Monday, July 1, 2013

Commercial Alarm At Carwash On Armitage

Good morning, everyone. It's 6:26am. I'm monitoring 25 today from now until about 8:05am then again after about 8pm or so until 11pm. I know it's not much, but I'm starting my first day of work Downtown today, and then I need to do my homework for class. Tomorrow, I plan on monitoring 17 only in the morning before I go to work. If you haven't done so already, this is your last chance to take the readership poll. It closes tomorrow, but your vote would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, starting today, there will be a change in how I let comments be put up here. I WILL still allow anonymous comments, but if anyone decides to discriminate on any age, gender, sex, religion, disability, etc., your comment will NOT be published, anonymous or not. This also goes if you are being disrespectful or not providing constructive criticism/a well-thought out opinion. I have had enough of my blog's comment sections being taken over by people who contribute nothing, and truthfully, if anyone has a problem with it, just stop reading. I'm sorry to be crude, but that is my honest opinion. Sorry to the rest of you guys, though. Here's crime for portions of today.

7:31am - Commercial alarm. 3651 W Armitage. At the car wash.

7:59am - I have to go to work. I'll be back later. Have a fantastic day, everyone!

12:30pm - I'm back. I know it's early, but they sent us home because they messed up our work schedules. I start tomorrow.

2:14pm - I need to go. I have things I need to take care. If I am not back later, I'll be back tomorrow. Have a good afternoon, everyone!

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Anthony Abbate said...

Timmy, congrats on the new job. Disability or not it's for a job. I'm sure you will do and be grateful for the extra income.