Friday, April 24, 2009

My observations on school

Hi, everyone, things were good this week.

April 20: On Monday, things were good. School was calm. In other news, I've got a field trip tomorrow to a museum which is at about Woodlawn and 58th streets.

April 21: On Tuesday, my class and I went on a field trip to the museum. It was nice because they had some beautiful stuff (mostly from anicent Egypt).

April 22: On Wednesday, things were pretty boring (well, for me). My class and I went to practice for our baseball game coming up then we went to clean up Loyola Park in honor of Earth Day (I liked doing that though). A few of the kids and myself also went to the Dominick's at Clark and Birchwood (which I found boring, though it's something I've got to do if I want to be independent in the future). By the way, on a good note, it was real quiet in the halls.

April 23: On Thursday, I stayed home due to not feeling too well yesterday. Also, I felt somewhat that since I'm a freshman (and the rest of them have the day off), I should take the day off too. I will return to school tomorrow though.

April 24: On Friday, things were calm. I observed kids going to class and doing work. I did see some fooling around, but nothing unusual. Also, in my lunch period, I saw some kids sing happy birthday to someone, which was nice. We also had a birthday party in my class for a good friend of mine.

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