Monday, April 20, 2009

Parker on Avers

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:14am. It's a rainy day (dread these days because it makes me want to do nothing). Hopefully it'll wash the criminals away for today. Anyway, here is crime this morning before I head to school and for this afternoon/evening

6:11am - Parker. Two calls on it. 2517 N Avers. White van blocking the caller's "parking space".

6:30am - Car alarm. 2300 N Monticello. Tan Honda van.

6:41am - I have to go now. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back later.

3:31pm - 1) I'm back and Sex Offense. 3634 W Wrightwood. Male Hispanic is pulling down his pants, exposing himself. 2) Assault. 2421 N Harding. No further information.

3:36pm - Beat car 2535 gets a Theft and a Suspicious vehicle on the Beat.

3:38pm - Now the 3:31pm job on Harding is coming in as a "Person with a knife". A tenant is threatening the landlord with a knife.

4:07pm - Traffic accident. Wabansia and Harding. No further information.

4:23pm - Beat 2543 asks for a DOC mission event number. It's 11797.

4:24pm - Domestic disturbance. 2137 N Lawndale. Husband was ordered out earlier by CPD but he's back with a friend and threatening to kill the caller. Drugs may be involved.

4:32pm - Beat car 2544 asks for a call back on the 4:24pm job.

4:37pm - Beat 2544 codes out the 4:24pm job as 19Paul.

5:25pm - Domestic Battery. 4000 W Wrightwood. Male beating on a female in a green car.

5:35pm - Alarm. 3950 W North. At Jackson Hewitt. Front door motion.

6:32pm - Beat car 2522 has a hand waver at Fullerton and Pulaski.

6:44pm - Beat 2522 pulls an RD number for a "99Boy" (traffic accident) at the 6:32pm hand waver. It's HR278469 with the event number of 14438. Address of occurrence is 2400 N Pulaski.

7:17 to 7:22pm - There was a foot chase at Division and Leclarie. Police and dispatch chattered about it for a good few minutes.

7:34pm - Battery in progress. Altgeld and Tripp. Three females and one male fighting.

7:36pm - A slow down is given on the 7:34pm job.

7:39pm - Beat car 2552 had some kind of job at Central Park and Fullerton, but the actual address of the job is 2335 N. Drake, which would be on 14's side. It's being sent over there.

7:52pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone. I'll be back tomorrow. Be safe.

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