Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Premise check at the pumping station

Hi, everyone. It's 6:42am. I'm in a rush this morning. Here is crime for today.

6:23am - A unit does a premise check at the pumping station, 1747 N Springfield.

6:37am - There is a burglar alarm somewhere on Pulaski.

6:42am - I have to go now. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back later.

10:47am - Sorry for the rush this morning. My computer was slow. Anyway, our game I told you guys about yesterday was canceled this morning due to the rain. Just stopping by to say hi and I'll see you guys in about 4 hours.

3:36pm - I'm back and a Theft just occurred at 3198 N Milwaukee. No further information.

3:42pm - Missing person. 1841 N Springfield. At McAuliffe school. 9 yr old hasn't came home and the child's not at the school either.

4:05pm - The 3:42pm missing was with a friend at 1827 N. Karlov, so that job will be coded shortly.

4:08pm - Missing from Beat 2523 is a 13 yrs old female Hispanic with black hair and a red sweater. She's medium complected. She's about 5'6 to 5'8. I know this girl from the Monroe school (when I heard her name). She's also known to be a diabetic patient. If you'd like to know her name or a little about her, please email me and I'll share with you.

4:18pm - 1) Assault in progress. Hamlin and Lawndale. No further information. 2) Fire. Belden and Pulaski. Building on fire. 3) Battery in progress. 1929 N Pulaski. At Geneva Foundation. Two males fighting.

4:19pm - A slow down is given at 1929 N Pulaski.

4:33pm - The Hamlin and Lawndale job was assigned. It's a large group of teens in the street threatening each other and stuff. The call has 40 minutes on it now.

5:02pm - There is a job at 2736 N. Harding, but I've got no info on it. Sorry.

5:19pm - The 5:02pm job is coded 19Paul.

5:27pm - Beat 2551 has a hand waver at "Ridgeway and Hamlin".

5:28pm - Person with a gun. 2423 N Lawndale. Male Hispanic, about 17 yrs old, with a black hoodie, has a gun. He's running north towards Wrightwood with two others. One also has on a black hoodie and another one has a black/white hoodie.

5:31pm - A slow down is given at the 5:28pm job.

5:32pm - Robbery. 2528 N Lawndale. Three male Hispanics, 18 yrs old, two with black hoodies (one had a tattoo on his face) and one with a grey/red/green hoodie robbed the caller of their cell phone and a chain. This is possibly related to the 5:28pm job.

5:33pm - Beat cars 2523/2524 had a stop at 2630 N Ridgeway. At that stop, they saw the offender from the 5:32pm job with the tattoo on his face. 2524 tells 2523 to head north on Ridgeway.

5:38pm - More information has came out from the 5:32pm job per Beat 2524. The offender is 18-19 yrs old. He had what sounded like white spots on his black hoodie. He had a very large tattoo under what is believed to be his right eye.

5:40pm - The guy with the tattoo is in custody at Diversey and Avers. Beat car 2524 wants the vitcim to come over to identify the offender.

5:43pm - Criminal damage to property. 2431 N Ridgeway. Someone broke out the car windows with a brick.

5:44pm - Disturbance. 2540 N Pulaski. Arguing with a co-worker over a phone or something.

5:48pm - Gang disturbance. 3700 W Fullerton. No further information.

6:01pm - Beat 2551 asks for an event number on the 5:27pm hand waver. It's 13397.

6:02pm - The 5:43pm job is coded as 19Paul.

6:08pm - An RD number has been pulled from the 5:32pm job. It's HR292537 with the event number of 13374. Beat cars 2523/2524 are heading with one to 25. It's 18:08 on the council time.

6:09pm - Person wanted. 2112 N Lawndale. Male Black is wanted for sexually assaulting the caller under HR291256. He's out in front now.

6:14pm - Beat 2566Adam has a stop at either North/Ridgeway or George/Ridgeway.

6:29pm - I have to go eat. I'll be back soon.

6:46pm - I'm back from dinner.

6:56pm - Beat car 45Sam15 had a traffic stop at 3800 W Fullerton and is heading into 25 with one. 18:56 hours on the clock.

7:00pm - Gang disturbance. Wrightwood and Killbourn. Three males in blue hoodies flashing gang signs.

7:01pm - Beat 2525 gets some parkers on 2524's beat.

7:37pm - 1) Narcotics. 2800 N Lawndale. No further information. 2) Vice complaint. 2338 N Monticello. No further information.

7:43pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow morning (monitoring 17).


Anonymous said...

Hamlin & Lawndale run parallel to each other and don't intersect.

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

I'm aware of that. However, just north of George, Lawndale runs into Hamlin from Milwaukee. The police are always confused when they get a call at that intersection.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to get actual photos of crimes or secretly recorded gang conversations? I really think you need to go undercover and report on the gang problem. You might even get extra credit for it in your journalism class!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Well, to be honest, you won't be seeing any secret recorded gang conversations. I've been told by people in higher authority of me not to do it. Besides, I value my life. These punks know who I am from my elementary school, so if they find out I'm doing this, I'm "doomed". Though I'll try to get some photos of actual crimes in the next upcoming months.

Also, I've been reporting on the gang problem. Since November. However, nobody seems to care.

Just to correct you, but I'm not in a journalism class as of yet.

Anonymous said...

Timmy, I think anonymous above was making fun of you.