Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Person down on Konster

Good morning, everyone, it's 6:07am. Today, the Juniors in my school have testing. Even though it's a junior day only, I'm still going to go because I'm a "entirely different" program. I'll go today to see how it'll be (this testing also happens tomorrow), so if it's boring today, I'll just take tomorrow off. Also, today is going to be a sunny day (finally) with a temperature of 57. Finally, here is crime this morning before I leave and for this afternoon/evening.

5:35am - Person down. 3004 N Konster. In a grey Audi by the stop sign, a male is slumped over the wheel. Fire en route.

5:55am - Beat car 2535 does a premise check at 1747 N. Springfield, the pumping station.

6:39am - I have to go now. Have a great day, everyone, and I'll be back later.

2:51pm - I'm back.

3:06pm - Battery in progress. Wrightwood and Central Park. As a result of a traffic accident, there are males beating on an older male.

3:11pm - Beat 2544 is asking if there's a better address on the 3:06pm job.

3:12pm - 1) Reckless driver. Monticello and Wrightwood. Female Hispanic in a grey Honda Accord speeding around the area. There are 4 other people in the car with her. 2) Beat car 2546 says there's some 14th districts driving around the area a little fast. He wants to know what's going on. Dispatch says there was a Battery at the tire shop at Fullerton and Central Park.

3:13pm - The 3:06/3:12pm jobs are coded out 5Boy.

3:17pm - Traffic accident. 2443 N Pulaski. Two cars with no injures.

3:27pm - Beat 2546 was flagged down at the 3:17pm job. He'll do the paper.

3:46pm - Battery in progress. 2508 N Springfield. Two males fighting in the house.

4:04pm - Beat car 2521 is asking for a call back on the 3:46pm job.

4:26pm - I'm going to take a nap. I'm real tired. I'll be back a little later.

5:21pm - I'm back from the nap. I'll cover the nap time tomorrow.

5:28pm - Beat 2524 has a traffic stop at North and Pulaski.

5:45pm - Battery. 2843 N Killbourn. Brother was jumped on by 8 Cobra gang members.

6:04pm - Gang disturbance. Somewhere on Avers. Gangbangers chasing cars.

6:05pm - Recover the stolen auto. 2212 N Monticello. I guess a owner found their car in the alley.

6:14pm - Battery in progress. Palmer and Springfield. Also getting Palmer and Avers. Few calls coming in. Gangbangers in black clothes are fighting with sticks on the street.

6:16pm - A slow down is given on the 6:14pm job, but it's reveal by dispatch that there was calls on Dickens and Springfield/Avers.

6:35pm - Beat car 2505 does a park check at Mozart.

6:40pm - I have to go eat now. I'll be back soon.

7:00pm - I'm back from dinner.

7:02pm - 1) Gang disturbance. Belmont and Monticello. In the alley behind the small grocery store, alot of gang members are present with bats and bottles. 2) Vice complaint. 2945 N Kenosha. At Ken-Well Park. 5 male Hispanic teens drinking infront of the fieldhouse.

7:06pm - Traffic accident. 1945 N Ridgeway. Trucker VS fence. Disturbance on scene.

7:10pm - 15th district units have a runner at Chicago and Laramie. He's got a gun. He's wearing a black fur coat.

7:11pm - The subject headed towards Latrobe on Chicago. He's now wearing a white t-shirt, a black skull cap and a yellow jacket.

7:12pm - Subject is in the alley between Superior and Chicago between Laramie and Latrobe.

7:14pm - 1) Beat 1554 has the subject under a car at 731 N Latrobe. He's surrounded. 2) Multiple slow downs and a couple of disregards are being given. Units are flying over there and they don't need to.

8:36pm - Person with a gun. Armitage and Central Park. Caller's husband was shot at from a car.

8:42pm - Traffic accident. 4312 W Fullerton. Complaint's car hit by a male with facial hair in a sliver or grey car. There was a female passenger as well.

8:58pm - From the 8:36pm job, a unit is dispersing two for gang loitering at 3631 W Shakespeare. Event number is 19155 and the council time is 20:58 hours.

9:09pm - Gang disturbance. 3100 block of N Tripp. 6 male Hispanics on bikes flashing gang signs.

9:26pm - Assault in progress. 2039 N Pulaski. 4 male Hispanics arguing with 2 females. Caller thinks a fight will break out.

9:29pm - A slow down is given on the 9:26pm job.

9:30pm - Apparently there was a robbery at 4242 W Wrightwood. The offender is in custody at Fullerton and Kildare.

9:37pm - Beat car 45Sam16 asks if there is a job at North and Avers. Dispatch says no.

9:39pm - 1) Beat 2524 is on a traffic stop at 4330 W Schubert and gets a parker for afterwards. 2) . Beat car 2522 is on a traffic stop at Fullerton and Keystone. Running a plate.

9:40pm - Beat 2522's plate comes back clear and valid.

10:32pm - I'm going to go now. Good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.

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