Thursday, January 27, 2011

Burglar Report On Hamlin

Good evening, everyone, it's 8:08pm. Today wasn't the best of days at school, but I'm glad to be home now. And this weekend is a 3-day for me. We have tomorrow off because the teachers have to work on grades from this semester, and switch people's schedules around. So, anyway, tomorrow, I will be monitoring 17 for our residents North of Belmont most of the day, but I will need to get archives twice, because I do have to run a couple of errands. Finally, on Saturday, I will be monitoring the North Center neighborhood in the 19th District. This neighborhood is just east of Avondale, and just west of Lakeview. So look forward to that. Here's crime for tonight.

9:20pm - Burglar report. 2103 N Hamlin.

10:13pm - 1) Car alarm. Diversey and Ridgeway. 2) Parker. 2800 block of N Ridgeway.

12:00am - I'm gone for the night. I'll be back with 17 tomorrow. See you all then, and have a great night.

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