Friday, January 7, 2011

Elderly Female Confused Or Lost On Monticello

Good evening, everyone, it's 7:04pm. It's been a really, really long day for me. School was long, then I had a Student Government meeting and had to stay an additional hour. But what made that long was getting back home. The train and bus ride are always kind of long, but I missed a bus getting off the Brown Line, and if that wasn't enough, it started really snowing outside, which slowed down traffic. Anyway, I'm home now and will be here most of the weekend. Tomorrow, I'll monitor 17 tomorrow morning from 6:39-8am, then I'll monitor 25 after dinner. Here's crime for this evening.

8:23pm - Check the well being. 3102 N Monticello. Elderly female in a brown coat keeps walking around the area. Appears to be confused or lost.

8:39pm - 2522 wants the paramedics check her out. She's been outside for a while. EMS is being called to the scene by Dispatch.

8:46pm - Beat car 2515 needs a female for a search for Fullerton and Pulaski. There's a unit heading over.

10:16pm - Person w/ a gun. Pulaski and Fullerton.

10:36pm - Potential speed pursuit. Division and Cicero. Heading east, towards Killpatrick. There's a car matching a description from a car theft. This is from Beat car 1532's job at Chicago and Central Park.

10:37pm - Approaching Division and Kilbourn. Still heading east.

10:39pm - The vehicle is stopped, and the guy is in custody, at 4049 W Division.

11:16pm - Parkers. On 2524's Beat.

11:17pm - I'm going to go a little early. I've got some stuff I want to work on tonight before I go to bed. I'll be back in the morning, and goodnight, everyone.


bobbo said...

The police were chasing someone in the snow? That's too dangerous. I thought they had orders not to chase and race their cars?

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

In this particular chase, a Sergeant gave them the ok to keep chasing, and he even joined the chase. It may have been dangerous, but at least a criminal was locked up. The weather doesn't matter to CPD, they will chase you anyway if you commit a crime and run away.