Friday, April 17, 2009

My observations on school

Hey, everyone, school has been ok this week.

April 13: School has resumed. Anyway, today, I observed the usual fooling around, disrespect towards teachers and the other stuff. Nothing unusual, maybe except for the two kids running out of the school at about 1:55pm. I didn't report it though because it's not worth it and it's not my problem.

April 14: On Tuesday, we went to the Jane Addams Hull House Muesum. It was pretty nice. We went on a tour then had lunch in the Soup kitchen where State Representative Julie Hamos spoke about someting about organic foods. In other news, before we left, I saw a few kids getting arrested. I heard one was arrested for stealing an administrator's walkie-talkie.

April 15: On Wednesday, things were kind of insane. In the morning, it was the usual fooling around, but by the time noon came, things just started popping off. A fight broke out in the lunchroom right after I left there (I saw the aftermath results though). One of the guys involved in the fight was yelling and screaming in a violent way about what happened (I could barely make out what he was saying, though). It took several security guards to calm him down. I believe he was arrested as well because I saw him being escorted to the police room, unless they just wanted to keep him away from the other kid involved. As I was cleaning my locker out, another kid stormed out of the disciplinary office. He looked if as he was swinging his arms at the disciplinarian teacher. After all of that, things appeared to calm down a bit but there were still arguments and fooling around.

April 16: On Thursday, all hell broke loose. Before my lunch, things were the usual (fooling around, small arguments, etc.), but at my lunch, I saw a fight starting and as it drew out, kids in the lunchroom were getting up and running to watch the fight. I heard someone's face was blooded. I also heard of two other brawls breaking out after the one I saw. More than a dozen kids were arrested. Other general mayhem happened as well in the afternoon. NOTE: The fighting caused the school to end up on the news.

April 17: On Friday, things were ok. Other than people talking about more fighting and a near fight that broke out, there was the usual fooling around and what have you. Glad the weekend is here though.

- Thanks,
Avondale/Logan Square Crime Blotter

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