Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burglar alarm on Armitage

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:21am. Well, I'm prepared for another crazy day at school (after the insane stuff yesterday). Also, today it's going to be 62 degrees outside, so I've got a feeling lots of nonsense will happen. I'll keep everyone informed. Here is crime before I leave this morning and for this afternoon/evening.

6:18am - Burglar alarm. 3659 W Armitage. At the Galactic (or whatever it is) place.

6:29am - Beat car 2535 does a premise check at 1747 N. Springfield, the pumping station.

3:48pm - I'm back and there's a traffic accident at 4459 W Belmont. Property damage only.

3:54pm - Traffic accident. Fullerton and Monticello. Pregnant woman injured. Airbags deployed. Fire en route.

4:31pm - There's some kind of job at 1801 N. Lawndale, but I didn't get any details.

4:41pm - Person with a gun. Belmont and Hamlin. Person has a gun and was last seen heading south on Hamlin.

4:43pm - Beat 2521 has a station assignment to 2555 N Pulaski.

4:47pm - A slow down is given on the 4:41pm job.

5:05pm - More info is coming in from the 4:41pm job. East of Central Park on Belmont, a male Hispanic with a white shirt that had stripes on it, had a gun. A male Hispanic with a black shirt was with him. Earlier today, they were talking to a guy in a car.

5:06pm - Loud music disturbance. 2024 N Hamlin. Coming from the backyard.

5:39pm - Beat car 2505 does a park check at Mozart.

5:47pm - Burglary report. 1734 N Monticello. No further information.

5:48pm - Support unit request. 3625 W Shakespeare. A Battery offender named Anthony who resides at this address is wanted by the 17th district. He was last seen wearing a white shirt, black baseball cap and blue jeans.

5:49pm - Beat 2524 gets some parkers on the PDT.

6:06pm - Parker. 37XX W McLean. Parked car in handicap space.

6:21pm - Beat car 2525 was about to ask for a call back on the 6:06pm job but the complaint came out.

6:31pm - Arson. 3701 W Wrightwood. A 16 yr old with a hat turned side way set a garbage can on fire. He's heading towards Fullerton. Fire en route.

6:36pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

6:46pm - I'm back from eating.

6:47pm - 1) Suspicious vehicle. 3090 N Huessan. Caller is upset because a male in a sliver Honda with plates of G362454 has been living there for several days, causing a disturbance. 2) Disturbance. 2978 N Lawndale. Drunk male in alley.

6:57pm - Gang disturbance. Belmont and Milwaukee. Gangbangers flashing signs.

7:09pm - Reckless driver. Pulaski and Wellington. Blue SUV with grey on it speeding west on Wellington, weaving all over the road.

7:25pm - Narcotics. 3758 W McLean. Selling drugs.

7:27pm - 1) Disturbance. 3638 W Wrightwood. 6 to 8 kids running in and out of the grocery store. 2) Parker on 2525's beat.

7:40pm - I have to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow afternoon.


AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Just dropping by to say that this site has "offically" made ten thousand hits. I thank everyone for looking at my site because this shows me I'm not the only one worried about the crime situation in the area. I've also been nlogging for nearly 6 months for the neighborhood and I'll continue to blog for many, many more months.

Skurry said...

Congrats on 10k!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thanks, Skurry :-)!

Edgewater Crime Blotter said...

Looking good, ALSCB. Keep it up!

AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter said...

Thanks, ECB :-).