Sunday, April 5, 2009

Van on fire on Harding

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:34am. Yes, I know, it's early, but I deciced to do some crime blogging for the early hours of this morning. I've been listening since 5:15am but it's been quiet. Anyway, I'll be here until 9:35am, then I'll come back from 3:39 to 4:03pm, then I'll come back for the night at 10:29pm. It's supposed to rain today. They're also talking about a possible thunderstorm. Here is crime for today.

6:33am - Fire. 1700 N Harding. Van on fire. Fire en route.

6:55am - Beat car 2534 is running a plate on the burned car. A minute later, dispatch says it comes back to that block of the job.

6:57am - An RD number has been pulled from the 6:33am job. It's HR252676 with the event number of 04389.

6:59am - Beat 2534 is heading into 25 with paper on the 6:33am job.

9:34am - Burglar alarm. 2838 N Tripp. Person on scene without proper code.

9:35am - I'm going to go until 3:39pm. It's been extremely quiet. I'll see you guys later.

3:39pm - I'm back until 4:03pm.

3:45pm - Beat car 2505 is doing a park check at Mozart.

4:03pm - I'm going to go until 10:29pm. See you guys later.

10:39pm - I'm 10 minutes late. Sorry guys.

11:04pm - Domestic disturbance. 2118 N Hamlin. No further information.

11:08pm - Auto alarm. 2941 N Lawndale. Grey mini van.

11:36pm - Beat 2563Boy is going in with one from somewhere in the coverage area. Forgot where.

11:41pm - Person with a knife. 2310 N Springfield. The two sons are fighting. One has a knife and he's bleeding. He's wearing a black shirt and jogging pants.

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