daily basis really takes some dedication. I commend you dude.

I happen to work with core switches, networks, and high end bandwidth carriers under and around metropolitan Chicago. If you have some questions about setting up a "honey trap" to catch and allow the reverse lookup of these idiots, I will be happy to assist. While it would not be in our interest to discuss the actual logistics of setting a permiscuous trap, I assure you the granular metric data gathered will assist with tracking down a phone number, home address, carrier, full name, and other background public data.

This captured information can be made available for you to utilize as you see fit. If you are interested, post back, and I will contact you directly.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

To that commenter that was posting as "F" earlier: First off, stop using other people's names to comment, and second, whoever was posing as Sgt. Helpern did not say bad things about him, but they did say slanderous things, which he doesn't want under his name, and I don't blame him.

Anonymous 12:45, I really don't understand the point you're trying to make.

F (Best Blog Ever), I agree.

Anonymous 5:31, thank you.

J, I heard. Must've been a sight.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Hey SID, I do agree with your first paragraph. I see that already, but I'm just going to keep doing what I do. I also agree that there are losers and dumbasses in this neighborhood, and I've seen some of them on the streets.

I'd definitely be interested in setting up this "honey trap" and looking up the information of these idiots. I'm sick of seeing posts on this blog getting ruined by them, and I'd also really like to see who leaves some of these comments I've seen.

Lou Caletti said...

It is a good idea and a rather easy one to find IP addresses of posters here. The IP addresses then lead right to a physical home address, phone number and account number. I work with these kind of things also. Keep up the good work Timmy and please don't let the bad people get you down. You have alot of vocal and silent supporters who far outweigh the trash that hates the good that is being done.

Luke Short said...

What ever happened to the first amendment? The right of free speach? A goofy sgt. in 025 is crying on your shoulder about nonsense? It's only words, nothing more. And no I don't slander or write about him.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Luke, just because we have the First Amendment, that doesn't give the right for those officers to come on this blog and to say ridiculous things under the Sergeant's name. I can see it if they were using their own names, but c'mon. And what if someone were to sue for those comments? The Sgt. didn't write them, so why should we get sued? And I'm surely as hell not getting sued for keeping those comments up here.

Lou, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

Lou Caletti said...

When slander and misrepresentation is involved on other innocent people then that is a punishable offense. The First Amendment does not cover that. People all over the internet are being investigated for slander and bullying etc.