Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009

Good morning to all and Happy Easter. It's 8:55am. It turns out that I may get to be here for at least a couple of hours before we go to my godparent's for the day. So anyway, here is crime for today (at least a part of today).

8:38am - Beat cars 2524 and 2525 get parkers on the PDT.

9:10am - Beat 2525 asks for a DOC mission event number on the PDT.

9:54am - DUI driver. Fullerton and Pulaski. Sliver two-door Pathfinder speeding east on Fullerton with what appears to be a drunk driver.

10:11am - I'm going to go for about 5-20 minutes. I'll be back soon.

11:39am - The thing I was doing took much longer than excepted and now I have to go. So, happy Easter to everyone. Have a great day.

6:38pm - I'm back.

6:43pm - Criminal trespass in progress. 3062 N Central Park. Two homeless males going into the abandoned house.

6:44pm - Beat car 2511 got information from an off duty PO that there is a blue Nissan with Cobra gang members driving around the Koz Park area with guns. The 14th and 17th districts are being notified.

6:55pm - Assault in progress. 1646 N Monticello. Two males arguing loudly.

7:03pm - One of the units has the 6:44pm car stopped at 2717 N Central Park. Multiple units en route. The unit on scene asks for a female officer to search a female.

7:04pm - A slow down on the 7:03pm thing.

7:26pm - A supervisor is being called for the 6:55pm job.

7:31pm - Battery in progress. 2050 N Pulaski. Gangbangers fighting and urinating on the building, causing a disturbance. Also, I have to go now, so good night to everyone.

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