Friday, April 10, 2009

Person trying to kill theirself on Sawyer

Good morning, everyone, it's 11:27am. Today, I will be monitoring 14 from 11:12am to 11:58am, then again from 2:32pm to 3:57pm. From 11:58am to 2:32pm, I will be monitoring 17. Here is crime for this afternoon.

11:25am - Threatening suicide. 1625 N Sawyer. No further information, but fire is en route.

11:26am - Assault in progress. Diversey and Kimball. At the bank. Caller is being threatened by two people behind her in line.

11:55am - Burglar alarm. 2151 N Richmond. General motion. Caller is calling it in from 5600 N Mannheim.

11:57am - Beat car 1413 asks dispatch if she can call the 11:55am caller back to see if there's supposed to be a moving truck there because there's one there.

11:58am - Switched over to Zone 1.

1:02pm - Unknown nature of call. 3246 N Troy. No further information.

1:20pm - Car alarm. Monticello and Cornelia. Car alarm on a gold car has been going off for a while.

1:21pm - Disturbance. 3469 N Kedzie. Kids being loud and breaking bottles.

2:09pm - The kids from the 1:21pm job are still breaking bottles. They're getting the bottles from garbage cans.

2:21 to 2:24pm - 16th district units have a foot pursuit at about LaPorte and Lawrence. A male is running north towards Carmen on LaPorte. He ran north on LaPorte.

2:25pm - It sounds like the suspect is running east on Wilson towards Cicero, onto 17's side.

2:26pm - The suspect is running into on-coming traffic on the Kennedy Expressway near Wilson and Cicero. He's running on the Kennedy.

2:27pm - 1) This man is crazy. He's running on the inbound Blue Line tracks! CTA is being notified. 2) He's in custody about 15 seconds later.

2:29 to 2:32pm - Police/dispatch chatter regarding this chase.

2:32pm - Back on Zone 3 until 3:57pm.

2:33pm - Fire report. Western and Lyndale. Fire chief on scene and needs a report for a fire. Beats 1463Charlie and 1463Eddie are also on scene.

2:35pm - Loud music disturbance. 1804 N Talman. Coming from the house.

2:46pm - Domestic disturbance. 2438 N Kedzie. Caller needs keys from the boyfriend. The caller has been calling for quite a while.

2:58pm - Alarm. 2545 N Milwaukee. At the hair salon. General motion.

2:59pm - Fire. 2838 N Campbell. Garbage can and fence on fire.

3:02pm - Vice complaint. 2744 W Cortland. Four males drinking in the street.

3:07pm - Beat car 1406Henry has an on view food disturbance at 2025 W North. He's ok.

3:12pm - Barking dog. Somewhere on Cortland.

3:18pm - Beat 1414 is doing foot patrol from Fullerton to Palmer on California. Event number is 11282.

3:21pm - Suspicious person. 1845 N Western. Males in Grey Buick appear to be intoxicated and up to no good.

3:25pm - Person down. 2002 N Western. By the Currency Exchange. Male down.

3:32pm - Beat car 1410 says for Beats 1405, 1406, 1406H and 1495 to go to 2100 W Webster for an Easter parade.

3:36pm - Beat car 1410 is also requesting Beat 1496 to head over to 2100 W Webster.

3:42pm - Dispatch had a traffic accident at 2800 N Elston. Beat car 1411 took care of it, but the actual address of service is 2860 N Elston.

3:45pm - Assist the citizen. Campbell and Diversey. A citizen needs help getting belongings.

3:52pm - Beat car 1431 is doing a premise check at 2410 W Logan.

3:57pm - I'm going to go until tomorrow at 12:50am. At the time, I will monitor 25 until 5:14am, then at 11:58am until 2:32pm, I will be back monitoring 14. So, good night, everyone.

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